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Re: Why are ugly chicks attracted to me?

Originally Posted by Kentonbomb View Post
I don't get it. The only girls I ever seem to attract are ugly girls or fat girls who are way below my standards.

Some people call me a dick for not being interested in these girls, but I'm not going to please them just because I'd feel bad for turning them down. I do want to meet a nice girl but I don't want people to look at my girlfriend and say "Wow, what's he doing with her?" I have so much more respect for myself than that.

Am I wrong for not giving a fat girl a chance? Would you date an ugly chick with a great personality?
Yes, considering you're a virgin with anxiety who has had to resort to online dating in the hopes to communicate with a woman.

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
Like the poster above said, chicks like confidence, you've already told us you're too scared to talk to a girl in real life so have to resort to online dating sites. Do you think you're gonna get any eye candy on there? Grow some balls, talk to girls and maybe you might get something better.

Originally Posted by Kentonbomb View Post
I'm not talking online dating sites. I'm talking in general. I have had many girls ask me out and I refused because I didn't find them attractive. Not online.

I resorted to online dating to see if I could score a hot chick. Believe it or not, there is some decent looking girls on there. But of course, they're stuck up themselves.
Those decent looking girls are on there to either a) have a laugh at the desperate twats who are frothing over them, or b) are posing as men. Enjoy.

Originally Posted by Kentonbomb View Post
I never said anything about anxiety whatsoever. You're putting words into my mouth. You got offended by my post, as if to say I offended your girlfriend. I just found that amusing.

And I wouldn't talk to a hot chick in person. So what, lots of men are intimidated by hot girls. Lots of people don't like making a fool out of themselves. I told you already, I have much more respect for myself than that.

I have no problem with fat girls. I just don't want to fuck one. How does that make me the biggest dick on earth? It's amazing how the world works. Everyone thinks it, but when somebody says it, you get called out. I refuse to be a hypocrite.
Originally Posted by Kentonbomb View Post
Oh, get the fuck out of here. You're wasting my time. What do I tell a doctor, "I don't speak to hot girls" It's called being normal. Some people have confidence and some people do not. It's called LIFE. You might settle for anything with a fallopian tube, but I do not.

Don't reply to this message. You have nothing relevent to say.
Originally Posted by Kentonbomb View Post
And that is relevent to this thread, how? I said this a week ago, so the fact that you had to "dig it up" and presume that I would try and hide it or something is actually quite amusing. This thread is about an entirely different subject but considering you brought it up.

For the 50th hundred time... I. DO. NOT. HAVE. ANXIETY. I know people with anxiety. Do you honestly think I don't know how I feel? You're like one of those guys that would probably say I had a brain tumor if I told you I had a headache. I don't need to see a doctor or a therapist. Why would I? I have nothing to talk about. I have no issues in my life. You might do.

I'm a guy who likes to keep to myself unless approached. I asked if that would come across as rude in the eyes of you guys, and that is worthy of a medical prescription? Suddenly I'm mad now? Get the fuck outta here.
Yeah, you're getting more anxious and more mad by the post. It's alright though man, just go see a shrink and they can help you out. Or, you can be like Kurt, refuse medical advice, and maintain being an inept virgin who is too anxious to change anything about their mundane, shithouse life.
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