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Re: New Jack banned from Twitter

Originally Posted by joeysnotright View Post
Damn, and I just started following him after those comments.
Getting upset with something this guy says is ridiculous, mainly because everything he says is over the top.
I absolutely loved the shoot interview where he talks about Terri Runnels. That was pure comedy.
Wishing that he was banned from life makes you no better than he.
Yeah, I feel you.

People seem to forget this is New Jack we're talking about. You know, the guy who said:

If he saw Paul Heyman's mom in the street, he would run over her with his car, back up and run over her again.

He wished AIDS on Bubba Ray Dudley's family, wants him to die a slow & painful death and they he would kill them if he ever saw him & D-Von again and wished cancer on both of their mothers.

He wished rape on Rob Black.

Wished AIDS on Blue Meanie and hopes his mother gets hit by a bus.

Remember all the stories about Missy Hyatt? Back cool again.

Hated Mustafa, vowed never to talk or team with him again.

Vowed to kill Balls Mahoney.

HATED Jim Cornette with a passion over his treatment in SMW but by the appearance of both in a shoot interview, you would think they were buddy buddy.

And many more.

Problem is, New Jack has later went on to work with nearly all individuals he's said foul shit about. The only guy who he always had heavy heat with was Abby and Balls but over some serious issues. Nobody pays him any mind because it's just New Jack being New Jack. Yeah, he stepped over the line because Lawler had a serious health scare but this is nothing different from what Jack has been saying for the past 16 years. It's just that with social media, it's a bigger platform for him to be heard. I view it as him just wanting to seem relevant. I've seen far worse shit on Twitter that hasn't gotten anybody banned, don't feel he should be banned either.

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