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Re: Why are ugly chicks attracted to me?

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
Well since you're still in denial Kbomb, I went to the trouble of digging up one of your old posts.

The problems that you have are not just "hot girls" as is clearly evident in this post. So I say to you again. See a doctor/therapist
And that is relevent to this thread, how? I said this a week ago, so the fact that you had to "dig it up" and presume that I would try and hide it or something is actually quite amusing. This thread is about an entirely different subject but considering you brought it up.

For the 50th hundred time... I. DO. NOT. HAVE. ANXIETY. I know people with anxiety. Do you honestly think I don't know how I feel? You're like one of those guys that would probably say I had a brain tumor if I told you I had a headache. I don't need to see a doctor or a therapist. Why would I? I have nothing to talk about. I have no issues in my life. You might do.

I'm a guy who likes to keep to myself unless approached. I asked if that would come across as rude in the eyes of you guys, and that is worthy of a medical prescription? Suddenly I'm mad now? Get the fuck outta here.

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