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Re: Why are ugly chicks attracted to me?

The tittle made me legit

Well, small rant incoming:

Anyway, this is going to sound weird but. Ugly chicks have sometimes the worst personality. Like, I knew this girl who well..let's say that she wasn't in shape, and kept coming to me to talk about how bad they made fun of her weight and stuff, and that no one gave her any attention. Just because she doesn't suit my style or preference as a girlfriend, doesn't mean she can't be my friend right?

So yeah, I just talked to her nicely and stuff, made her smile so she wouldn't feel so bad with herself, and after 3-4 'sessions' of her letting it all out and me giving her advice, I start hearing rumours that I liked her in my class and school.

I asked the other girls in the class, because well; when a girl likes a boy they usually talk it out with eachothers, so that looked like the smart thing to do. But no one told me, they just giggled and said it was a secret.
Some of them did the "why her ..the hell? o_O" face to me. I was so annoyed with this, and started avoiding her to stop spreading more rumours.
But after a few days, a friend of mine who dated one of that ... FAT chick's friends, told me that his girlfriend told him that it was the chick itself that started spreading the rumours.

I went to the place where all the girls of my class usually hanged arround in my school, and went straight to her and talk about it infront of everyone, out loud. Y'know what the bitch said?

"Oh don't act innocent, you know you like me, if you didn't you wouldn't give me that much attention. But if you don't want to then go away, it's not like I can get someone else."

Yeah. After she told me litteraly crying that she never had a boyfriend in her entire life, even though she tried to, but couldn't because of her looks.
And the thing is, I didn't even do 'flirty' stuff with her, fucking hell not even close. I acted as if I was talking to a friend of mine, not a girl friend. Come on, when you are single, and you have girl friends who are good looking, don't tell me you don't flirt just a little bit here and there. But yeah, with her? God no. I just wanted to be a nice guy and all.

But cutting it short, ugly/fat girls when they get just slightly a bit more of attention then they are used to, start feeling like fucking models and heartbreakers, instead of acting mature. It's pathetic. I guess since they never had attention in their lives, they don't know how to handle it. But god, that was so stupid.

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