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Originally Posted by Froot View Post
Finished Season 2 of this series just under a week ago. Not sure what to say that hasn't already been said (in essay-format at least), so I'll just give my 5 favourite moments from Season 1 and 2 (in order of appearance)

Season 1

1) The first five minutes of - (E1 - Pilot) for how much shit it throws at you and leaves you guessing as to how these events interlink with one another for the rest of the episode.
2) Walt throwing matches into the pool (E1 - Pilot) for the amount of depression exuding from Walt at just the sight of this. It just screams at you that THIS is the ultimate rock bottom.
3) "Climb out of my ass" (E2 - Cat's in the Bag...) for the first real glimpse of Walt's sense of humour
4) The death of Domingo (E3 - ...and the Bag's in the River) for the sheer symbolism that led up to it, and the bondage between the two moments beforehand.
5) Walt's standoff with Tuco (E6 - Crazy Handful of Nothin') for how unexpected Walt can muster up a way to get $50,000 while being surrounded by three gang members, and the freakout he has in his car afterwards.

Season 2

1) Jesse and Walt's attempts to poison Tuco (E2 - Grilled) for how utterly hilarious the amount of bad luck the two are bestowed with.
2) Jesse's interactions with the junkie couple's toddler (E6 - Peekaboo) for the interesting chemistry of a drug lord and a child, and the somewhat heartbreaking climax after Jesse calls the police. This is one of the various moments throughout the series I really liked as Jesse widened his outlook on life, and not just focus on drugs/his own business.
3) Hank's traumatic perspective of the botched drug deal (E7 - Negro y Azul) for the amount of gore and screams of horror from his co-workers. Much like Jesse, one of the moments where his outlook on life is expanded past the once-playful DEA investigating Hank shared with his team earlier on.
4) The death of Jane (E12 - Phoenix) for how inadvertently Walt manages to kill her and the effect is has on Jesse's personality later on.
5) Skylar leaves Walt (E13 - ABQ) for how caught out Walt appears to be, and is bombarded with deception, leaving you wondering how he'll get himself out of this fucked situation (if he ever does).
"This is not crystal meth" BOOOM, walks out like a badass. Beginning of the transformation of Walt
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