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Re: Dgusa the new ROH?

Originally Posted by nevereveragainu View Post
can i ask how?
Just read this thread. Totally neglect their non iPPV audience which is still pretty substantial and even if it was only a few hundred people, a wrestling promotion in this economy just can't afford to neglect a segment of their audience. 8 months to release a show on DVD is ridiculous. Makes it near impossible for only the hardcore fans of the promotion to follow them. That and they don't advertise well enough. If at all. It's like something they do in their spare time almost. And then it's a surprise when they only draw 80-100 people for a show? I swear Gabe thinks ding a Figure Four Daily podcast is ample promotion.

As far as an in ring product goes, I haven't watched a Gabe show all year I don't think. There's no reason for someone who isn't invested to care about either promotion though. EVOLVE has no selling point when they don't have a name like Finlay on the card, and even then it's a selling point for just one match. Gabe ruining his relationship with ROH really killed EVOLVE because he now he's down to a core roster of anyone who doesn't work ROH which for as poor as ROH is right now, all the top Indy names are there which means there's no stars left for Gabe to use. Even if there was he wouldn't capitalise on them anyway. The DGUSA effect wore off a couple of years ago too. The USP was Dragon Gate's best vs The Independents' best. Matches like Danielson vs Doi and Richards vs SHINGO. Now there's no "dream matches" for that promotion to pull out which means it's Dragon Gate Lite featuring some generic Indy names and the odd few who are good but have little name value to draw with.

If you're gonna be a supercard promotion then you need to be able to put on supercards. Since the talent dried up to the big leagues this wasn't possible anymore.
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