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Re: When CM Punk loses the WWE Championship, He will be a midcarder again

Originally Posted by Starbuck View Post
It's a very real possibility. Once he is out of the title picture, unless they have something planned that will give him spotlight over Cena (yeah right lol), he runs the risk of becoming Miz. I'd personally hate to see that happen. WWE needs all the top level talent they can get right now. Letting Punk drop off the radar when he loses the belt would be awful.
I feel like he's proven to be useful enough to not just drop off the radar after dropping the title. I'd assume that he's facing Rock at the Rumble or 'Mania (either way - he'll be the only guy other than Cena to get to have a one on one feud with Rock); and I feel like the Rumble is more likely as they'll probably have Rock/Cena 2 at 'Mania. I wouldn't rule out the possibility of Cena regaining the title before the end of the year, possibly tommorrow night at NoC, but Iwould think Punk will have it by the time of the Rumble - possibly even retaining it until then (though WWE seems adamant about having Cena/Punk feud for the rest of the year - which is great and all, but they probably think they need Cena to win to keep the feud going - though, look at Del Rio/Sheamus - Del Rio hasn't won the title but they've been feuding on PPV for months. I wouldn't do the same thing with Punk/Cena, except maybe the first match - having a shady finish (DQ/Count Out, or possibly Cena's shoulder being up when the three count happens (some sort of controversy to contniue the feud for one more month); a Heyman interference would actually make the most sense - as it would give a reason to have a HIAC Match between the two ("preventing interference"). I would then have Punk retain in the HIAC (possibly through any means nessecary - making him into more of a heel), with Cena then complaining about the way he won the next night, and Punk claiming he's always complaining about how he wins - suggesting a Team Punk versus Team Cena Match at Survivor Series, where if Cena wins - he gets another shot at Punk at TLC, but if Punk wins - Cena can't challenge for the WWE Title as long as he's still Champion (where I would then have Punk win, with Cena out of the title picture for the next PPV - that would have Punk retain succesfullly in a multi-way TLC Match, and have Cena win a Match against someone to qualify for the Royal Rumble); leading to Cena winning the Rumble, and Punk finally losing the title to Rock at the Rumble. In this scenario, Punk would become the longest reigning Champion in about 25 years (having a reign that started in 2011 finally end in 2013). After 'Mania if Cena were Champion, I would assume that Punk would be thrown into the World Title Scene for a bit and capture the title until Cena was no longer Champion, at which point - I'd think they'd give Punk another ME run. But who knows...

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