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Re: Who are you top 5 TV characters of all time?

1. Todd Manning (One Life To Live) - The definition of an anti-hero in daytime television. Was originally supposed to be a bit role, and ended up having a huge fanbase despite being a gang rapist, punching a woman in the face and throwing her out in the snow naked, and selling a baby (his, but he didn't know it) while telling the child's mother that he died.

2. Al Bundy (Married... With Children) - This was a really unique character. He was made to be completely unlikable and holding sexist views, but that was the appeal. He was so unlikable that he turned in to a caricature that was a lot of fun to watch.

3. Adam Newman (The Young and The Restless) - Definitely one of the most layered characters I've ever seen on television. He has done horrible things: Gaslighting a woman and eventually causing her to fall down the stairs and miscarry. He disposed of the foetus in the fireplace and cleaned her up, and actually blackmailed a doctor to convice her that she was still pregnant. When the time came for her to give birth, he stole another woman's baby and gave it to her. He fell in love with the woman whose baby he stole, and eventually told her the truth in a note when their plane was going down. Really too much has happened with this character to write it all in a short post, fascinating, fascinating character.

4. Will Kirby (Big Brother 2 & 7) - I'm not sure if reality television personalities count as TV characters, but if they do this is an easy pick for me. He is in my mind the greatest reality show competitor of all time, a true "puppet master" as his nickname goes. He would deliberately lose competitions and make other people do his work for him. He is the most charismatic of any Big Brother contestant I've ever seen, and I've watched every season.

5. Fred Sanford (Sanford and Son) - The whole fake heart attack shtick is iconic, one of my favorite recurring themes in any sitcom. The wit and sarcasm that Fred Sanford was known for made the show what it was for me.

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