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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

JAM's Review

First of all, I gotta say that you really know how to open a show. You've got Jericho's character down and it's a breeze of fresh air to see him as a leader of a stable, been wanting to see that for a while. You really made him look strong with all that he did with the anointing of Doane and him slapping Lashley across the face. Very good tactics to get Jericho some heat who is indeed your most valuable person on the roster. I'm very interested to see how Doane being in the group affects Lashley and Show, maybe this may be the beginning of their downfall? Who knows. Having Danielson come out was something I didn't expect but it was definitely awesome when he did. You did well with him using HBK's name, good way to get a rub off him. Danielson vs. Jericho should be great, expecting a dirty finish ofcourse.

This is a pretty big match for Carlito already against Punk. I'm a big fan of Carlito but I thought it was a tad bit too early to get him into the title picture. Glad that you had the Mexicool interfere here. Carlito needs a small feud first before he can advance to a feud with someone like Punk. The contest was really good. Carlito did well against the champion who sells his back injury but you made Punk look good as well especially surviving that Backbreaker. Short and sweet here from Finlay, didn't expect anything else. Another really well thought out video package, can't wait for Kofi to debut. He'll be really good in the midcard, which seems to be packed already with the likes of Punk, Hassan, and Carlito.

Glad to see that the Mercenaries are still around after Hassan seems to not be using their services anymore. But 'Lito being able to pay off these guys, hmm, sounds a bit odd but I'll go with it. Don't ever break up the Mercenaries please. I do wonder what they'll do with Regal since he has some backstage stuff to attend to. Hassan winning against a jobber is fine I guess. He should've ended that match much sooner but I guess he was taking out his frustrations. What he had to say in his promo was good and it just seemed right that he continue to call Punk a “rat.” Likin' this feud a whole lot but we all know that Punk is gonna win and probably move on to someone else.

What a Heyman promo that was. I could picture everything he said which was really good. This'll definitely lead to a Foley/Heyman feud, don't know if it'll be a stable war, but if that's the route you're going, I'll be all for that. I have no idea how that would go though since I don't feel Jericho will lose the title anytime soon. Unless I see a challenger who can defeat Jericho for the belt, Heyman will be coming out on top of the feud. I think the closest person we have to defeating Jericho is Joe, but he should be built up more. I see you're going for a dark character for Tyler Black, which is what he was in his ROH days. I didn't see much of him in his stint there, but I heard nothing but good praises so I'm sure you'll do well with him. Kofi and now Black, can't wait to see others debut.

I knew we were missing something on this show, some tag team news. This was great to see from both teams really. They're probably the most alike out of all the other teams. I like the exchange between the two teams, Wilson sounded pretty good here. You're building them up to be the #1 face tag team you have, I like it. I gotta say that that that was a helluva main event. The match flowed very well and was a thing of beauty to read. You kept switching the momentum which drove me crazy but I guess that's a good thing as I was loving the match. The ending to the match was pretty shocking, didn't think Jericho would win clean to be honest. But the aftermath was just great with Joe saving the day. I think that Joe will be the person to claim the belt off Jericho once the time is right. Poor Doane was manhandled by Joe here and it just made Joe look like a badass. I think a “Joe's gonna kill you chant” would've been fitting to end the show but all is well. What a show!

Overall, the fallout was really good. Fallouts are usually hard to get into but you have done well. You're gonna introduce us to two new guys in Kofi and Black, can't wait for that. Plus, you have a very good midcard with Punk leading the way in that department. A Heyman/Foley feud seems to be in the works but I have no idea how that one will go, which interests me a whole lot. And the main event was just great. Your thread just keeps getting better and better if that's even possible. But anyway, goodjob! Onto the next show!

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