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Re: Bret Hart On WWE Wasting Talent

I don't really know if you can say WWE really wastes talent as much as they did say 2-3 years ago when it was the John Cena show (yeah it still kinda is, but to a lesser extent). I mean now you have guys like ADR, Sheamus, Punk, and Bryan as solidified main eventers with guys like Barrett, Rhodes, Ziggler, Ryback, and Sandow waiting in the wings (all of which are without a doubt heading towards main event status) so you can't really say WWE's not moving utilizing talent, but you could probably make a case for them not doing it as effectively as they could. Just look how Barrett's been treated up until now.

Originally Posted by dougnums View Post
Yeah henry made that gimmick work. I don't think brodus could have pulled it off. The gimmick he's got is just fine because the kids have to love him before they can truly hate him as a heel.
Pretty much. Clay debuting as manufactured monster heel #239 wouldn't have gotten him far as few can pull that off as a debut gimmick. Heel's are only successful when there's people to hate on them and what better way to do that than to build Clay a large following like he has now and then turn him at his peak causing his former fans against him. Turns out much better in the long run.

Originally Posted by Tnmore View Post
The old man is delusional. Tyson Kidd? Really? The guy is definition of bland. Very good worker but absolutely no charisma whatsoever. I guess bret wouldnt know anything about charisma since he never had any. 90% of his matches put people to sleep.

As for Henry and Brodus, no one knows if the hall of pain gimmick would have worked with Brodus. He had the monster look and also the talent but he unfortunate that henry already pulled it off.

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