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Re: IGN's Top 100 RPGs (starts 9/10)

Too much weebo and heavily slanted towards casual RPG'ers, jRPGers and console titles.

Rants as I go:

Diablo 3 was a massive failure. It's as if they never played the first two games.
Fallout: New Vegas at #89? Is this some kid of joke? It's more of an RPG than any Bioware/Bethesda title -- and a better one at that.
Shadowrun: Fuck yeah!
IWD2 = grindfest.
Witcher 2 needed to be way, WAY higher. Better than the preciously watered down (or streamlined) Mass Effect series.
Grandia II was pretty good.
NWN2? Only good thing about it is Mask of the Betrayer. Almost as bad as the original NWN. That piece of shit better not be high on this.
Guild Wars: Fuck yeah!
Fallout 1 at #34?! What in the living fuck?! Better than all but one RPG of all time (Planescape: Torment)
Love Morrowind but it should never EVER be ranked ahead of Fallout.
NWN1 -- fuck off.
Jade Empire? lol. Bioware slurping in full effect. Overrated hacks.
Fallout 2 is inferior to FO1.
Deus Ex: Fuck yeah!
Baldur's Gate? Overrated.
Oblivion gets a 5/10 at best in terms of RPG mechanics and gameplay. Atrocious. Overdone level-scaling made adventuring Middle Earth-- er, I mean Cyrodiil (it's not a LOTR rip-off in lore) pointless.
SS2: Fuck yeah!
Diablo was a great roguelike, a shame that the online was so flawed with hackers (Boba Fett!)
Planescape: Torment at #13?? This is where I want to leave the page. Better story than any RPG ever. Best dialog ever. Greatest end boss and twist ever. Only the combat was a let down. The one title that can make video games look like art.
KOTOR over PS:T, FO1 and FO2? Eat a knife.
FF7: Nonsense.
Fallout 3: Read Oblivion but make it a 6.5/10.
Mass Effect? How much did Bioware send to IGN in advertising during this?
Skyrim: Read Fallout 3 but make it a 8/10.
Diablo 2 is a very addictive game, but it's not a top 10 RPG.
Pokemon.. Holy shit it gets worse.
BGII: Battling the Elder Scrolls and Mass Effect series as most overrated franchises in history of games.

Typical nonsense.

1. Fallout
2. Planescape: Torment
3. Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
4. Fallout 2
5. Arcanum

Sprinkle in some Morrowind, New Vegas, Deus Ex, Witcher series, Mask of the Betrayer and you have the best PC RPG's of all time. Not a fan of the consolely RPG-lite or RPG elements in action game style games.

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