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Re: NYC passes ban on supersized sugary drinks

Originally Posted by TexasTornado View Post
Uh, yeah again, you missed the point. This is a small, pointless thing but when we allow these things, they will slowly build.

Look at TSA. it is against the constitution to do "warrantless SEARCHES and seizures" under the 4th amendment. But hey, Americans think it is for their "safety" and as long as we allow it, it will expand to ball parks, malls, trains. All for our 'protection' right?

Oh, not that you ask but I don't even drink soda or eat kfc. So stfu when you judge strangers.
stop judging strangers. im not a bloody american. it's not my fault your nation decides to be unhealthy to the extreme that governments decide that a law on FOOD is the best way to combat overeating/drinking. no idea why this is such a big deal. it's okay, they're not going to take your precious guns, calm down.

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