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Re: NYC passes ban on supersized sugary drinks

Originally Posted by SummerLove View Post
That's not why people are complaining, it's because it's a useless law and won't do a thing to reduce obesity. Better things to spend time on and better legislation to pass in New York City.
If you're complaining about the actual law making process and what politians should be spending time on then good for you but thats hardly what people are complaining about. Take this thread as a minute case study. You have people whinging that

a) they want a big ass soda
b) it could potentially lead to further laws restricting the freedoms of citizens of America.

Point b is plain retarded.

Originally Posted by GlassBreaks View Post
Why hasn't there been a ban on the amount of alcohol you can buy? The amount of cigarettes you can smoke? Dip cans you can purchase? The amount of McDonald's hamburgers you can buy?

But they're worried about soft drinks? Really?

I don't think that people are meeting it with attitudes because it's supposedly enacted to benefit their health. It's just that they chose something so minute and unpretentious compared to every example I listed above. Who is the government to tell me how much Coke or Pepsi I can consume (even though I consume neither, and do not eat fast food regularly)? I'm pretty sure I pay my own insurance and don't leach off of government health care.
There are laws and legislations on who can buy alcohol and cigarettes. Now i'm not sure exactly how it is in America but i'll use Australia as an example here b/c i know it.

For alcohol; have to be 18, have to show ID, have to have completed the responsible service of alcohol in order to serve alcohol, can be declined service of alcohol if you're under the influence of alcohol.

For cigarettes; Have to be 18 to buy them, 16 to smoke them (yeah thats retarded), cannot smoke in hospitals, pubs, clubs, sports stadiums etc etc

Basically they have more restrictions on them than this ban is placing on soda.
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