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Re: Greatest moment in the Attitude Era

Man, too many to choose from, but I'll give it a shot.

1. Austin returns, whips major ass at Backlash 2000 - That pop is un-fucking-real. The place just went insane when Austin came out with the chair and cleaned house on the McMahon/Helmsley regime. Rock then winning the gold was the cherry on top. Awesome finish.

2. Undertaker returns, whips major ass at Judgment Day 2000 - Different month, same awesome return. Very cool how, at first, the crowd doesn't know for sure who it is, until they get a good look at him and the place just gets louder and louder. JR is great here. "BY GOD, IT'S....IT'S THE UNDERTAKER! HE'S COMING FOR MCMAHON, YA GOTTA BELIEVE! THE UNDERTAKER IS WHIPPING ASS!!!"

3. Austin saves Stephanie - Another mega pop and one of the best "Austin cleans house" segments. I know a lot of people say it's unfair to jump all over Cena for being Superman when Austin was doing a lot of the same stuff back then, but dammit, it just seemed to mean more whenever Austin hit the ring and whooped some ass.

4. This Is Your Life - It may have dragged on too long, but the crowd got more and more into it. So did the home audience, judging by the rating.

5. Beer Truck - Awesome go-home segment for Mania 15. Love this Austin line: "Stone Cold's gonna go on to Philadelphia, roll on up into the Smackdown Hotel, check into Room 316, and burn that son of a bitch straight to the ground!"

Honorable mention: The milk truck segment with Angle vs the Alliance - Just hilarious. From Angle's facial expressions to JR's commentary ("MILK-O-MANIA IS RUNNING WIIIIILD!!!").

"They will LIE to you, she said. They will try to DENOUNCE you, she said. They will try to STEAL your gift, and she was right. Sister Abigail always spoke the truth, and so do I. So when I tell you that I knew this day would come, I am NOT telling you a lie! And on this day, in this moment in time right now, this very second, I can truly say that I have the whole damn world in my hands!"

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