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Re: TEW2013 Announced

The game world develops

#26: Game World Development

The way that the game world develops over time has been upgraded for TEW2013.

Region Importance, one of the key values in the game as it is used when calculating company sizes, can now alter over time. Every month, each region is looked at in regards to how many promotions are based in that region and what their sizes are - the importance is then potentially altered based upon this information.

For example, if the game ends up with five national-sized companies all based in London, then "South UK" is going to find itself with a very high importance rating very swiftly. Likewise, if there are no Scottish promotions at all then Scotland is going to see its importance sink.

This system therefore creates a dynamic game world which can significantly alter in response to what is going on inside it. As an example, it's entirely possible that if a California promotion became Global and blew away all the other competition in the US that you'd end up with a game world where the traditional dynamic of the east coast being much more important to the business than the west coast gets reversed; this will make it more likely that shows will get run more often in the west, solidifies the power of the California company, while making it harder for east coast promotions to become powerful - at least until one of them manages it or enough promotions appear there to start to make the Tri State at co more important again.

Each region has a new minimum and maximum importance value (which are editable) to make sure that things don't get unrealistic, and there is also an automatic lower limit based on the community size of that region to stop hugely populated regions from every becoming too unimportant.

Community Size also alters slowly over time, but faster than the glacially-slow rate that TEW2010 used. This also has new editable minimum and maximum values.
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