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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

WWE Championship PPV Matches : 1998

Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker RR 98 : **** 1/4
Shawn Michaels vs Steve Austin WM XIV : *** 3/4
Steve Austin vs Dude Love IYHU : ***
Steve Austin vs Dude Love IYHOTE : ****
Steve Austin vs Kane KOTR 1998 : *** 1/4
Steve Austin vs The Undertaker SS 98 : *** 1/4
Steve Austin vs Kane vs The Undertaker BIYH : * 3/4
Kane vs The Undertaker JDIYH : * 1/2
The Rock vs Mankind SS 98 : ** 1/4
The Rock vs Mankind RBIYH : ** 1/2

Just some random notes from this years batch of WWE Championship matches (straight out of the oven, of course) :

1998 was a pretty fucking terrible year in-ring wise for the WWF, and it really showed in this championship matches. Either the matches were mediocre(ESPECIALLY for main event standards) like the two Rock-Mankind matches, or they were just downright fucking AWFUL like the Taker-Kane-Austin saga they had going on in the fall. I can't shit on the WWF for this because they were doing record business at the time, but the actual wrestling product left alot to be desired. THAT IS of course, besides 3 matches in particular that I need to address..

Taker-Shawn have the greatest in ring chemistry of all time , and the fact that this was probably the 4th best match they've ever had (not even TOUCHING the other 3) while still being my 1999 MOTY blows my fucking mind. Everything these two touch turns into gold, and this was no exception for sure. Shawn should get all the credit in the world for working in a world of pain here, which leads us to the WM XIV main event , the rise of one Steve Austin. While not up to their KOTR 97 match in terms of in ring quality, this was more of a spectacle (LOVE Shawn's entrance here) than anything, and a brilliantly worked match for two guys fighting through about 83565 combined serious injuries. They kept the ball rolling with the Austin-Foley encounter from OTE, which was a fantastic blend of brawling and technical wrestling to boot, an easy MOTY contender in a lackluster year.

MVP : Shawn Michaels (for his courage)
LVP : Kane
Best Performance in a Match : HBK RR 98
Most Underrated Performance in a Match : Undertaker SS 98 (FUCKER was hurt as hell)
Worst Performance in a Match : Kane JD 98
Most Overrated Performance in a Match : The Rock/Mankind SS 98 .... Gave it to both guys as this gets more credit than it should.

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