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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Awesome documentary of Rock/Cena, besides the typical Cena/charity case brainwashing, "I'm here and will never leave"(In reality because nobody wants him anywhere else)and some stupid things from HHH and Cena saying that you can't change his "haters'" mind no matter what, yet STILL trying desperately to do it in every opportunity. It was honest in terms of telling how it really was in reality, with Cena as a last choice option etc. They did a great job presenting how big it was, Rock's goal as the greatest and most charismatic performer of all time to create the biggest match of all time, battle of two generations in physical prime and also the background around it. I loved the backstage footage, Rock/Jericho before the match, Rock/Show, even Rock/Del Rio there IIRC when Del Rio came to shake his hand in his locker room. Jericho was great as usual during it. They talked about Twitter was a big part in keeping the story alive without getting stale in 365 days, it was a major aspect of the interest for an entire year. The hype they did before the match backstage as a career defining W was good, that was the biggest match you're going to get in this era of the wrestling industry and it delivered big time. Cena said that Rock's ovation in his entrance was the biggest he ever saw in his entire career. Then Rock saying that when he dropped the final Rock Bottom and got the 3 count, it was 78k CANNONS exploding in insanity, just crazy atmosphere and a moment that will live forever. The last part of Rock/Cena hugging Vince and Rock getting a standing ovation backstage from all the workers after the match was cool, also got a Rock/Tyson interaction there. Overall, really good summary of the biggest, most memorable and most successful feud of this generation and it should stay that way with no rematches or an attempt to recreate the magic of the first time because it's NEVER happening, the legacy and significance of this program is unforgettable as it is.

Second part was the actual feud, all the promos despite some pathetically hypocritical material were good to great to awesome to MONEY. Top 5 will be Rock's return, Rock Concert, Rock/Cena before WM28, Rock history lessons and Rock/Cena/Miz/Truth segment in Boston. Two promos that are in the Top 5 but for some reason weren't on the DVD were Rock at Survivor Series 2011 and Rock in Philly. Don't know why. Rock YouTube annihilation also should have been there but I guess that's too much for the Cena character to handle without looking like a fool.

Matches - Rock316AE system. Rock - *, Cena - 1/2:

The Rock/John Cena vs The Miz/R-Truth Survivor Series 2011 - Such a special atmosphere for a moment that millions upon MILLIONS...Of fans worldwide waited to see for so many years, to the point where you thought it's never going to happen. Seeing Rock walking to the ring that night with New York City giving him one of the biggest ovations in the history of MSG was surreal. Like Jerry Lawler said: "If this doesn't put chills up and down your spine something is wrong with you". Then the match started and it was even more than that, Rock out there outperforming the entire active roster after 8 years was crazy, his timing, selling, athleticism, still the great worker that he is and it was all in place with the hottest crowd of the year starting chant after chant and into every move, great match overall with Rock and Cena trading shots and building for the Rock comeback to end the match. The humiliation Rock along with MSG gave Cena after that was nice as well.

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The Rock vs John Cena WrestleMania 28 - That was the definition of what a big time wrestling main event should be. In terms of an atmosphere, anticipation, star power and the in ring exchanges. Exactly what this match should be when people dreamed about this dream match since 2005. Full of believable nearfalls, full of drama, huge promotion, star power, mega hot crowd, memorable spots and perfect finish. Great in every way and this is what this industry is all about. Watching Rock, not only after almost a decade killing it in the ring for 30 minutes, but with a torn hamstring for half of the match putting on a tremendous performance was unbelievable. All that along with Oscar selling for the ribs and the STF spot. The finish was one of the greatest moments of all time and like Rock said, was like a stadium full of cannons just going fucking crazy like never before, hugging, jumping, throwing beer, that's a rare situation you will be lucky to see again. This match delivered after a year of hype and gave fans exactly what they wanted for over 7 years. One of the best WM main events of all time.

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Best of the extras was Rock telling his inspiring story before the success and singing for his grandmother and grandfather on their grave. I will watch the other part of extras and film cut in a few hours.

Overall, great DVD, if you liked the program this is one of the best, if you didn't like the program, you will like it after watching this. Worth watching either way on one of the greatest feuds of all time.

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