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Originally Posted by Nostalgia View Post
If you want to talk about outdated look at Christian. He's had the exact same entrance animation for the past 3 games now. The Big Show I don't care about at all, so I never use him, but he's always looks the same to me. This year they actually changed his generic black singlet to his camo design one, but now he's been wearing his black singlet again. Lol.
Also Christian's stomach as been freakishly long since his return in SD v RAW 2010.
We won't get alternate wrestling attire but we'll get a whole lot of entrance attires.

Originally Posted by Warrior View Post
The Acolytes entrance has the right theme for the era, but they have a generic entrance. The CLFH looks like a weak clothesline and probably what JBL will get as well. Farooq looks OK, but I don't really care about him.

Road Doggs entrance look alright although his music seems cut for PG. It also irritates me that he has a mic but yet can't introduce himself in the ring. The game WWF Attitude had the Road Dogg mic intro and this was a 1999 PS1 video game for sakes. His move-set looks good though.

Litas entrance and music fit the time, but her entrance video is her current one. Her twist of fate looks good, but her moonsault looks like something from a cruiserweight. I don't re-call Lita ever doing a moonsault with that much air.

Not sure why the developers wanted to include the Attitude Era guys if they were just going to recycle other moves for them and half-ass most of them.

The clothesline and the moonsault are from WWE '12.
The movesets have been crap since the first SDvRAW, but if there was a time not to slack off it was now.
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Originally Posted by Amber B View Post
The "but WWE did it" argument got played out in 2010. Stupid and sloppy + stupid and sloppy does not equal a positive.

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