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Fuck slow ass drivers

Ok first of all get this straight, I am not a speed demon by any means, however I do like to get to where I am going without it being an all day trip. Why is it that some people have never learned that the left hand lane on the highway is a PASSING LANE? I mean come on, everyone is lining up behind you for a half a mile because they want to get past you and your sitting there saying to yourself "I am doing the speed limit, they can wait". Lets be considerate. Get over to the right and let the 30 drivers behind you pass by you instead of you sitting there, driving nose to nose with the driver in the right lane. In fact, you can be ticketted for just driving in the passing lane and not passing. DRIVE ON THE RIGHT EXCEPT WHEN PASSING.

Also, if your on a two lane highway and your stuck behind a slow driver but do not have the guts to pass him, leave enough room so that other drivers who aren't afraid to pass can pass YOU, then pass the driver in front of you instead of having to pass both of you at the same time. One more thing, road construction is a fact of life. YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL. If the road has to merge to one lane and is backed up for miles, do not think I will let you in when you cruise down the shoulder to avoid the wait and try to squeeze in, in front of me. I waited for 30 minutes to get through it and you can too. I spend alot of time on the road for work and probably drive 50,000 miles a year and so I get pretty tired of inconsiderate drivers. Why is it people get behind the wheel of an automobile and act in ways they would never act if they weren't? If i waited in line for 30 minutes to get into a restaurant or nightclub or Zoo or whatever and you tried to cut in front, I would break your fucking arms and rightfully so. You can call it road rage or whatever, I call it a normal reaction to inconsiderate or selfish drivers.

I just wish people had the manners on the road they exhibit when they are not behind the wheel of a 3000 lb object that could kill me. To all persons in the fast lane on all major highways, if you are getting passed on the right, if you are being flashed or honked at and finally if you have a line of cars waiting for you move over; Guess what? YOU ARE DRIVING TOO SLOW, MOVE OVER! You, not so fast drivers, are the cause of all the wrecks on the road. If you need to pass, hit the accelerator all the way through until you are done passing. DO NOT move into the fast lane at your current speed and then proceed to hold up 15 faster cars. MOVE your a$$! I swear, too many times it is one ( i kid you not) driver that can cause a huge back up of cars just because that one driver is either too oblivious, too stubborn or stupid to speed up and move over.

If I see someone come up behind me that is needs to get by, I speed up to get passed persons on the right and then move over promptly as well as safely. If this rant describes you, it is not personal and you are not doing anyone any favors by trying to slow people down. In fact, you are doing the opposite. MOVE OVER AND STAY OVER. Faster drivers are fully aware that they stand a higher chance of getting pulled over by the cops, but we are willing to take that chance. The state that I have driven through that I have seen that drivers really seem to get it is, Ohio. There may not be much there and your cops are bored so there are speed traps everywhere, but at least the drivers have road courtesy.

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