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3rd Smackdown

Vince McMahon comes out and grabs a mic.

Vince: Yes all of you should know that Vince McMahon is feeling better after that attack by Rob Van Dam on Raw a couple of weeks ago. I have something to say. Chris Beniot come out here right now.

Chris Beniot music hits.

Chris Beniot: What the hell do you want Vince.

Vince: Don't believe for a minute I didn't see what happen last week on Smackdown. I refuse to give you a title shot if you even relativity invovled with RVD.

Chris Beniot: You know what I might be. Cause RVD made a good point. You never gave us a chance at the title cause of our size. You know what I maybe involved someway but I guess you will find out sooner or later.

Chris Beniot punks out Vince McMahon.

Rob Van Dam hits him from the back. Rob Van Dam and Beniot start to double team McMahon. RVD offers Beniot a handshake but he Beniot refuses.

Match 1
Billy and Chuck vs. Shannon Moore and Matt Hardy (Tag Team)
Match ends in a disqualifcation with the interference of Three Minute Warning and Kidman. Stephanie changes the match into a handicap match.

Match 2
Bily and Chuck and Kidman vs. Shannon, Matt Hardy and Three Minute Warning
Matt teams wins with a Body Splash from Jamal.

Match 3
Chavo and Eddie vs. Beniot and Angle
Chavo and Eddie win because of Vince's interference.

Angle and Beniot grab the mic.

Angle: What the hell Vince. Just because your company has been going to hell doesn't mean you should screw me out of a tag match. You want to know something Vince I will have no problem screwing you out of this company.

Beniot: You want back at me. Why not face to face.

Vince: I am a great businessman and there is no chance in my company going to hell because of a few loose cannons. Thats is why I will be the guest referee in teh elimination match and I will make sure neither of you win. If its the last thing I do I will not left my company be taken over.

Angle: But we will be taking over. We will. Come on out RVD. Come out Edge. Come out Eddie. One of us will win the title at Armageddon with the help of RVD.

Match 4
Chris Kanyon vs. Funaki
Chris Kanyon win via the Flatliner

Chris Kanyon: I just came back from the injury that almost ended my career. NOW I AM NOT GOING TO LET MY CAREER GO DOWN THE SHITTER IF I DON'T HOLD ON TO MY DREAM OF BECOMING A WWE CHAMPION. Now this is not fixed like the rest of the matches we will fight for our careers litteraly. Til the last breath I will keep my job.

Match 5
Noble and Nunzio vs. Tajiri and Spanky
Noble wins via feet on the ropes.

Edge and Brock vs. Big Show
The match never gets started because Big Show and Brock Lesnar attack Edge.

Big Show: If you even think of screwing out this great man. Your gonna get your ass kick.

Beniot, Angle, and Eddie Guerrero comes and attacks the two giants. But they are quickly silenced.

Big Show: If the antongonists think they will beat us they got another thing coming

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