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Re: Aces & Eights Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Jobbin'likenoother View Post
^^^Unless by "hang with the best" you mean got run the fuck outta the Impact Zone as soon as there's anyhing approaching even numbers then no, they haven't proved they can hang.

You also say that who is under the mask is not the point... Maybe not from a writer's point of view, but if you think that's the case from a viewer perspective then you are in utter denial. Besides, it's the eventual star recognition of a 'reveal' in such an angle which gives such a faction it's credibility, not their endless run-ins beating guys down 4,5,6 on 1.

Q. What's the NWO without the name value of Ex-WWE main eventers?

A. A jobber invasion.

Said all along, I think this is about Bischoff's revenge and if all randoms beneath the masks, I don't think any of the A&8s guys will get over (after the initial fan dissapointment), at least until such time that any of them turns on Bisch.
You make it sound like you've never seen a heel faction before. Most heel factions have always tried to use their numerical advantage to give them any chance of beating up the faces before they always retreat when the numbers seem to even up. Mike Knox (if that was him under the mask at No Surrender) showed he can at least give the Champion a challenge, even if it means using illegal tactics as all heels do. They have shown that they are smart enough to use their numbers to "break" the Champion's arm.

The faces under the masks are important but as long as they are booked in a credible fashion, then I don't feel it would create a major difference from using established stars or less known wrestlers. As many have said, all you need is a very credible leader to lead them and be their mouthpiece.

If you feel the NWO would have been a jobber invasion without the big names, then I wonder what you felt about Nexus. Whether people like it or not, Nexus made a big impact although they were just rookies (ie jobbers). If the booking had been good for Nexus they could have become big stars which is the hope for A&8s. If the booking is good, they shouldn't have anything to fear long-term.
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