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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Backlash 2004:

Shelton Benjamin vs Ric Flair - ***
*Fun match that doesn't last too long and Flair puts over Shelton during his first push coming off two back-to-back victories against HHH.

Jonathan Coachman vs Tajiri - **
*Why did they draft Tajiri from Smackdown just to put him in a trainwreck of a match like this? And to make matters worse, Coach dominates most of this despite not being a wrestler to begin with. And the "Boring" chants were rather justified.

Chris Jericho vs Christian/Trish Stratus - **3/4
*Fun while it lasts and Jericho finally gets his revenge on the backstabbers after the humiliation he went through at WM20.

Victoria vs Lita - **3/4
*A decent match between two of the best women's wrestlers in WWE history. They do some good mat-wrestling and then some good back-and-forth using their moveset.

Randy Orton vs Cactus Jack - ****1/2
*An excellent blow-off match to an amazing and well-built feud that took place over the course of almost one year. Foley does an excellent job putting over Orton clean to prove his legitimacy and this is to Orton's career and the "pay your dues" stage what the JBL "I Quit" match was for Cena. Orton bleeds, takes some serious bumps and he should have definitely earned the smarks' respect at that point if he hadn't already. I also like how JR sells Foley's psychotic character and gives up on defending him. If it was today, Lawler would find any stupid way to defend the over-the-top actions of Foley seeing as he's become an ass-kisser to all the faces by any means necessary.

Rosey/The Hurricane vs La Resistance - *1/2
*This is to Backlash 04, what Brodus Clay squashes are to today's PPVs. Just random filler to kill time with no build and I don't remember it being announced on any of the preceding Raw episodes. Eugene randomly turns up and the faces win but really, if there's a piss-break in this PPV, it's this match. I admit I cracked up when Eugene was running the ropes in excitement like a little kid, though.

Edge vs Kane - **
*Edge's return match after being away from the ring for 13 months since February 2003. A disappointing comeback in a highly boring match. Hell, the crowd was more concerned chanting "You screwed Bret!" and "We Want Bret" to Earl Hebner than the in-ring action. I think I even heard some "You both suck!" chants towards the end, lol. I don't agree with that but if this was your first impression of either Edge or Kane, you would probably think that too.

Chris Benoit vs HHH vs Shawn Michaels - ****3/4
*This match has it all from signature moves to ref bumps to table breaks to sledgehammers but still, it can't live up to the classic these three had at Wrestlemania XX. I honestly have no idea why, but there's just something that isn't there. Might have to do with the fact that Wrestlemania is the biggest stage whereas Backlash is just another PPV because even this one has a great ending with Benoit making HBK tap out to the Sharpshooter to the delight of the hometown crowd and his entire family from his wife and kids to his mom and dad at ringside. WWE gives the Canadians the "one-up" on this in return for the screwjob with the ending as Benoit also waves the Canadian flag to close the show. Lastly, the crowd here are a lot better than the MSG crowd at WM but "the biggest stage of them all" is where it matters the most!

Overall: ***1/4 out of ***** (Three decent matches, two duds and two classics. All the variety in quality of matches puts this one in the middle of the road for me. But the two classics are enough to make this PPV worth a watch.)
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