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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Oblivion Feedback

This is very late I know, my apologies.

No shock it was Jericho opening up proceedings and what he had to say was on the money, typical ‘Worthy Man’ stuff and the whole anointing of Doane almost was very well done. Hoping that he kicks on from here and starts to prove himself as truly ‘worthy’. Danielson coming out wasn’t what I expected but a nice little confrontation nonetheless and that’s one hell of a main event for later on. I will say that I totally didn’t think Jericho would put the title on the line, especially as he’s in charge tonight, puzzling but hey, makes things all the more exciting I guess.

Pretty strong choice of match to kick the in ring action off and it delivered nicely. Beforehand I thought you’d booked yourself into a corner here with Lito needing momentum and Punk needing to pick up where he left off from AVMW. Good ending however and this little Mexicools/Carlito feud will be a nice route to go for Carly’s first feud.

Standard Finlay interview, always gets his point across, short and sweet. Perfect.

Nice interaction here from the Mercs and Carlito. Bit surprised Lito’s already turning to them, thought if he was to do this it’d be in another couple of weeks but not a bad route to go and glad you kept up with mentioning the Mercs and Regal’s little meet and greet.

Hassan squash, not a bad way to get him some heat back following his title loss. Aftermath was a woeful excuse but that’s a heel for you haha. Rematch should be a good one, no hope of Hassan recapturing the gold though.

Awesome segment here with Heyman. Absolutely loved his characterisation and this truly does lead me to believe a BIG time Heyman/Foley feud is on the cards. I think Melvis has mentioned it before regarding a Stable war and after this, I might be jumping on that bandwagon. The line about Jericho cutting the tumour was brilliant by the way. Very, very enjoyable stuff, the reasoning from Heyman wasn’t what I expected but made a ton of sense and it’s now a case of just how Mr.Foley manages to bring back the Showstopper. Great job with this, raised my interest already.

Liked this from WGTT and the Sons. The slow kind of nature of Benji/Haas’ heel turn is moving smoothly and I think the injury angle’s a nice one so this feud can be dragged out further along the line. Can’t wait for when these four do go at it eventually.

Helllll of a main event. Simply breathtaking action from these two men and it’s no surprise when they meet that you were gonna deliver the goods. Some of the stuff was brutal and there were genuinely times when I thought Danielson was gonna take it home. You raised his stock big time with this display, looking excellent even in defeat. Aftermath was a good little spot and Joe’s new ‘One Man Army’ schitck should be good until the saviours return. Great main event.

Overall an enjoyable show as per usual. Main event was epic and this whole Heyman/Foley feud has me pumped. Other than that things were a tad flat but the first show off of a PPV is always gonna be tough as you’ve gotta move things onto different angles. Very much looking forward to the next edition, hopefully your work, uni and imminent battle with Melvis in the tournament won’t detract you from this badboy
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