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Re: TEW2013 Announced

You can now have some choosen matches and angles set as default

#24-25: Default Matches & Angles

New to the game are the concept of default matches and angles, which are used to help speed up the booking process.

When the user first clicks to add a match or angle during booking, rather than seeing a very long list of every available option (as in TEW2010), he will instead see only the default ones. The idea is that the user keeps his most often used match or angle types set as default and therefore they'll be immediately visible and selectable straight away, rather than having to scroll down or use the filters.

If the user wants to use an item that isn't a default, he can simply use the filters to return to the "traditional" method of having access to everything.

To clarify, the concept is therefore that the stuff you use most is immediately available and can be selected with just one double click, while the items that you don't use as often are only one click away from being visible.

The starting defaults can be set via the editor before the game begins. Once in the game, each player can modify the default settings to his own liking very easily. So, for example, player #1 running a traditional-based company could have the standard "1 vs 1", "2 vs 2", etc, as his default matches and a handful of backstage interviews as his default angles. Player #2 running a lucha company might have "1 vs 1 Two Out Of Three Falls", "3 vs 3 Lucha Rules", etc, as his default matches, and a lot of mask-related angles as his defaults.

If no defaults are found, the entire feature essentially gets turned off and the game returns to the traditional method of having everything visible in one big list.
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