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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Raw Feedback

Thought you did a great job with Cena here. I could totally buy every word he was saying, captured his character perfectly, be it focusing on Lashley or the board room shenanigans, good stuff. Van Dam coming out was a tad surprising, though I knew we wouldn’t get the main event there and then. Van Dam playing the ‘overlooked’ card I wasn’t sure on at first but I guess it does make sense considering it’s still all about Cena’s quest to face him and again you caught Van Dam’s character very nicely. Clever use of Shane here, very clever and a great way of furthering the Van Dam/Cena tension. Very intriguing and enjoyable start to the show, good building block for later on.

And so the board room battle begins…

Big win for Carlito here, albeit Dykstra was distracted but that doesn’t take away from the fact he just pinned the champion. This feud is ticking along nicely but I feel it could do with a little more ‘oomph’ so to speak next week, something a bit bigger.

Pretty short, sweet and simple interview from Orton here, did what it needed to do and I particularly liked the last line regarding Linda.

The women getting some spotlight here tonight, very refreshing stuff and a nice win for Melina. Having these two teams feud while they are out of the tag title spotlight is a good call, gives them something to do while keeping the spotlight on them and if the women get more involved like this then all the better.

Really looking forward to Cesaro, guessing he’ll appear after Backlash?

Very good stuff here with the WGTT, I’m enjoying the way you’re utilising them at the minute. They’re heels but they only every now and then with subtle comments come across as it, they’re fighting champions and I’m excited to see them do battle with Punk and Dinsmore. Last line from Haas was a beauty by the way.

Enjoyable contest here with HBK and Jeff. Definitely the right call in having Michaels win but you had Hardy look strong in defeat. I was a tad disappointed we didn’t hear anything beforehand from Michaels though regarding Trips come Backlash, would’ve liked maybe a small bit but that’s nitpicking. Aftermath was simple yet smart in Orton laying Hardy out, keeps their feud building nicely. Good job here.

Certainly a lot of attention for the ladies and a good bit of bickering here between these two. Standard heels/partners going into a triple threat situation.

Interesting start to the board room battle here. Vince trying to pull the ‘ratings’ and money card was to be expected and his points are valid. Linda’s little curveball with the Teddy Long stuff was well thought up and the reaction from Vince was great. Not sure which way this is gonna swing right now.

Highlight of the night for me here with this Trips interview. I thought you captured him perfectly, his intensity, his words, everything. I thought as well as the character, you captured the feud itself and the history between the two men beautifully also, the European title incident being thrown in the mix, Shawn‘s turn to religion. Really enjoyed it and this is ticking along very smoothly indeed. I didn’t like how we heard nothing from Michaels earlier but this more than made up for it I think.

Always gonna be a win for Punk/Dinsmore here. Right call and a decent match up. Would love to see a bit more from the RWC but at the minute I know that’s tough to do.

Well that certainly wasn’t what I expected and Mr.Laurinaitis appearing into things. Is that a sign for the future perhaps? Hmmmm. Meeting adjourned, not a fan of it to be honest. I get why you’re doing it and this was just a little teaser, build suspense but personally I feel like it was all a waste now if you’re just gonna do it again in two weeks time. Has my interest though that’s the main thing.

Very strong main event here, some thoroughly enjoyable action, no doubt about it. But I gotta be honest with you, I HATE the result. Cena knocking Lashley off again and CLEAN to boot. Don’t understand it at all. I felt as though you killed a fair bit of Lashley’s momentum at Mania but I thought you’d definitely build him back up but another loss to Cena and to tap out, not for me. I understand that you’ve been building towards Cena/Van Dam but I think you could’ve and probably should’ve gone with a Triple Threat at Backlash and kept the wait going for Van Dam and Cena to finally meet. Hey, you’ve still got time to change things, I don’t know your long term plans so you may surprise me but it wasn’t what I expected out of that.

On the whole it was another strong show as ever. I may have criticised the end but that was all I didn’t like really and truly as well as the delaying of the board room battle. Thought the in ring action was all very good tonight while Trips interview was awesome. Main event now set for Backlash and it will no doubt deliver, looking forward to how you go about the build now so onwards and upwards to next week. Keep it going mate.
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