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Re: Smackdown 9/14/12 Spoilers + WWE SMS/Superstars Results


Alberto Del Rio, Ricardo and David Otunga opened the show in the ring. The latter two had neckbraces on and it was actually pretty funny to listen to them. Del Rio brought Christian on screen via satellite. Christian said he's not doing it for Del Rio or himself, but he says the Brogue Kick should be banned because he's never been the same since being struck by it. Christian gets cut off by Del Rio. Eventually Daniel Bryan comes out to some solid "Yes!" chants. The man is way over. Bryan said he wants revenge and that he got a rematch in the main event versus Sheamus. Sheamus came out, said a few words and ripped Otunga's brace off.

1. Sin Cara defeated the Miz via pin. This was an okay match. Cara botched the end and they had to refilm that part again where he hits his finisher and rolls Miz up. Cara got no reaction except when he did big moves. Miz got a fair amount of boos. After the match Rhodes talked to Miz backstage, then Rey and Cara showed up. Teddy Long appeared and announced Miz would face those three men in a triple threat match for his Intercontinental title at Night of Champions. Miz wasn't happy.

A little segment was shown with Daniel Bryan, Kane and the doctor about squeezing stress balls. This was hilarious and I hope it makes it onto TV. Best line was when the doctor said "I gave you both balls. When you squeeze them, you feel good." At the end, Kane said that his "was bigger". This had a lot of adults in stitches.

2. Kane defeated Kofi Kingston with a chokeslam. Very quick match. After the match, Kane hugged Kofi.

Randy Orton was interviewed about if he was excited to face Tensai and he said he is. Randy also reveals that the world title match between Sheamus and Del Rio will take place before Ziggler vs Orton, so if Ziggler cashes in and wins then Orton will beat him for the title.

3. Randy Orton defeated Tensai with an RKO. Tensai got no reaction. This match wasn't that bad and the RKO looked good. Afterwards, Vickie came out and talked to Orton. I could not hear her because the boos were so loud! Orton got on the mic and said he knows what's going on: his back is turned and he's talking to Vickie. At that moment, he turns around into the RKO stalking position to find that Dolph was gonna sneak attack him.

Antonio Cesaro came to the ring with Aksana and said he was outrageous(in 5 languages) because he has to defend his title at Night of Champions against a battle royale winner. Tyson Kidd comes out(surprisingly). He gets cheers since he is Canadian and he says he's going to tell Cesaro something in Canadian. He basically said he was going after his title and added "Eh?" to the end of it. Cesaro threw Kidd out of the ring. Out comes Brodus Clay to scare Cesaro. Kidd kicks Cesaro in the head, Clay headbutts him and hits his finisher. Clay and Kidd dance in the ring for a bit.

4. Kaitlyn defeated Beth Phoenix via pinfall. Funny thing, Beth's theme hit and it showed her video, but Natalya's minitron. Anyways, this was a decent divas match and Kaitlyn was really over. A lot of Kaitlyn signs. Beth got no reaction, unfortunately. I don't remember how the match ended because I looked away for a moment and it was over.

Wade Barrett came out and said people were too stupid to understand what he meant when he said "Wade Barrett is open for business". He says next week, someone can try the product because he is willing to take a fight challenge from anyone. Wade did get solid heat, but disappointed he didn't wrestle.

Eve says Booker T did a good job banning the Brogue Kick and Teddy does the same. Booker walks off with Eve and leaves Teddy hanging with a handshake/props in the air.

5. Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan with a cloverleaf. Daniel focused on Sheamus' arm most of the match. Daniel Bryan was probably the most over person this evening(if you don't count Vickie). The match was good and both competitors looked strong.

Dark match:

It was advertised to be a triple threat with Sheamus, Orton and Del Rio. Instead it was just Sheamus vs Del Rio. This match was actually a decent length with some good offence from both of them. People loved Sheamus and wanted the Brogue Kick. He almost went for it! But stopped because he knew he couldn't do it. Sheamus ended up making Del Rio tap with the Cloverleaf to end the show and send the crowd happy.
more detailed spoilers
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