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Re: Smackdown 9/14/12 Spoilers + WWE SMS/Superstars Results

Originally Posted by The Enforcer View Post
^^^ Riley has been on TV like twice this year. Bad troll attempt.

Looks like a pretty meh show with the only silver lining being that it could possibly be the last one with Sheamus/ADR build.

-Kane/Kofi should be decent if it gets a little time. I like that Kane is hugging people too and not just DBD.

-I'm going to chuckle if Rhodes wins the IC strap back on Sunday. What will have been the point of him ever dropping it in the first place if the 3 champions after him all had short, uneventful runs?

-Hopefully there was at least a Cesaro promo to build the US title match. I'm sure these spoilers are bare bones but it doesn't look like there was much emphasis put on it.

-I don't like Sandow not being on either show this week. He's not on the NOC card so I guess it makes sense but it's dumb to keep a rising star off TV for no reason.

-I'm genuinely excited for Orton/Ziggler on Sunday. Hopefully this is the big PPV win that puts Dolph over the top and primes him for a run as WHC.

-Sheamus/DBD sounds like the MOTN as these two have pretty great chemistry together but it's crazy how Danielson, Ziggler, and Swagger have become Sheamus' personal jobbers any time they want him to put on a good match. Bryan tapping to the Cloverleaf is a little ridiculous when you consider that he got out of Cena's STF. (Yes I know it's terribly executed but he's used it to win a ton of matches whereas this is the 3rd time Sheamus has used a submission finisher)
Go watch superstars, he was there weekly untill he injured drew mcintyre, he's so unsafe in the ring it's not funny and he EFFEN INJURED DREW MCITNYRE!! hope wwe fires his talentless ass
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