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Re: Definition of crybaby: NoyK

Oh my god...you are too stupid for words. You said something about someone's dead grandparent. They brought it up and were angry about it because their grandparent has been dead for 3 years. You apologized for it.

For the 17th time.

Originally Posted by JT Martin View Post
I wonder how old she is?

Who fucking cares?

The thing you people are too dumb to realize is that this is a rants section in a wrestling forum. This to me is a playground where I can push people's buttons, and sometimes take the stupidity of the people I work with out on people I don't care about.

I don't walk around irl acting like a gigantic cunt. Maybe if people had an actual conversation with me that wasn't in rants, they would know. I am a lot nicer than people think. I hardly have a bad thing to say about anyone irl.

I make fun of people here but, as I have said before, I don't assume the way people act in this section is how they are in real life. I don't make a final judgement on a person based on posts in a fucking rants section. I get to know them outside the section, facebook, etc. and then pass my judgement.

That is what makes me more intelligent than most of you. You see posts in here and assume people walk around 24/7 telling people off.

If people like NoyK or kobra even contacted off the forum, or even via PM, to talk about something serious or whatever, I wouldn't be a bitch to them just because we had e-feuds in rants. That is what a fucking pathetic human being would do.

There are quite a few people here who thought I was a cunt irl and found out otherwise. It's called being smart enough to get to know someone 'personally', if you want to call it that, and judge them instead of using rants as proof.

Rants shit is entertaining. If anyone takes it as more than that, remove yourself from the planet.
NoyK is one of those morons who would go all over my facebook page posting UR A BITCH over arguments in WF rants.

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