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Post Hitler's Mustache

The Hitler Mustache, is it still Taboo?

It's considered the trademark of one of the most evil men in history. Most people wouldn't dare wear one out in public, some may argue it's ugly as fuck, some people like it and wish they could wear it. Here are some examples of famous people who have worn one and what they've said or had said about it.

Charles Barkley on MJ's 'stache.

Ozzie Guillen addressing the critics.

British comedian Richard Herring on the subject.

So Michael Jordan sported one and didn't give a fuck, he even had it on while doing a commercial for Hanes. Ozzie Guillen tried to say he was emulating MJ, but after apologizing, he expressed his admiration for Hitler. Richard Herring had one for the theme of his comedy bit, and tried to 'reclaim' it in the name of comedy. All of these men were met with controversy, is it really that bad to sport this look? It's called the 'Hitler Mustache' by most but it's true name is the 'Toothbrush Mustache', Toothbrushes done never hurt nobody. I have had friends who love their facial hair and a couple in particular wish they could sport a 'Toothbrush Stache' in peace and not be judged. Although both of them are white and have those typical 'Aryan Race' poster boy features. Bob in particular has an 'I don't give a fuck' attitude, yet he's still on the fence about it, I'm sure it's because of his girlfriend.

So I ask, should it still be a controversy to have such a mustache? Would you judge someone as a racist for rocking it? Are you dying to pay tribute to your hero Charlie Chaplin but are fearful of being misjudged? Or is the only place a Hitler mustache is acceptable is right above the vagina, to pay homage to the Uber Twat that was Hitler?


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