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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

WWE Monday Night RAW

The usual world is watching video airs before we dive right into the RAW video package, which highlights the best of RAW, featuring new stars such as The Miz, Jack Swagger and John Morrison who have been added to the video. After the video concludes, we head into the arena, where a huge pyrotechnic display sounds off from the stage, almost making the people sat nearest lose their hearing. The cameras then take a sweeping view of the arena as we head to the announce table, where Michael Cole and Jerry The King Lawler are sat, waiting to introduce us to the show.

Michael Cole: Welcome ladies and gentleman to the longest running weekly episodic show in television history! My name is Michael Cole and joining me as always... Jerry The King Lawler.

King: Thank you, Michael. Tonight is going to be a huge night, the arena is packed, the fans are in good voice and we are only five days away from our next Pay-Per-View... Backlash.

Michael Cole: Indeed we are, Jerry. And what a show that is shaping up to be, we will have a complete run down of the card later on for you ladies and gentleman, but at this moment we’d like to take you back to last week where Triple H and Kofi Kingston were taking on Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase in our main event.



A video then plays of last week’s main event, showing Triple H pinning Cody Rhodes and lying on the mat, with his music playing. But then “Voices” plays and Randy Orton sprints down the ramp, he enters it with a sledgehammer in his hand and smacks Triple H with the hammer, knocking him out. Rhode and DiBiase then join Orton in standing over Triple H, as The Viper holds the WWE Championship up above his head. The video then fades away as we head back to ringside.





No word can be used to describe the amount of heat that Randy Orton is getting right now; the arena nearly comes off with the reaction that Orton just gathered. The boos continue as Randy walks out from the back, wearing a Viper T-shirt, no Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase with him, all on his own as he slowly walks down the ramp. Little emotion is shown as Orton continues his descent down the ramp, that can’t be said for the crowd as they give Orton hell.

Michael Cole: Right there is quite possibly the man who will be WWE Champion come Sunday. Randy Orton is one of the fiercest competitors on RAW, someone who doesn’t take kindly to people getting in his way, and we’ve seen that first hand, ladies and gentleman, as this feud between Triple H and Orton is getting to be more about the WWE Championship, it’s personal now.

King: It’s definitely personal, Michael. We saw last week that things have escalated; Randy Orton has done everything in the book to Triple H, from attacking him with sledgehammers, attacking his family and even kissing his wife. The WWE Championship is the most prestigious belt in this company, Randy Orton has got his eyes firmly set on that, but he also wants to hurt The Game.

Michael Cole: He’ll get his chance this Sunday as these two men, Triple H and Randy Orton go one on one, for the WWE Championship. And I’ve got to say, Randy Orton has got to be the favourite, Orton has Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase in his corner, and will look to inflict as much pain as possible on Triple H come Sunday.

Back in the ring, Randy Orton has just clambered into it and started his ascent up the turnbuckle. The Apex Predator surveys the arena as the crowd boo him and the camera circles him. Orton then hops down and is handed a microphone form ringside before walking to the centre of the ring and raising the microphone to his mouth...

Randy Orton: These last few weeks have been very good to me. The reason for that is... for the last few weeks, I have made life hell. I’ve made life hell for none other than the WWE Champion, Triple H.

Orton has to pause as the fans boo the fact that The Game’s life has been hell at the hands of The Viper...

Randy Orton: You can boo that all you want... but you know I’m telling the truth. Triple H, these last few weeks have been on the end of multiple beatings. Time is catching up to Triple H, time is running out for his championship reign. The end of his reign happens at in just five days, because at on Sunday, at Backlash... the WWE Championship... will no longer be around Triple H’s waist.

Another batch of heat directed at Orton, who rubs his chin while digesting the arena...

Randy Orton: Instead, I will do what I need to do. I will take the WWE Championship... I will take it for my own.

Another batch of heat, as Randy looks around the arena again...

Randy Orton: By the end of Backlash, I will be the WWE Champion. But for Triple H, he won’t just lose the WWE Championship, he will lose his pride. He will be the man who couldn’t defend his championship... but also the man who couldn’t defend his family.

Huge boos as Orton soaks them in...

Randy Orton: His family, his children won’t be able to look him in the eye, knowing their father is a failure. And Triple H will see a lot of his family in the next few months, because at Backlash... I will not only take his WWE Championship... I will not only take his pride... but I will take his career. I will end Triple H’s career.

The reaction almost takes the roof of the arena, and it’s only negative...

Randy Orton: But before Backlash, I want to give you people a much needed history lesson. Y’see, Triple H did help me at the beginning of my career... he gave me the kick start that it needed. I worked under the Triple H and Ric Flair, who taught me a lot, but also were two people who became jealous of my success.

‘Orton sucks’...

Randy Orton: I am the future WWE Champion, and Triple H... Triple H hates that. He hates the fact that I will be on top, he hates anybody being on top who isn’t named Hunter. When I became the youngest World Champion in history... he hated that.

Orton pauses...

Randy Orton: When I became the champion, Triple H turned on me the next night on RAW, he, Ric Flair and Batista all turned on me.

The fans pop at this...

Randy Orton: The fact that you people cheer that... just shows how fickle you people are.

Batch of heat...

Randy Orton: Triple H is no different from me, he fights for one reason, and it’s the same reason I am in this business. The WWE Championship. On Sunday... I will not only end his career... but I will end his championship reign and become the new... W... W... E... Champion.

Loud boos directed at the self proclaimed future WWE Champion, his arm drops and he walks to the ropes to leave the ring. The announcers put over Orton, saying that at Backlash, he could be the next WWE Champion until...



The crowd goes absolutely ape shit as the WWE Champion, Triple H’s music blares out of the PA system and in just a few seconds, The Game appears on the stage, trunks and T-shirt with the WWE Championship across his shoulder.

Michael Cole: Right there, is the man who will defend the WWE Champion against Randy Orton at Backlash in just a few days time. Randy Orton was out here running his mouth, but he seems to have shut up, now that Triple H has appeared.

King: Triple H looks in no mood to be messed with tonight, Michael, Orton might be regretting what he was saying.

Triple H is still on the stage; meanwhile Orton is in the ring, staring up at his rival. Orton leans on the top rope, staring intently at the champion, who stares back with a microphone in his hand. The Game’s music dies down as the fans chant his name.

Triple H: Y’know what Orton? I was in the back listening to every word that just came out of your mouth. And you got something wrong.

Orton mouths ‘what?’...

Triple H: Y’see, in Evolution... Ric and I... we taught you everything you know, but we didn’t teach you everything... that we know.

Nice pop for that while Orton shakes his head...

Triple H: And we didn’t kick you out because we were, as you put it... jealous of you. Why would we be jealous of you... Ric is a sixteen time World Champion... I am The Game, The Cerebral Assassin, the WWE Champion.

Another huge cheer...

Triple H: We kicked you out of Evolution because you got too big for your boots. You thought you were awarded everything, so we taught you a lesson and took the World Championship away from you. If it wasn’t for Ric and I... you... Randy Orton... wouldn’t be a WWE Superstar. You wouldn’t be on RAW, you wouldn’t be involved in this business at all.

Another huge pop as Orton looks visibly annoyed...

Randy Orton: You’re wrong. You’re wrong about that, y’see Hunter... I am Randy Orton... a third generation Superstar... I was destined for this business... destined for greatness. And you didn’t kick me out because I got too cocky; you kicked me out because you felt threatened.

Loud boos as the two men stare at each other...

Triple H: Y’know what... you may be right, Orton. Did I feel threatened, maybe. So... I kicked you out and took the championship for myself. And when the time comes Orton... you’ll do the exact same thing. You’ll do the same thing to DiBiase and Rhodes.

Orton shakes his head...

Triple H: Those two will eventually learn that they shouldn’t be taking orders from you, and you’ll end up trying to kick one of them out of Legacy.

Randy Orton: Another thing you have wrong, Hunter. You see, unlike you... I am not driven by my own ego. And unlike Evolution, Legacy is about respect. It isn’t a tool for my own gain, this group was made not to help me, but to help Cody and Ted reach their full potential. With my help, they will be future Hall of Famers, I won’t do to them what you did to me... it’s about respect.

Triple H shakes his head at the top of the stage, while Orton leans over the rope looking up at him...

Triple H: Funny you should mention respect, because over these last few months... all the respect I had for you has disappeared. And you are wrong about only fighting for the WWE Championship, Orton.

Triple H takes a look at his championship across his shoulder...

Triple H: You changed that when you attacked my family. You attacked my brother in law, my father in law and worst of all... you attacked the women I love. You even decided to kiss another man’s wife. That, Orton, was the worst mistake that you have ever made. At Backlash... I’m not only fighting for the WWE Championship... I’m fighting for retribution... I’m fighting for my family.

Huge pop from the crowd while a smirk appears on Orton’s face...

Randy Orton: That’s all well and good, Hunter, but at Backlash it’s about the WWE Championship and at the end of the night I will be the champion. And if you think any different... you are delusional. And you know what, Hunter... when my boot connected with Vince McMahons head... I liked it. It felt damn good to put him out of action, to nearly take his skull of his body.

The crowd react with a huge batch of heat while Triple H’s face turns into a scowl...

Triple H: For weeks... for weeks you have been running your mouth. For weeks you have attacked me from behind. But right now, there is nothing between you and me... Legacy aren’t around to help you. So what is stopping me from going down to that ring and beating the life out of you?

Mega pop for that, Orton takes a step back but with a smirk on his face...

Randy Orton: Absolutely nothing, Hunter. Nothing at all. Nothing is stopping you from coming down to this ring and getting a piece of me, something you have been trying to get for weeks. But let me tell you something, just like nothing is stopping you from coming down to this ring... nothing... nothing stopped me from attacking your wife. Not even you... not even her Husband could stop another man kissing his wife.

‘Ooohhh’, the crowd go crazy with boos as Triple H throws his microphone to the ground, and places his belt on the stage before walking down the ramp.

Randy Orton: Woah... woah, hang on a minute. I’ve got something else to say...

Triple H continues walking while Orton talks...

Randy Orton: When I kissed your wife, Hunter... when my lips touched hers... I... enjoyed it... and I’d do... it... again.

Snap! Triple H’s walk turns into a run as he sprints down the rest of the ramp, the crowd are going crazy as The Game slides into the ring... but Orton drops down to the mat and rolls out of the ring on the opposite side. Triple H dives towards him but only gets his hands on the ropes, the fans boo as Orton jogs around the ring... but we aren’t done as The Game follows him out and runs after his rival. Orton looks behind him to see Triple H following him, he runs up the ramp, nearly tripping on his way before jogging past the championship and darting behind the curtain. The WWE Champion follows him through the curtain but the cameras do not follow instead we stare at the stage.

Michael Cole: An action packed start here tonight ladies and gentleman and-

Suddenly, we are backstage where Orton is running down a corridor, screaming at people to get out of the way, with Triple H in hot pursuit. The Viper runs right into a few people including Charlie Haas, knocking them all to the side, as the chase continues! Divas watch on from the side as Orton darts around a corner, the cameras follow behind Triple H until The Game turns around the corner as well. Suddenly, a huge bang happens, the cameras struggle to keep up, but when they do turn round the corner... Triple H is on the ground as CODY RHODES AND TED DIBIASE ARE WAILING ON HIM!

Randy stands watching them, catching his breath as a lead pipe is on the ground next to Rhodes. Once Orton catches his breath he pulls DiBiase off the Triple H and climbs on top of him before repeatedly punching him on the skull... but Triple H turns the tables! He rolls Orton onto his back and starts to punch him, but Cody and Ted pull him off and then pull him backwards, one arm in each hand right into the wall! The champions head hits the wall, and then Orton gets back up and picks The Game up. He pulls him around the corner, where some road agents, divas and Charlie Haas are watching what is happening. Rhodes and DiBiase keep the road agents away, while Orton launches Triple H into a production box!

Triple H collapses to the ground; Cody then throws that lead pipe to The Viper who hits him in the back with it! He kneels down, putting the pipe on Triple H’s throat and pulling it upwards, choking the life out of The Game. Some of the divas, including Kelly Kelly and Layla stand with hands over their mouths as Orton drops the pipe and grabs Triple H’s arms from behind, pulls him up by them then puts his foot on The Games head, before pulling extremely hard on his arms while pushing down with his foot... before letting go of his arms... SHOVING TRIPLE H’S FACE INTO THE GROUND!

Orton steps away from Triple H, and looks around at the guys and gals who are watching, Orton then tells Cody and DiBiase to pick The Game up. They start to pummel him until Arn Anderson tries to step in and but Rhodes and DiBiase deal with him, but then Orton grabs Anderson by the neck and shoves him into the wall! Some of the Divas help Arn as do the road agents, while DiBiase and Rhodes hold The Game up for Orton. Randy puts his hand on Triple H’s chin and tells him that in he will be the next WWE Champion... before PLANTING HIM WITH THE RKO!! ON THE CONCRETE!!

Orton sits beside The Game for a few seconds, holding the back of his head, before Rhodes and DiBiase help him up, the three men stand over Triple H, who rolls over and we see that he is bleeding! Legacy back away as medical staff arrive on the scene, they kneel beside Triple H, helping him. The RAW GM arrives, looking down at The Game before watching Randy Orton and the rest of Legacy walk away.

Michael Cole: This was the plan all along, King. Orton knew what he was doing out here, baiting Triple H into chasing him, and he led him right into an ambush. Absolutely disgraceful tactics by Orton and Legacy, and it doesn’t look good for Triple H.

King: It doesn’t. He is bleeding heavily and will have to be stitched up. Orton may have just created a force which he can’t handle at Backlash, now Triple H has even more reason to beat Orton on Sunday.

Michael Cole: What else can we say? It’s shocking. But now we’ll have to move on, we have a commercial break, so join us in a few minutes’ folks.

The Game is now being helped to his feet by a number of people, before being helped down to the corridor, presumably to the medical room. Some of the Divas and road agents are still standing shocked at Orton’s actions.


Back from the commercials, the camera is focused directly on a sign which says medical room. We pan out then and see it’s attached to a door, and the RAW GM is stood beside it, his back to the wall and looking a bit stressed. Ric Flair, wearing that million dollar suit, with a pink tie, runs his hands through his hair until the door opens and somebody comes out, presumably a doctor. Ric turns to face him.

Ric Flair: Alright, doc, tell me, how is he? Will be able to compete at Backlash?

Doctor: Well, Mr. Flair, he was on the end of having his skull smashed into concrete, not many people could get up after that.

Ric Flair: Yeah, yeah, yeah, just tell will you?

Doctor: He’ll be fine, he just needs to rest and stay off his feet. We stitched him up to stop the bleeding, if I were you I’d tell him to go home and rest.

Flair nods...

Ric Flair: Is he cleared to compete at Backlash, doc?

Doctor: After some tests, we’ve concluded that he will be able to compete at Backlash, but right now you should send him home to rest.

Ric Flair: Alright, thanks doc.

Flair shakes the man hands and walks him walk away, Flair takes a massive exhale before turning to the door and opening it. The cameras stand outside as Flair enters and we don’t see anything else as we cut to the main arena...

... to hear...



Not much of a reaction as Dolph Ziggler walks out from behind the curtain; he stops on the stage, shakes his arms to limber up and starts to walk down the ramp. Ziggler taunts some of the fans at ringside and tells them that this is his week, while we then cut to the announce table.

Lilian Garcia: This match is scheduled for one fall... introducing first from Hollywood, Florida, weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds... DOLPH ZIGGLER!

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentleman, we will get to this match in just a moment. But lets talk about what transpired before the break and just now in the medical room.

King: We have to address that, Michael. Randy Orton decimated The Game, RKOing him on the concrete floor, busting him open and putting the WWE Championship match in doubt at Backlash.

Michael Cole: Luckily, Triple H will be able to compete and thus will face Randy Orton at Backlash for the WWE Championship. Triple H will rest for the night, as per orders of the RAW General Manager, and be fit for the big match on Sunday.

King: That’s a good thing, but I’d hate to have been Ric Flair when he had to tell Triple H that he couldn’t try to get some revenge on Orton later tonight.

Michael Cole: And speaking of the RAW General Manager, King, I’ve just received word that after this match, he will be out here to address the Randy Orton situation, and we have also heard that he will make a match for Backlash.

The cameras go back to Ziggler, who is just climbing up the steel steps. He climbs into the ring and walks across to the turnbuckle. Dolph climbs to the second rope and runs his hands through his hair before flicking them at the crowd. He drops down to the mat and waits for his opponent.



Cheers ring out around the arena at the arrival of someone who has been on a roll as of late, Kofi Kingston makes his presence felt as he hops out onto the stage. The African Superstar walks down the ramp a bit, before stopping and setting off his pyrotechnics. Kingston then continues his way down to the ring, slapping hands with a few of his fans on his way.

Lilian Garcia: And his opponent... from Ghana, West Africa... weighing in at two hundred and twelve pounds... KOFI KINGSTON!

Michael Cole: Kofi Kingston has been somewhat involved in this mega feud between Triple H and Randy Orton, but now he is put in a match against someone who hasn’t exactly been setting Monday Night RAW alight these past few weeks.

King: Yeah, Dolph Ziggler has lost every match he’s been in, and I think it has to do with this respectful attiude he has. Even though he extends his hand to his opponent at the start of matches, he doesn’t do it in a way which endears him to his opponents or these fans.

Michael Cole: I think Ziggler needs to drop this hand shake thing, and focus on the match, Kingston has gone toe to toe with the best and Dolph will need to use all his skills to defeat Kingston.

Now, Kingston has hopped up onto the apron, he climbs into the ring and ascends the turnbuckle. He keeps an eye on Ziggler, making sure the referee knows to keep him back while he taunts for the crowd. Kingston then takes his shirt off and throws it into the crowd and hops back down. He then stands in his corner, waiting for the referee to start the match.

Match One – Singles Contest
Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston

After a few minutes of back and forth action, a fast paced match began to slow down as Kingston attempted a cross body from the top rope, which Ziggler managed to duck , and Kingston hit the mat hard which drew some gasps from the crowd. We join this match at this point where Kingston is lying on the mat with Ziggler using the ropes to get to his feet. Dolph walks over to Kingston who is just starting to get up, he is on his knees as Ziggler kicks him square in the face, knocking him back down to loud boos. Dolph then collapses on top of Kingston, he puts his hands on his opponents back as he rams his knee into the side of his stomach. Ziggler continues his assault, he turns Kingston onto his stomach and forcefully pulls him up to a seated position and locks in a sleeper hold. Kingston tries to wedge his hands in between his neck and Dolph’s arms, attempting to get loosening his grip, but Ziggler doesn’t allow it as he briefly lets go but holds onto Kingston, he causes more pain when he elbows him in the chest before going back to the sleeper hold. Ziggler shouts to the referee to ask him if he wants to quit, but Kingston shows his fighting spirit and says ‘no!’. The fans cheer this and this spurs Kingston to his feet, Ziggler’s face shows how much he is trying to keep Kingston down but it isn’t working as he is elbowed in the gut and here comes the comeback.

Kingston runs the ropes, rebounding and connecting with a flying forearm smash, both get up quite quickly, and the African Star hits another forearm smash, knocking Ziggler to the ground. Dolph rolls away from Kingston, who backs away himself, both men at each side of the ring. Kingston measures his opponent, and once Ziggler gets to his feet – Kingston sprints across the ring, looking for another forearm smash, but Ziggler falls to the mat, taking the top rope with him and his opponent goes tumbling out to the mat. Kofi hits the mat with a thud, his head bouncing off the ground, while Ziggler leans on the bottom rope, looking out at Kofi with a sly grin on his face. Dolph then rolls out of the ring, he grabs Kingston by the hair and rolls him into the ring. Ziggler climbs onto the apron before stepping foot inside the squared circle. He pulls Kingston to his feet and whips him into the corner, Ziggler runs at Kingston, screaming as he does so – before connecting with a clothesline! Kingston is still in the corner as Ziggler bends down and hits numerous shoulder thrusts, before lifting Kingston up and sitting him on the top rope.

Dolph climbs up with him and the commentators wonder what he is doing, we find out as he hooks Kingston’s arm around his neck and attempts a Superplex. But Kingston counters by hooking his leg around the metal bar of the turnbuckle, Kofi smashes Dolph with an elbow, making him fall to the mat before. Ziggler gets up rather quickly, but Kingston manages to get to his feet and launch himself across the ring connecting with a missile drop kick! Kingston lies on the mat while Ziggler falls to the ground. Kingston uses the ropes to get up, holding the back of his head as he walks towards Dolph – he stands above his opponent and taunts for the crowd, before running the ropes, then jumping towards his opponent but stopping on his feet just before, and then hits the Boom Drop. Kingston quickly goes for the cover... 1... 2... No!

Kingston looks out at the crowd, a shocked look on his face, he then gets his game face on and gets to his feet. Ziggler isn’t far behind him, Kingston measures him again and when Ziggler gets to his feet – he steps towards him, does a little spin... attempting to connect with Trouble In Paradise but Ziggler ducks! Kingston stops himself from going any further, but Ziggler takes advantage, rushing at Kingston from behind attempting the Zig-Zag! But again another counter, Kingston reaches out and grabs onto the ropes, and keeps his footing as Ziggler falls to the mat. Kingston turns around as Ziggler gets up and stumbles around the ring, right into Trouble In Paradise! Kingston scampers to the cover... 1... 2... 3!

Winner – Kofi Kingston via pinfall at 8:27


Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner... KOFI KINGSTON!

Kofi rolls off Ziggler, and uses the ropes to get to his feet before having his hand raised by the referee. Kingston walks over to the turnbuckle, he climbs it and taunts for the crowd. He gets a really good cheer, before hopping down and sliding out of the ring. Kingston holds the back of his head as he walks up the ramp, high fiving a few fans on his way out.

Michael Cole: Dolph Ziggler put up a really good showing against Kofi Kingston, someone who has pinfall victory’s over the likes of Randy Orton. Another good win for Kingston, and a good performance to boot.

King: This was an extremely good match, and Ziggler was unlucky not to get the win. Maybe the fact that he didn’t offer to shake Kingston’s hand at the beginning of the match played a factor.

Michael Cole: That may be the case, King. Nonetheless, it’s been an action packed start to RAW ladies and gentleman, we’ve seen Randy Orton attack and decimate the WWE Champion, Triple H and we’ve just seen Kofi Kingston defeat Dolph Ziggler.

King: It’s been great so far, Michael, but it’s only going to get more entertaining for everybody watching.

Michael Cole: Correct, King. We have to take a commercial break ladies and gentleman, but after the break we will hear from the RAW General Manager, Ric Flair!

Before we head to the commercial break, Dolph Ziggler rolls out of the ring and sits on the apron, he runs his head through his hair, looking down at the mat, cursing his luck. Dolph then hops to his feet, and shows his frustration by kicking the steep steps. Ziggler then backs up the ramp as the fans boo him, while we fade to black to the commercial break.


The atmosphere is very tense in arena, waiting for what is next and it isn’t long before the next part of the show begins as...


The fans erupt with respectful cheers as the Legend that is, Ric Flair walks out from the back. He smiles at the crowd, thanking them for their reaction while he walks down the ramp. He styles and profiles for a second before continuing his voyage down the ramp.

Lilian Garcia: Ladies and gentleman... please welcome, the RAW General Manager... WWE Hall of Famer... RIC FLAIR!

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentleman, Ric Flair has been the RAW General Manager for only a couple of weeks and already he has had to deal The Miz and Chris Jericho thinking they run the place, and now has to deal with what Randy Orton done earlier tonight.

King: I bet Ric didn’t know what he was getting into when he signed up for this.

Michael Cole: If anyone can deal with this, King, it’s definitely Ric Flair.

In the ring, Flair has just entered and has just been handed a microphone. The RAW General Manager stands in the centre of the ring, soaking in the cheers before saying what he came out to say.

Ric Flair: Okay, first of all... I will deal with the Randy Orton situation which transpired earlier on tonight. But right now, I already said I would come out here and announce a match for our next pay-per-view which is this Sunday. That match, it will be a singles match between Kane and... C... M Punk.

Good sized pop for this announcement. Flair takes a pause before dealing with what happened earlier on tonight...

Ric Flair: Right, with that out the way. Earlier on this evening, Randy Orton done something I didn’t think he had in him.

Flair pauses, looking down at the mat...

Ric Flair: I’ve spent a lot of time with Randy when he was starting out, and I had no idea he would turn into what he is now.

Another pause...

Ric Flair: Not only did he beat up Triple H. He beat him so badly... I had to tell him to leave the arena and go home.

Slight boos at this...

Ric Flair: I know how you guys feel, but it needed to happen for his own health. Triple H was losing a lot of blood when he was stitched up, he is heading home to rest now, and will be back at Backlash to face Randy Orton.

Nice pop for this as Ric nods...

Ric Flair: There will be consequences for what Randy Orton done. I can’t take away his WWE Championship match, the contract has already been signed, but I can put him in a match later on tonight. Randy Orton will go one on one with Shawn Michaels.

Huge pop for the huge main event made...

Ric Flair: That’s all I got to say, except at Backlash. I know that Triple H, The Game will take on Randy Orton, and he will want to inflict as much pain as possible, and he will get to do that in the No Holds Barred match, The Viper better watch out because Triple H is gunning for him and will be looking to gain retribution for his family and for himself.

Flair nods at the crowd as they cheer extremely loudly, and the WWE Hall of Famer starts to walk to the ropes to leave the ring until...


The crowd begin to boo pretty loudly as William Regal and his cohorts, Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness, begin to walk down the ramp. Regal wearing a suit and the other two in wrestling attire, the fearsome trio begin walking down the ramp. Regal has a smile on his face but his friends are all business, Flair backs into the centre of the ring, staring at the three men.

Michael Cole: Well... this wasn’t what we expected. William Regal and his associates are out for a reason that only they know. But ladies and gentleman, what about that announcement from Ric Flair, CM Punk will face his rival Kane at Backlash, but also – Randy Orton will face The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels.

King: That’s a huge announcement, but I’m not sure that is a big enough punishment for Randy Orton. Orton should be punished severely what he did to The Game, an RKO on the concrete floor, a step too far in my own opinion.

Michael Cole: That may be your opinion, but Orton did send a message to Triple H. Now let’s focus on the here and now, William Regal, Nigel McGuiness and Drew McIntyre are out here, and we are about to hear why.

Regal is now just climbing up the steel steps while Nigel and Drew simply slide into the ring, the three men stand across from Flair, Regal with a microphone in his clutches.

William Regal: Mr. Flair, first off all... congratulations on the fantastic job you are doing as RAW General Manager. As for a former GM myself, I do know how stressful the job can be.

Regal smiles but Ric doesn’t know how to take it the compliment...

William Regal: And like you, Mister Flair... I was shocked by what that scoundrel Randy Orton done to the WWE Champion. But myself and my associates here, we aren’t here to talk about Randy Orton.

Ric Flair: What are you out here for then, Regal?

Regal looks at Drew and Nigel before speaking...

William Regal: I am out here to speak about that gutter mole Rey Mysterio and the Intercontinental Championship.

Huge boos for Regal calling Mysterio a gutter mole...

William Regal: I told Mysterio that I would wait for my chance at the Intercontinental Title, I have decided that I have waited enough time, I would very much like my shot, Mister Flair.

Slight bit of heat as Flair rubs his eyes...

Ric Flair: Look, Regal, I’m not in the mood to deal with you tonight, so I’m going to do this quickly. I’m making a match, if your associate, Nigel McGuiness defeats Rey Mysterio, then you will get Intercontinental Championship match this coming Sunday.

Regal nods with a smile on his face, Regal extends his hand while Flair seems reluctant to shake it but he does and then leave the ring. Before Flair leaves he turns around...

Ric Flair: Before I leave, that match... is right now!

Regal’s mouth drops, and he shouts that they haven’t had time to prepare, Flair shrugs his shoulders and backs up the ramp, to some loud cheers. He shakes hands with some of the fans, while Regal and his cohorts are in a huddle, speaking about the next match.

Michael Cole: What a match made, that match will happen in just a few minutes ladies and gentleman. If Nigel McGuiness defeats the Intercontinental Champion then William Regal gets his shot at the championship this coming Sunday.

King: I can’t wait for it, Michael, we’ve seen how dangerous these two men can be when Drew McIntyre defeated Rey last week, with some help from his friends.

Michael Cole: This match is coming up soon, but right now, we’re have something very special for you. Throughout the night, we will have clips of previous draft shows where some of the biggest moments has happened as Superstars have switched brands, and it’s all in preparation for the next WWE Draft Show, which is scheduled for the Monday Night RAW after Backlash, a three hour Supershow!

The screen then goes black and we enter the first video of the night...

WWE Draft Preview
Video #1


[COLOR="(DarkRed)"]We are on RAW, back in 2005 and we are with Chris Jericho on the highlight reel. Jericho is facing the stage while the fans are waiting in anticipation of the first draft pick of 2005...[/COLOR]

King: Who is it?!

Jim Ross: Is it a he or a she?!

Nobody shows up yet as the fans are getting impatient...

King: Whoever they are they’re late!



The fans go absolutely crazy as the first pick of the 2005 draft has been revealed and it is the WWE Champion, John Cena, drafted from SmackDown!...

Jim Ross: What the hell!

King: Oh my god! It’s him!

Jericho’s mouth widens as it is indeed, John Cena, he walks out from the back with the WWE Championship as the fans are still going crazy...

Jim Ross: Look at these fans, King... on their feet! Absolutely electrified!

WWE Draft 2009



After the video we are back in the main arena at the announce table...

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentleman what you just was the time when John Cena was drafted to Monday Night RAW, which some say is the biggest moment in RAW history. The reaction that Cena gathered there was through the roof, you could see by the reaction of Jim Ross and the King they were truely shocked.

King: I remember that night like it was yesterday, nobody knew that Cena was the one who was drafted, the fans went crazy and so did we at the announce table.

The cameras are back in the ring where Nigel McGuiness is stretching, limbering up for this upcoming fight...



The Intercontinental Champion is greeted by a chorus of cheers, the masked Superstar walks out onto the stage, Rey Mysterio walks over to each side of the stage and sets of his pyro, lifting the belt over his head in the process. Rey then starts to walk down the ramp, he keeps his eyes on the man in the ring, before talking to a few fans, resting his head against theirs.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall... in the ring... from London, England... weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds... NIGEL MCGUINESS! And his opponent... from San Diego, California... weighing in at one hundred and seventy five pounds... he is the Intercontinental Champion, REY MYSTERIO!

Michael Cole: Last week, Rey Mysterio faced off against Drew McIntyre and ultimately tasted defeat after being smacked in the face by Regal, who had a pair of brass knuckles on. A win is a win, but Rey Mysterio will want to set the record straight, and he has the opportunity to get some matter of revenge against Regal, if he beats Nigel tonight.

King: Rey Mysterio is one of the most popular Superstars in the WWE, the kids love him, they look up to him and a lot of them were extremely upset when Regal cheated for Drew to win. Rey’s got his chance, like you said, to get some revenge.

Michael Cole: Rey Mysterio is the current Intercontinental Champion, he is a former World Champion and Tag Team Champion, but not until now has the odds been stacked so far against him. William Regal has two men to help him, while Rey has to rely on himself and the fans.

Mysterio jogs up the steel steps, and then steps a foot through the ropes before pulling his body through to join McGuiness in the ring. The Intercontinental Champion keeps an eye on McGuiness while he ascends the turnbuckle, Mysterio lifts the belt over his head to a good cheer while Regal looks up at him, telling him he wants that title. Rey shakes his head at him and drops down to the mat and hands the belt to the referee who hands it to the time keeper at ringside.

Match Two – Singles Match
Nigel McGuiness vs. Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio

After a back and forth opening to the match, where both men got a lot of offense on their opponents, but right now we join it as Nigel has just planted Rey with a body slam and is climbing to the top rope. Regal screams encouragement from outside while Nigel continues his ascent, but he doesn’t see that Mysterio has gotten to his feet, when he stands on the turnbuckle – Mysterio dives towards the ropes, making McGuiness fall, groin first onto the turnbuckle. The fans cringe at the pain that must be going through Nigel but that doesn’t stop them from cheering, it’s the opposite on the outside as Drew and Regal look worried. Mysterio pulls himself along to the turnbuckle using the ropes, he climbs the turnbuckle also, standing on the second rope. Rey then connects with a few punches to make sure Nigel is dazed, then stands on the top rope, using Nigel’s shoulders for support. Regal and Drew scream at Nigel to do something but he can’t do anything as Rey jumps up, hooks his legs around Nigel’s neck and flips him over connecting with a hurricanrana from the top rope! Mysterio crawls to the cover, and the referee begins to count... 1... 2... Nigel gets his shoulder up!

Rey rubs his face while sitting on the mat, in disbelief that Nigel kicked out, the fans are too but Regal isn’t, he rubs it in Mysterio’s face. Mysterio gets up, runs the ropes, but hops over McGuiness and hits a baseball slide on Regal through the bottom rope. The crowd cheer this very loudly as Regal quickly gets up and runs at the ring, of which Mysterio has slid back in – Drew stops him, telling him that if he interferes then he won’t get the match at Backlash. Regal backs away while Rey runs at Nigel, and then connects with a Tilt-A-Whirl Head Scissors which launches McGuiness across the ring and makes him fall flat on his face. Mysterio goes for the cover again... 1... 2... large boos as McGuiness gets his shoulder up again.

The Intercontinental Champion sits up, looks at the referee with a quizzical expression. Rey uses the ropes to stand up, and waits for McGuiness to get up, but Drew climbs onto the apron and distracts Rey, but he gets more than he bargains for as Mysterio clobbers him with a right fist which forces him back down. Rey then turns around and runs at McGuiness, looking for another Tilt-A-Whirl head scissors but that distraction gave Nigel time to get prepared and turns the Tilt-A-Whirl into a backbreaker, nearly breaking Rey in two across his knee. Regal applauds at ringside and Nigel pushes Rey off his knee and goes for the cover... 1... 2... Rey kicks out! Nigel doesn’t waste, time snarling as he picks Rey up and brings him to a corner, he smashes Rey’s skull against the turnbuckle before turning him so he’s backed into the corner. He bends down and thrusts his shoulder into Rey over and over again, before standing off him, and then slapping him in the face to huge jeers from the crowd. Nigel laughs at the crowd, he then grabs Rey by the mask and pulls him out of the corner before throwing him out of the ring, through the top and second ropes.

The crowd boo him immensely while he looks around the arena, he then goes to follow Rey out of the ring, but the referee pulls him back and tells him to stay in the ring. Nigel starts to argue with the referee while Regal and Drew lay the boot into Rey on the ground. Regal then pulls Rey up and throws him head first right into the barricade. Nigel is still distracting the referee as Drew picks Rey up and rolls him into the ring. McGuiness side steps the ref and collapses on Rey, looking for the pin... 1... 2... Rey kicks out! Regal kicks the steel steps on the outside in frustration, on the other hand the fans cheer very loudly as Rey is fighting against the odds here. Nigel doesn’t waste any time, he picks Rey up, pushes him against the ropes and Irish-whips him to the other side, Rey rebounds straight into a picture perfect power slam! Another cover... 1... 2... Again, Rey kicks out! Another massive reaction for the biggest little man.

McGuiness is getting a little frustrated and decides to lock in an arm bar to the chagrin of the fans. Nigel is trying to break the arm, but Rey isn’t giving up, the referee keeps asking him but he doesn’t say yes. Rey edges himself to the ropes, and eventually manages to get his hands on them. Nigel holds onto the hold and the ref has to pry him off, McGuiness argues with the referee while Mysterio gets to his feet, using the ropes. Nigel then walks over to Rey, but gets a kick on the knee for his trouble, and another one to the other leg, forcing Nigel back. Rey bounces off the ropes, ducks a clothesline and on the rebound connects with a Tilt-A-Whirl head scissors but turns it into a DDT at the same time, cover... 1... 2... Nigel gets his shoulder up! McGuiness sits up holding his face, Rey stands up quickly and goes to the top rope, he keeps an eye on Regal and Drew while he waits for McGuiness to get up. Rey then launches himself across the ring, hitting a beautiful cross body. Rey gets up to his feet and slaps his chest while Nigel gets up quickly as well, Rey Irish-whips Nigel but he reverses and sends the I.C Champion to the ropes, Rey rebounds and goes for another Tilt-A-Whirl, and sends Nigel goes flying into the ropes, landing on the second in the prime spot for the 619!

Rey dials it up, bounces off the ropes and begins to run at Nigel, but Regal gets on the apron next to Nigel, Rey takes a detour and knocks Regal off the ring apron. While the referee is distracted, Drew enters the ring, and Rey turns into a ferocious clothesline! Drew slides out of the ring and Nigel takes complete advantage. He walks over to Rey, picks him up and lifts him up into a suplex position, and then places his legs on the turnbuckles before connecting with the Tower of London! McGuiness covers... 1... 2... 3! Regal gets his title shot.

Winner – Nigel McGuiness via pinfall @ 9:11

Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner... NIGEL MCGUINESS!

Nigel rolls off his opponent and sits up, Drew slide into the ring and helps his friend up, the two men bump fists and then Regal comes in and shakes Nigel’s hand. The trio stand above the fallen Rey Mysterio for the third week running, the three man raise their hands before the three of them leave the ring. They back up the ramp as Rey starts to com too, he leans on the bottom ring rope and the referee hands him his Intercontinental Championship.

Michael Cole: For the third week running, William Regal and his cohorts have laid Rey Mysterio out and stood tall above him. Regal now gets his Intercontinental Championship match at Backlash, and judging by these past three weeks, the title will be changing hands at Backlash.

King: William Regal has been all over Mysterio, Rey has had a terrible month, but we all know Rey really performs when the pressures on, he will put up a great fight on Sunday. Just got to deal with McIntyre and McGuiness.

Michael Cole: Yes, ladies and gentleman, we will have a complete run down of the Backlash card later on tonight, but judging from the card already, it’s looking good.

We now head backstage, and the fans go absolutely ape shit with loud heat as Randy Orton is walking down a hall way. Sweat running down his forehead, production staff and a few wrestlers just stare at him as he walks, not saying a word, not wanting to get on Orton’s bad side. Orton keeps on walking until he stops in his tracks and the pans out to show Mr. Money in the Bank, CM Punk looking at him. Punk walks towards him and stands in front of him, shaking his head.

Randy Orton: You got something to say to me, Punk?

Punk shrugs his shoulders while everyone watches the two face off...

CM Punk: Nothing... nothin’ at all.

Orton takes his eyes off Punk and begins to walk away, until Punk grabs him by the arm and pulls him back. Orton stares at the hand, and speaks while still looking at it...

Randy Orton: Take your hand off me.

Punk obliges...

CM Punk: Fair enough, Randy. You must be a little on edge at what happened earlier, so I’ll make what I’m about to say short.

Orton stares into the eyes of Punk, venom in his eyes...

CM Punk: What you did to Triple H... man... that RKO on the concrete... that RKO could have killed him, and you don’t give a damn, do you Orton?

Punk continues to stare at Orton, while the challenger for the WWE Championship takes a step towards Punk...

Randy Orton: I think you should stay out of my business, you don’t get to dictate to me about what I should and shouldn’t do. And stay out of things that don’t concern you.

CM Punk: Well... Orton... the WWE Championship... does actually concern me. On Sunday the WWE Championship is defended and that gives the perfect opportunity to cash in my Money in the Bank briefcase.

Nice cheer from the arena while Orton continues to stare a hold through Punk...

Randy Orton: You are very close, Punk... you are very close to getting on my bad side. You saw what I did to Triple H... I would have no problem... doing the very same to you.

Orton continues to stare at Punk while Punk does the same to Orton.

CM Punk: And Orton... I haven’t forgotten when you punted me in the skull and took my first WWE Championship. Who knows, maybe at Backlash I’ll cut your reign short... if you win... if.

Punk then takes his leave, brushing past Orton and walking down the corridor, as Orton doesn’t even watch him, he just stares out into the distance, his veins bulging at the side of his head...

Michael Cole: A heated conversation there between Randy Orton and CM Punk.

King: It did get a little heated, didn’t it?

Michael Cole: Well, Randy Orton will be in action later tonight against The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels. We have to take a quick commercial break but join us afterwards to see John Morrison take on Chris Jericho!


We return from the commercials, not in the main arena but in the backstage area, in a corridor and Cryme Tyme, JTG and Shad are showing off their new World Tag Team Championships to Kelly Kelly and Layla. The two seem very impressed, the two of them rub the gold which is draped across their shoulders, the two of them share a quick glance with cheesy smiles.

Kelly Kelly: Wow! They are so shiny!

Shad shoulders his shoulder in to JTG and then JTG starts talking...

JTG: Yeah, hey... later t’night... why don’t you two fine lookin’ girls join me and my homie here later on for a little celebration?

Kelly and Layla look at each other with smiles on their faces...

Layla: Sure!

Layla winks at JTG while Kelly stares at Shad before the two of them walk away, the crowd cheering. JTG and Shad turn to face each other, they then slap hands together and hug each other, seeming to be even happier than when they won the championships. The two are interrupted when someone clears their throat from outside the camera shot...

Shad: Aww... hell naw.

The camera pans out and we see Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness standing before them shaking their heads...

JTG: Yo, what in ‘da hell do you two clowns want?

Nigel and Drew share a quick glance...

Nigel McGuiness: What we wanted... was to tell you something. Last week, when we told you we were coming for those Tag Team Titles, we meant every single word.

Drew McIntyre: And we wanted to come back here and as you would say... drop some knowledge.

JTG and Shad look at each other and share an awkward glance while mouthing ‘drop some knowledge’ to each other...

Nigel McGuiness: The only... the only reason you two prats won those championships, was because John Morrison interfered and cost Jericho and Miz the match.

Smattering of heat from the arena...

JTG: Yo, while ‘dat may be true... we think we would have won ‘dat match anyway. So right now, let me and my ‘dawg here some drop knowledge on your pale ass.

Nigel looks shocked and threatens to swing a punch but Drew stops him.

JTG: The only reason... that your homie-

Nigel and Drew look at each other and ask each other what homie means...

JTG: My god. Shad... educate ‘em... j’yeah!

Shad: Homie. Your bro, your brother, your home boy...

Drew and Nigel still question the language used by Cryme Tyme...

JTG: The only reason William Regal will become Intercontinental Champion is if his two cracka ass bitches get involved. And hey, listen dawg, you two have been doin’ it for the last three weeks so don’t try and preach to us about people costin’ people matches.

Drew screws his face up while Nigel shakes his head...

Nigel McGuiness: You lowlifes think you’re funny? Do ya? Well y’know what won’t be funny... the beating we put on you two when we take those championships away... and fellas’ that isn’t too far off.

McGuiness and McIntyre brush past Cryme Tyme, leaving them watching them as they go.

Shad: Yo, forget ‘bout those two... ‘cause remember we have some fine lookin’ honeys joinin’ us t’night.

JTG: J’yeah!

Shad and JTG high five each other as we cut to the main arena...


The fans erupt with a massive amount of heat as one of the most hated men on RAW, Chris Jericho walks slowly out in his usual attire. Right beside him is his protégé, The Miz, the former World Tag Team Champions begin to walk down the ramp, The Miz jawing with some fans on the way.

Lilian Garcia: This match is scheduled for one fall... introducing first from Winnipeg, Canada... weighing in at two hundred and twenty six pounds... accompanied by The Miz... CHRIS JERICHO!

Another loud batch of heat as Garcia announces Jericho’s name, he climbs into the ring and The Miz walks around the ring and joins Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler at the commentary.

Michael Cole: The Miz, great to have you with us for this match.

The Miz: Look, Michael, shut up... and let The Miz show you how to commentate a match.

King: Well-

The Miz: You too, King. I have only been out here for fifteen seconds and already I’m a better commentator than you.

The Miz finally sits down as Cole and Lawler shake their heads whilst staring at the former Tag Team Champion.


The fans respond with a nice cheer for the arrival of John Morrison, who walks out onto the stage with his fluffy jacket. He does the whole slow motion posing gig that he does and then walks down the ramp, his eyes firmly placed on Chris Jericho in the ring.

Lilian Garcia: And his opponent... from Los Angeles, California... weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds... JOHN MORRISON!

King: You gotta’ love that entrance.

The Miz: What? Are you kiddin’ me, King? You telling me you like to see men with long hair pose in slow motion with their hair blowing backwards. Please, who does he think he is?

Michael Cole: Well he’s-

The Miz: I’ll tell you who he is, so both of you shut your mouths and let The Miz speak, got it? Good. John Morrison is someone who I... yes, me... dragged along to stardom; I was the star man in our tag team. In a year or two, I will be the WWE Champion, and John Morrison will be a nobody, probably doin’ commentary with the other Superstars who couldn’t cut it.

King: Hey, I-

The Miz: And another thing... where does he get the right... the god damn right to interfere in my championship match last week, he cost me and Chris the Tag Team Titles, he had no right to get involved. I should’ve have made a formal complaint to the board of directors, that some good for nothing hack cost me a championship.

Michael Cole: You did attack-

The Miz: John Morrison will get what he has got comin’ to him, Michael. Chris will win this match, then we will rid Morrison from our life’s, he better hope that he gets drafted to SmackDown.

King: Look Miz, you can’t come out here and run you-

The Miz: Y’know what Jerry, you annoy me as well as John Morrison; you sit out here with your little crown, and talk rubbish about me and my partner Chris. You couldn’t lace my boots, Jerry, so just sit there and be quiet. Let The Miz show you how to commentate, and next time I’m in that ring, let The Miz show you how to wrestle.

Morrison is already in the ring, he stares at Jericho before walking over to the turnbuckle, he climbs it pretty quickly and looks down at The Miz at the commentary table. Morrison hops down and waits in his corner as the referee calls for the bell.

Match Three – Singles Match
Chris Jericho vs. John Morrison

This was a very solid TV match between two wrestlers who could definitely go in the ring, the opening sequence was involved some very good technical wrestling from each man, Morrison surprised Jericho with his agility quite a few times, despite Jericho’s experience, Morrison was firmly in the driving seat, until he made a rookie mistake and went to the top rope without making sure Jericho was down and out. Jericho took advantage of this and for the next few minutes dominated Morrison, that’s where we join this match with Chris holding Morrison in the corner.

Jericho talks some trash into the face of his opponent, very pleased with himself, afterwards he bends down and thrusts his shoulder into Morrison’s gut a couple of times. Morrison drops to his knees, holding his stomach while Jericho surveys the crowd with that grin that we all know and hate. Chris turns his attention back to Morrison and pulls him to his feet, placing him back in the corner. The Best In The World hoists Morrison onto the top rope, instead of weakening Morrison he climbs up straight away, and gets an elbow in the gut for his troubles. He drops down to the mat, still standing, and rubs his face. He goes back to the corner but gets a boot in his face, forcing him backwards holding his chin. The cameras close in on his face, which doesn’t look happy, he turns round to face Morrison who has just climbed to the top of the turnbuckle, Morrison launches himself across the ring and connects with a one footed kick to the face! Jericho goes tumbling and Morrison crawls to the cover... 1... 2... the shoulder goes up!

Morrison quickly gets up, he sits Jericho up and kicks him in the back, and Jericho grabs his back still in the seated position. But then Morrison runs the ropes, he sprints at Chris and nails with a running knee to the face. Morrison dives to the cover again... 1... 2... another kick out! Morrison sits up, looking up into the sky wishing that was it. Jericho rolls onto his stomach, holding his forehead as Morrison uses the ropes to stand up, he then climbs out onto the apron nearest the announce table. He puts on foot on the bottom turnbuckle, getting ready to climb, but The Miz stands up and starts jawing at him. King tells The Miz to sit down but he doesn’t and instead continues to argue with Morrison. This distraction cost him as Jericho has recovered, and launches himself at Morrison, knocking him off the apron and he hits the mat very hard. The Miz laughs at Morrison, and he tells King that Morrison isn’t a champion but King hits back with neither is Miz, he gets daggers from Miz as Jericho rolls out of the ring and grabs Morrison. The Best In The World smashes Morrison’s face right into the steel steps, before rolling him into the ring and going for the cover... 1... 2... kick out!

Jericho reacts angrily by shouting at the referee while the fans cheer the kick out. Y2J turns back to Morrison; he bends down and picks him up before throwing him through the ropes, between the top and second rope and Morrison hits the mat with a thud. The crowd send some heat Jericho’s way but he doesn’t care, instead he soaks it in while Morrison rolls around on the outside. The referee stops Jericho from leaving the ring, but this played right into Jericho’s hands as The Miz abandoned his post at the commentary table and stuck the boot into Morrison. He repeatedly stomps on Morrison’s back before picking him up and sending his former tag team partner right into the ring post. The Miz retakes his place at the commentary booth, Michael Cole and King question The Miz as Jericho side steps the ref and joins Morrison at ringside. He picks him up, and then rams him, back first into the ring apron – Morrison screams out in pain, holding his back as he leans against the apron. The Best In The World then rolls his opponent into the ring, he wipes the sweat from his forehead before climbing into the ring and going for the cover... 1... 2... Morrison kicks out!

Chris sits up and throws up three fingers to the referee, but he assures Jericho that it was only two. Miz shouts some encouragement from the commentary desk, while Chris uses the ropes to get himself to his feet. He then pulls Morrison up, and Irish-whips him into the corner, but with extra force – Jericho runs behind Morrison and when John hits the corner the force makes him stagger forward before being planted with a running bulldog from The Saviour of the WWE. Chris then scampers to the cover... 1... 2... again, Morrison kicks out. Jericho’s getting really annoyed with what he deems slow counts, he gets straight up and gets in the ref’s face, but the referee doesn’t back down, he tells Christ that it was a two count and to get back in the match. Jericho, begrudgingly turns to Morrison, runs at him, hops over... then springboards off the middle rope looking for the Lionsault... but Morrison rolls out of the way!

Jericho hits the mat pretty hard, while Morrison leans on the bottom rope, looking at Jericho lying down. Morrison uses the ropes to get to his feet and measures Jericho, once he gets to his feet – Morrison springboards off the second rope this time and connects with a Springboard Kick to the face before going for the cover... 1... 2... Jericho kicks out! Morrison rolls away from Jericho but then comes back and drags Jericho so he’s nearer the corner. John looks out into the crowd and lifts his arm in the air getting a nice cheer. Morrison then goes for Starship Pain... but The Miz leaves his commentary position and pulls Jericho out of the ring. Morrison stops himself just in time to see this and thus runs the ropes and dives over the top rope, landing on both men! Morrison gets up quickly, and pounds the announce table, roaring out to the crowd. John grabs Jericho and slides him into the ring and goes for the cover... 1... 2... another kick out! Morrison doesn’t waste any time, instead he goes over to the corner and again attempts Starship Pain, but when he jumps up, The Miz climbs onto the apron and clubs him on the forehead – Morrison falls backwards and hits the mat pretty hard as the referee calls for the bell.

Winner – John Morrison via DQ @ 8:53

Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner... JOHN MORRISON!

The Miz stands in the middle of the ring, looking down at Morrison with a snarl on his face, he pats down his suit and then helps Jericho up. The two men stand over the fallen Morrison, before Jericho dives down onto Morrison and lays into him with right fist after right fist.

Michael Cole: This is disgusting. The Miz just ended this great match and now the two of them are attacking John Morrison.

King: We had to listen to The Miz for a very long time and now we have to watch this.

The fans are incensed as Jericho locks Morrison in the Walls of Jericho! The Miz walks around the ring, smiling like a bastard at the fans, very cocky from him. He then turns his attention back to Morrison, he kneels next to him and tells him that he is better than him and always has been. Suddenly, the fans begin cheering as...

Shawn Michaels is sprinting down the ramp, HBK slides into the ring ducks a clothesline from The Miz, he rebounds off the ropes and hits a flying forearm smash, he then nips up quickly just in time to see Jericho running at him. Michaels ducks down, and flips Jericho over his back and over the top rope! The crowd are loving this as Michaels spots Miz just getting up, and starts to tune up the band! Sweet Chin Music incoming... but Jericho pulls Miz out of the ring via the bottom rope and the duo back up the ramp with grins on their faces. Meanwhile HBK kneels beside Morrison and helps him up, the two long haired gentleman stare up there rivals.

Michael Cole: Shawn Michaels, just like John Morrison did for him, just saved Morrison from a beating at the hands of Miz and Jericho. We know that Morrison looked up to Shawn when he was a kid and to be saved by him has got to be a good feeling.

King: He’ll be hurting but he’ll be glad a future Hall of Famer saved him from that beating, and no doubt he’ll be very thankful. And I don’t think this is over between these two.

Miz and Jericho have disappeared backstage while HBK and Morrison stand in the ring as we head to the commercials.


We arrive back on RAW and we are the announce table where Michael Cole and King are ready to welcome us back to the show.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night RAW ladies and gentleman, before the break we saw Shawn Michaels save John Morrison from a two on one attack by The Miz and Chris Jericho. We have a huge announcement for you, this coming Sunday, per the orders of RAW General Manager, Ric Flair, The Miz and Chris Jericho will take on the team of John Morrison and Shawn Michaels.

King: What a match that will be, I hope Chris Jericho and especially The Miz get what’s coming to them.

Michael Cole: We’ll have a complete run down of the card, from the RAW side, in due time ladies and gentleman, but we can’t forget that one night after Backlash – it is the WWE Draft! A three hour Super Show ladies and gentleman, featuring Superstars of both brands. And here is an example of the drama and excitement that the draft brings to the WWE.

WWE Draft Preview
Video #2


The video opens up and we are at Monday Night RAW in 2008 and we are watching the titontron where the next draft pick for RAW is about to be announced...

The atmosphere is electric as the numerous Superstars appear on the screen, one after another until it stops on REY MYSTERIO!

King: Oh... my god!

Jim Ross: Rey Mysterio! A former heavyweight champion!

We cut back into the arena where the fans are going crazy as Triple H stands in the ring, with the WWE Championship nodding at the stage after a tough match.



King: This may be one of the biggest victories ever for Monday Night RAW!

Rey Mysterio, who was a staple of Friday Nights for years, walks out from the back to massive cheers.

Jim Ross: Rey Mysterio joining the Monday Night RAW Familla.

Rey walks down to the ring, he climbs into it and walks to Triple H. The two shake hands in respect of one another, then HHH taps his WWE Championship. Mysterio says something to The Game before climbing the turnbuckle and posing for the fans.

WWE Draft 2009


Returning from the video package, the cameras are backstage in the locker room of Legacy. The challenger to the WWE Champion, Randy Orton is sat on a solid steel chair in the middle of the room, staring into space which gathers a huge amount of heat from the fans in the arena. The camera zooms out away from Orton’s face and we see Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes stood behind him, chatting amongst themselves.

Ted DiBiase: Yeah... I had no idea it would go so well.

Cody Rhodes: Hey, we all found out that Triple H is an idiot tonight, following Randy right into an ambush.

The crowd boo this statement and the cameras catch Orton rolling his eyes and exhaling loudly, but the rest of Legacy are oblivious to Orton being annoyed...

Ted DiBiase: I think the job is done, Cody, there is no way that Triple H will be able to recover in time for his match at Backlash.

Cody Rhodes: Yeah, I mean – we destroyed Triple H tonight, looks like Legacy’s job is finished for tonight.

Rhodes and DiBiase smile at each other, looking very cocky, but then the smiles are wiped from their faces as Randy Orton stands up swiftly and turns to face them...

Randy Orton: Who the hell are you... to say that Legacy’s job is finished tonight?

Cody Rhodes: I-

Randy Orton: Legacy’s job is far from over. Tonight... I face Shawn Michaels in the main event... you two need to stop basking in what happened earlier tonight and focus on what is coming.

Rhodes head drops down as Orton is visibly annoyed...

Ted DiBiase: Look, we-

Randy Orton: And as for you...

Orton turns to Ted...

Randy Orton: Don’t you dare underestimate Triple H. Triple H could show up tonight and we need to be ready for him if he does.

Ted and Cody nod...

Randy Orton: In fact, I want him to turn up later tonight. I’m counting on it.

Orton walks back to his chair and takes his seat, he begins to stare into space again – focused on tonight’s main event while his Legacy cohorts stare at him.


The video opens with Matt Hardy pinning his brother at WrestleMania

One night a year...

A shot of Triple H pedigreeing Randy Orton at WrestleMania

Superstars face off at the biggest stage...

Shot of CM Punk unhooking the MITB briefcase

For their moment...

We fade to black with the last image being John Cena holding the World Heayweight Championship up

But the pageantry is over...

We suddenly hear a women’s blood curdling scream

Then the video returns with Randy Orton kissing Stephanie McMahon with Triple H watching on...

All that remains...

Shot of Jeff Hardy hitting the Swantom Bomb...

Jeff Hardy:
The Backlash...

Shot of Edge hitting a spear...

The Backlash...

Shot of Kane hitting a chokeslam...

Before we see a silhouette of a man in a dark room, only seeing his shadows...

All that remains... is the Backlash.


We’re now at ringside, at the announce table with Cole and Lawler.

Michael Cole: As you just saw ladies and gentleman, Backlash is coming up fast and furious – this Sunday, the WWE hits the TD Banknorth Arena and you’re looking forward to this aren’t you, King?

King: Oh I can’t wait, Michael – the Boston crowds are always great and I can’t wait to put on a great show for them.

Michael Cole: Well, ladies and gentleman, speaking of Boston crowds, John Cena – the current World Heavyweight Champion will go into his home town and defend his coveted championship against The Rated R Superstar, Edge. This match coming from SmackDown, and this coming Sunday we will see the end of a rivalry which has spanned many years here in the WWE.

King: Edge and John Cena is a rivalry which has escalated into more, the hatred between these two men is huge, they hate each other – ever since Edge cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase he and John Cena have been at war. (graphic appears on the screen ) And four years later, we will see it all come to ahead at Backlash.

Michael Cole: That match coming to you from Friday Night SmackDown ladies and gentleman, a World Heavyweight Championship match, but that isn’t the only championship match which is on the card. All in all, we have five of them for you, five championship matches, three of which come from SmackDown, we’ve already spoke about the World Championship but another title which has been the focus has been the WWE Tag Team Championships.

King: Carlito and Primo have been the WWE Tag Team Champions for a while now, and they could be credited with being the driving force between The Miz and John Morrison breaking up.

Michael Cole: That’s right folks – The Miz and John Morrison were the World Tag Team Champions and they faced off against The Colons at WrestleMania in a champion versus champion match. They lost, and the next night The Miz and Morrison broke up, but we’ll get to that in a second.

King: I can’t wait for that one, but this tag team match is just as big – the titles are on the line (graphic sweeps into view) and The Brian Kendrick and his gigantic associate will be challenging. Have you seen the size of Ezekiel Jackson, Michael? The guy i massive.

Michael Cole: I have, King. Jackson took John Cena to the limit on the last edition of SmackDown, while Carlito picked up a singles win over The Brian Kendrick on the same show. These two teams will go head to head against each other for the prestigious WWE Tag Team Championships. I bet you loved it when The Colons gunged Kendrick and Jackson?

King: Damn right I did, I thought that was hilarious – I’m a little jealous that they two each have a Bella Twin on their arms but I can let that slide.

Michael Cole: I bet you are, but another reason to be jealous of Friday Nights is that SmackDown has the services of the WWE Divas Champion, Maryse.

King: I’ve tried to get a ticket to SmackDown just to see her, but they wouldn’t let me in, must be some hatred to RAW commentators.

Michael Cole: I bet it was. (graphic pulls into view) Maryse defends her WWE Divas Championship, this coming Sunday against the challenger Gail Kim. Gail Kim managed to win a number one contenders match between herself and Natalya, and the rivalry between these two has picked up in recent weeks.

King: That’s right, we’ve seen sneak attacks and verbal sparring going on between these two sultry Divas.

Michael Cole: Got a favourite?

King: I’m not allowed to be biased, Michael – you know that. But if I had to choose, Maryse.

Michael Cole: Hey, you may get lucky and she might get drafted to RAW.

King: I wish.

Michael Cole: Now ladies and gentleman, Backlash is a star studded event and we have three, yes – three main events for you, we’ve already spoke about the World Heavyweight Championship match, but what about the match between the two brothers, King?

King: Theodore Long done a great job with this match, a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match!

Michael Cole: This rivalry has been brewing for years, the jealously harboured in the soul of Matt Hardy for years as he watched his brother become one of the biggest Superstars in the WWE. Jeff Hardy became WWE Champion ladies and gentleman – and Matt Hardy did not like that one bit. He played with his brothers mind, he caused him severe physical and mental pain and now they go one on one.

King: Friday Night SmackDown have done a great job with their part of the card, some huge matches right there, and y’know what – I cannot wait for this, only got to wait until Sunday.

Michael Cole: Credit has to go to SmackDown, but what about RAW, King? Earlier tonight, we heard from RAW General Manager, Ric Flair – who told us that CM Punk will face against his tormentor Kane at Backlash. (graphic appears on screen)

King: Kane is a scary monster, Michael. Punk will have to be at his best to knock of The Big Red Machine.

Michael Cole: Kane told us last week that CM Punk awakened the demon which has been lying dormant inside of him and it all stems from the Money in the Bank Ladder match at WrestleMania. Kane looked like he was going to unhook the briefcase, but Punk swooped in and stole it right from Kane’s grasp.

King: And he wasn’t happy. Kane attacked Punk week after week, until last week when Punk managed to get the better of Kane. Luckily we haven’t heard from Kane tonight, but I have a feeling we will, and it’s not a good feeling.

Michael Cole: CM Punk versus Kane at Backlash this Sunday ladies and gentleman. Earlier on tonight, William Regal’s associate Nigel McGuiness defeated Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio in a match earlier tonight and that means William Regal will face Mysterio at Backlash for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. (graphic materializes on the screen)

King: Those guys are bad news, Michael. Ever since Drew McIntyre and McGuiness debuted they have been a thorn in Rey Mysterio’s side,

Michael Cole: Through the instruction of Regal, they have attacked and mauled Mysterio at every opportunity. This coming Sunday, Rey Mysterio gets his chance for revenge when he defends his WWE Intercontinental Championship.

King: The numbers will be against Rey, just like they have been for the past few weeks, but we both know that Rey defies the odds more often than not.

Michael Cole: Earlier on, we spoke about how The Colons may have the catalyst for the break up of Miz and John Morrison. The RAW after WrestleMania, they both came out to address the WWE crowd, then The Miz turned on his partner laying them out in the middle of the ring. Meanwhile, Chris Jericho locked Ric Flair in the Walls of Jericho.

King: Then the week after, Ric Flair was announced as the RAW General Manager, unlucky for Jericho I guess.

Michael Cole: Chris Jericho and The Miz formed a partnership, and the two ended up attacking Ric Flair. Shawn Michaels, Ric Flairs long term friend saved the day, but the numbers game caught up to him until John Morrison arrived on the scene. An alliance has formed between Morrison and Michaels these past few weeks, just like Jericho and Miz.

King: And we found out earlier tonight, (dat graphic) The Miz and Chris Jericho will face John Morrison and Shawn Michaels in tag team action at Backlash.

Michael Cole: John Morrison even cost Jericho and Miz their World Tag Team Championships, and earlier on tonight Morrison defeated Jericho, one on one, albeit by disqualification as The Miz got involved and the two men laid Morrison out.

King: Yeah, and then they had the cheek to attack Morrison after the match, luckily HBK was on hand to save the day.

Michael Cole: Michaels will be in action later tonight against the man who will challenge the WWE Champion, Triple H – that man is none other than Randy Orton. (dem graphics)

King: I can’t wait for that, that is going to be a great match, I’m not even sure it will be a match – it will just be a fight.

Michael Cole: Randy Orton has messed with The Games family, his friends and earlier on tonight he lured Triple H into an ambush. Backstage, Legacy attacked the WWE Champion before Orton RKO’d him on the concrete.

King: Triple H had to be sent home, and as punishment Orton is being forced to compete just a few day before his big championship match.

Michael Cole: The Game will no doubt be watching, wishing he was here to get some measure of revenge against Orton.

King: He has the chance at Backlash. In a No Holds Barred match no less.

Michael Cole: In my opinion, the biggest match on the card, no disrespect to SmackDown, but this is the most heated rivalry right now – possibly ever.

King: It certainly is, Michael.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentleman, WWE Backlash will air this Sunday, from the TD Banknorth Arena in Boston and we’d love for you to join us.

King: You tired after that?

Michael Cole: A little.


The fans react with a nice amount of heat, showing that they are starting to care about the Divas division – what with actual good wrestlers fronting it such as the women walking down to the ring, Beth Pheonix. The WWE Womens Champion, with Rose Mendes in toe, walks swiftly down the ramp, Santino Marella quickly appears from behind the curtain and fast walks down to join Phoenix and Mendes just as they reach the ring. Mendes and Santino share a look, which doesn’t go down well with Phoenix, she gets in Santino’s face and tells him to go backstage, he replies with “c’mon... I just-a gots here”. But Phoenix persists and sends her boyfriend backstage, Rosa seems upset at this but conceals it when Beth looks at her.

Lilian Garcia: This following contest is scheduled for one fall... introducing first, weighing in at a combined weight of two hundred and seventy pounds... ROSA MENDES and the WWE Women’s Champion... BETH PHOENIX!

Michael Cole: Did you see that, King? Beth Phoenix just sent her boyfriend backstage, the fact that Rosa Mendes and Santino have became pretty close has got to play a factor in that.

King: I bet it will, Santino and Rosa have been spending a lot of time with each other, and because of this Beth has been on the end of a beating from both Melina and Mickie James at different points.

Michael Cole: Well, Beth doesn’t have any excuse tonight, because she’ll have Rosa to back her up in this tag team bout.

Phoenix climbs onto the apron and then ascends the turnbuckle from the outside – she straddles the top turnbuckle before flipping over and walking into the centre of the ring. She holds her title up high, while Mendes stands beside her, looking out into the crowd.


The crowd rise to their feet and send a nice pop to the stage where Mickie James and her tag team partner, Melina appear. The two Divas slap a few hands while walking down the ramp, they then stare at Phoenix who hold her title up in the air.

Lilian Garcia: And their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of two hundred and fifty one pounds... MELINA... and MICKIE JAMES!

Michael Cole: Melina and Mickie James can both boast a pin fall victory over the Women’s Champion, so you have to think they’ll both be wanting a shot at the gold.

King: Any Diva on the RAW roster is always looking to get a shot at Phoenix’ gold. She’s been champion for a while, but with Mickie and Melina gunning for the gold, she may not have it for long.

Match Four – Tag Team Match
Melina & Mickie James vs. WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix & Rosa Mendes

We join this contest around four minutes in, and it’s followed the WWE tag team match formula for the most part with the Faces getting the hot start but eventually succumbing to dirty tactics by the heels, and this was no different. Right now, the WWE Women’s Champion, Beth Phoenix has her opponent Melina in the corner, she holds her up by the neck and starts to choke her. The referee counts to five – but she lets go at four and thus the referee can’t do anything about it. Phoenix climbs to the top rope with Melina still in the corner, the Women’s Champion then careens down fist after fist. The fans give her stick for it but she doesn’t care, she gets to five before Melina uses her flexibility to bend down backwards and get out via the gap between her opponents legs, but when she does she takes Beth’s legs with her and Beth hits the turnbuckle face first.

Melina crawls to Mickie, but Beth catches her and pulls her back to her own corner and tags in Rosa. Mendes pulls Melina to her feet, Irish-whips her into a corner, she follows quickly – connecting with a jumping splash in the corner. Melina falls to the ground, and Rosa dives down on top of her – turns her over and goes for the cover... 1... 2... kick out! Rosa stares at the referee for a second, but is told to focus by Phoenix from ringside. Mendes gets back to business and pulls Melina into her corner, with Melina in a seated position she sticks her foot under Melina’s throat and uses the ropes for leverage as she chokes the life out of her. The crowd boo this heinous act as the referee counts, she lets go at four and backs off, the ref gets in her face – telling her to watch it, but then he has to stop Mickie from entering the ring. We see why as the cameras catch Phoenix repeatedly punching Melina from the outside. Just as the referee turns round, she stops and Mendes pulls Melina to the middle of the ring before going for the cover... 1... 2... shoulder goes up!

Rosa continues her momentum by locking Melina in a grounded sleeper position, she rolls onto her back allowing herself to lock her legs around Melina’s waist before twisting back around onto her side, still with her legs locked. Rosa holds onto the hold, wrenching it, while the referee checks if Melina wants to quit, but like a trooper – she says ‘no’. Mickie paces the apron, waiting for a sign of life, but nothing is coming from Melina, until the referee lifts her arm up in the air, and when it drops – the arm stops half way and the fans come alive. Melina manages to loosen Rosa’s grip around her neck, and connects with a couple of elbows to Mendes’ head, which makes Rosa break the leg lock which she had. Mickie claps along with the crowd as Melina breaks away from Rosa and gets to her feet.

The two Divas reach their feet at the same time, and Melina uses the adrealinine from the crowd to get the first blow in, she connects with a right and left before bouncing off the ropes, Rosa ducks a clothesline but Melina comes right back at her with a clothesline which connects this time. Rosa quickly gets to her feet only to be floored by another clothesline. Melina measures Rosa this time, she sprints at her when she reaches her feet, but Rosa ducks, Melina keeps running but she doesn’t know that Rosa ran right after she ducked. Both women bounce off the ropes at the same time and at the same time – go for a cross body and they connect mid-air. Mickie bangs her foot on the steel steps, getting the crowd back involved, the two Divas in the ring start crawling to their tag team partners and its Rosa who gets the tag first but Melina isn’t far behind – getting the hot tag to Mickie!

Both women meet in the centre, both running at each other but Mickie ducks a clothesline and then turns around and connects with a right hand, one after another – pushing Beth back onto the ropes. She Irish-whips her but she reverses and Mickie connects with a drop-toe-hold when she returns. Mickie quickly climbs to her feet, she measures Beth and drops her with a clothesline, and another! She waits for Beth to climb to her feet, she then tries to kick her in the stomach but Phoenix catches her foot – but Mickie is one step ahead, she jumps up and kicks Beth in the side of the head with her free leg. Beth falls like a sack of potatoes and Mickie dives to the cover... 1... 2... Rosa breaks it up! She stomps on the back of Mickie’s head but then Melina gets back into the ring and tackles Rosa with a takedown. The two feisty Divas brawl to the outside, rolling out, underneath the ropes. Mickie watches this unfold and doesn’t realize Beth has got to her feet. Mickie backs away from the rope right into the Glam Slam! Beth covers... 1... 2... 3!

Winner – Beth Phoenix & Rosa Mendes @ 7:34

Lilian Garcia: Here are your winners... ROSA MENDES AND THE WWE WOMEN’S CHAMPION... BETH PHOENIX!

Rosa and Melina are done brawling on the outside, and Mendes joins Beth in the ring. The referee hands Beth the WWE Women’s Championship, the crowd don’t like this result and send boos their way. Melina stares at Beth, before sending an accusing look Mickie’s way. Beth kicks Mickie out of the ring, Melina doesn’t even go over to help her up, instead she just walks up the ramp.

Michael Cole: Melina doesn’t look to impressed, King.

King: No, well – you wouldn’t expect her to. She just lost a match, no one would be happy after that. We all saw how unhappy Beth was after her losses the last few weeks.

Michael Cole: True. It seems to have turned around for Beth though, after a troublesome few weeks she has got a victory over Mickie James and Melina. Perhaps it has something to do with Santino not being a distraction, at ringside or backstage.

King: Speak of the devil...

The crowd boo the arrival of Santino Marella, the Italian Superstar fast walks down the ramp, walking by Melina saying “unlucky” and winking at her. Marella refocuses and continues his route to the ring. He slides into the squared circle, and hugs Rosa first. This gets daggers from Phoenix, and when he tries to hug her, instead she side steps him and leaves the ring. Rosa and Santino stare at Beth who is walking up the ramp, back facing the ring.

Michael Cole: Things are getting rather complicated in the Divas division, King – we have what looks like a love triangle between Beth, Rosa and Santino.

King: And we saw some tension between Melina and Mickie James, who both boast pin fall victories over the champion – that has to mean something when the number one contender is decided.

Michael Cole: You’d imagine so. Anyway, ladies and gentleman – we have to cut to a commercial break, but after the break we’ll have another draft preview video for you.


The show returns and we head right into another video package...

WWE Draft Preview
Video #3

The video begins and we are on SmackDown this time, back in two thousand and six.

In the ring, John Bradshaw Layfield has just won a match to become the SmackDown Champion, but Theodore Long is in the ring.

Theodore Long: JBL... I’ve got some good news and some bad news playa’.

JBL’s face turns sour...

Theodore Long: Recently... I found out there is no need for a SmackDown Champion.

JBL’s eyes widen...


The arena goes absolutely crazy as The Animal, Batista becomes the final draft pick of draft. The World Heavyweight Champion walks out onto the stage as JBL turns to face the stage, cursing his luck.

Michael Cole: OH MY!

Tazz: What the hell’s goin’ on here?

Batista walks down the ramp, half way down and he looks at JBL and smiles.

WWE Draft 2009

Back on RAW, Charlie Haas is in the ring, is theme playing out to little reaction.

Michael Cole: Only one more draft preview to come tonight ladies and gentleman, the ones that have been shown so far have really emphasised the huge moves that may happen.

King: We’ve seen many huge moves over the past few years, but I just hope RAW gets someone huge.

Michael Cole: And now lose anyone huge.


The arena rise to their feet and send a decent amount of heat towards Jack Swagger, as he saunters out from the back, microphone in his hand. Instead of doing his usual push-ups, Swagger walks down the ramp.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first... in the ring-

Jack Swagger: Lilian. Lilian, baby. Allow me.

Swagger stops half way down with a cocky grin draped across his face. Haas stares at Swagger while Lilian shrugs her shoulders and leaves the ring...

Jack Swagger: Allow me to introduce myself... my name is Jack... Swagger.


Jack Swagger: The All-American American, I might add.

Even more boos as Swagger reaches the bottom of the ramp...

Jack Swagger: And last week, I – the last ever ECW Champion, defeated the Money in the Bank holder C...M Punk.

Pop for the mention of The Straight-Edge Superstar...

Jack Swagger: But then after that, I was so rudely attacked by Kane.

Pop, despite Kane being a heel...

Jack Swagger: Now, I’m a nice guy... really – I am. So, with that in mind, I’m gonna’ let that slide, because like I said – I’m just a nice guy.

Heat while Swagger holds a shit eating grin...

Jack Swagger: And now look...

Swagger points at Haas as he climbs the steel steps...

Jack Swagger: The All American American, Lilian Garcia’s favourite Superstar, the last ever ECW Champion... has to face this hack.

Haas face drops and says ‘you what?’...

Jack Swagger: You heard me... I’m the future of this business and you are on the way out. I mean... since when have you been relevant Charlie?

Swagger hops onto the apron from the steps and leans on the ropes...

Jack Swagger: After defeating CM Punk... I’m reduced to facing hacks like you. You may be a former amateur wrestler, Charlie... but so am I... and guess what... I’m better than you. I’m younger, I’m better lookin’... I’m just better.

‘Prove it’...

Jack Swagger: Oh, I will.

Swagger places the microphone down, Haas tries to attack Swagger but the referee pulls him back, the crowd Swagger a lot of heat as he grins at Haas.

Michael Cole: Well, Swagger sure knows how to get under the skin of his opponents. These two athletes are former amateur wrestlers, and this means that this will be very competitive. Charlie Haas is getting on in years, but he’ll want to show that he can mix it with someone as young as Swagger.

King: No doubt about it, Swagger is a terrific athlete, but I remember Charlie when he was younger – he was a super athlete, him and Shelton Benjamin made up one of the greatest tag teams of this generation.

Michael Cole: No doubt about that, while Benjamin has had a great singles career, picking up titles here and there, Charlie has been on the back burner. Hopefully, that speech by Swagger at the start of the match will give him the fire to do something on RAW.

Match Five – Singles Match
Charlie Haas vs. Jack Swagger

This match began with some good mat wrestling after Charlie had calmed down enough for the bout to begin. Swagger got the better of the mat wrestling, but at points Haas did have some bright spots during the exchange. The pure wrestling aspect of this match only lasted about a minute, but it was enough to show flashes of Haas’ former self, and showed a lot of the talents of Swagger. We join this match, three minutes in, and after the mat wrestling, Swagger took full advantage – using his size to bully Haas around the ring. Swagger has Haas on the ground now, after a scoop slam. The All American American walks around the ring, with that grin that we all hate – the fans give him shit for it but he loves the reaction.

Swagger turns his attention back to Haas. The All American American hoists him to his feet and runs him into the turnbuckle, smashing his head of the top one. Swagger does it again, and then turns Haas in so his back is in the corner. Jack elbows the side of Haas’ head, and then walks away from him, looking happy with himself. He stops when he reaches the opposite corner from Haas before swiftly turning around and sprinting at his opponent... looking for a splash – but Haas side steps him and sets off running. Swagger staggers away from the corner, but spots Haas running at him and plants Haas with a big boot! Swagger hops on the spot and shouts ‘aww yeah!’ The fans give him shit before he dives to the cover... 1... 2... Haas kicks out!

Jack doesn’t waste any time, he picks Haas up and sends him running towards the ropes. He rebounds and Swagger picks him up and plants him again with a Gorilla Press Slam! Jack then, being the cocky bitch that he is, dives down onto the mat beside Haas and does a few push-ups. This gains a huge negative reaction from the crowd as he goes for another cover... 1... 2... Haas kicks out again! Swagger seems to be getting irritated now, he lifts his opponent to his feet, but Haas takes him by surprise and knocks his arms away before kneeing him in the gut. Swagger keels over, Haas runs the ropes and plants Swagger with a running neck breaker! Haas senses it is his time, he plays to the crowd and waits for Swagger to get to his feet, when he does he sets off sprinting towards him but Swagger counters with a drop-toe-hold and Haas falls neck first onto the bottom rope! Haas quickly gets up, holding his throat and staggers around the ring before walking right into a boot in the gut. Swagger locks his arms around his opponents stomach and connects with his Gutwrench Powerbomb, cover... 1... 2... 3!

Winner – Jack Swagger @ 5:36

Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner... JACK SWAGGER!

Swagger swiftly rises to his feet, and has his arm risen by the referee.

Michael Cole: Another good win for The All American.

King: ... American.

Michael Cole: Managed to defeat Charlie Haas who isn’t a slouch, after defeating CM Punk last week.

King: With the help of Kane.

Michael Cole: I wouldn’t say Kane set out to make Swagger win that match.

Swagger stares at Haas while Charlie stares at him backing up the ramp.

Michael Cole: Anyway, moving swiftly on, if you didn’t watch it – here’s a brief recap of what you missed on Friday Night SmackDown.



The package slowly opens with John Cena sprinting down to the ring, World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. The Champ is handed a microphone and we hear him speak about his rivalry with Edge and how this match at Backlash will end it. He also says that he trusted Edge to be his partner last week, and that was a stupid thing to do. He’s then interrupted by The Rated R Superstar who walks out with a microphone and shades. Edge tells Cena that he should’ve known that he’d turn on him, and how he’s right that their rivalry is huge, and how Backlash will end it. And at Backlash, Edge tells him that he’ll become World Heavyweight Champion.

Later on in the night, John Cena is in the ring, waiting for Edge’s choice of opponent for him. Cena’s mouth drops as Ezekiel Jackson walks out. Jackson gives Cena a hell of a fight, the huge big man at some parts began to dominate the World Heavyweight Champion. But Cena showed why he is the World Champion and fought back to win a hard match.

It’s Edge’s turn for the Pick your Poison match, he enters the ring before Cena joins Jim Ross, Todd Grisham and Matt Striker at commentary desk. A few minutes pass by and the his opponent is announced his former tag team partner and his former best friend, Christian. This was a great match, both men knew their opponents move set very well, but Edge managed to pick up the win in the end. Edge leaves the ring and walks up to Cena, before pushing his hand into Cena’s face, pushing him back. Cena rages and chases Edge, but he slides into the ring and quickly leaves via the other side and backs up the ramp.


We’re backstage when we return and the ever smiling, Josh Matthews is waiting for us.

Josh Matthews: Please welcome my guest at this time... the Money in the Bank holder... CM Punk.

A huge pop from the arena comes through to the backstage area as the camera pans out and we see Punk standing beside Matthews...

Josh Matthews: And Punk, I wanted to ask you... first of all... about your confrontation with Randy Orton earlier?

CM Punk: Alright alright. Look... what Randy Orton did to Triple H... I’ll admit – it was impressive. Not many people can do that to the WWE Champion, Orton sent a message to The Game, but RKOing him on the concrete? He took that too far, Josh if I attacked you right now and planted you on this concrete... you probably wouldn’t be able to move for a week or two.

Matthews backs away a bit in almost comedic fashion...

Josh Matthews: Well... uh... secondly... your Money in the Bank briefcase...

Punk lifts the briefcase up to the camera...

Josh Matthews: Can you give us an insight on when you are going to cash it in?

Punk smiles...

CM Punk: I can’t do that, Josh... right now I’ve got Kane to deal with but don’t worry... it won’t be long until I cash this baby in.

The fans give a nice pop as Punk smiles...

Josh Matthews: Speaking of Kane, last question – you face Kane at Backlash, your thoughts?

CM Punk: I don’t know what Kane’s problem with me is, he says that I’ve awoken a so called demon... a demon... what is this – a horror movie? There is no such things as demons, Kane must have took some drugs or something to come up with that. Must applaud him for being creative though.

Punk takes a pause...

CM Punk: But like I said – I don’t know what his problem with me, all I know is that he made an enemy when he attacked me a few weeks ago, and then cost me my match last week, something that Swagger couldn’t stop talking about earlier on, which just annoyed me even more.

Punk lifts the briefcase up to the camera...

CM Punk: (to the camera) I don’t know if your watching this, Kane – but see this dent... this happened after I smashed this into your skull. And at Backlash, I’m going to knee you in the head and put you to sleep, and put this so called demon to slee-

Suddenly, CM Punk is floored from behind by Kane! Punk goes flying forward right into Matthews and the two end up on the floor. The send heat Kane’s way as he picks Punk up and runs him headfirst into the wall! Punk falls to the ground holding his head, while Kane picks up the briefcase and looks at the dent – he snarls at it before throwing it against the wall in frustration. Kane turns his attention back to Punk, he grabs him by the hair and throws him again into the wall! The crowd boo very loudly as Kane grabs him again, looks at him in the face and says ‘he... has been... awoken’. Kane then chokeslams Punk onto a nearby production box!

Again, the boos coming raining down, but Kane ignores them and drags Punk off the box by his hair. The camera stares stationary as Kane pulls Punk down the corridor by his hair as we fade to black.


We’re back on RAW and we’re at the announce table where Cole and Lawler are waiting.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night RAW, and we just saw CM Punk being attacked by Kane and being dragged off somewhere. There isn’t long to go until the end of the show, so we’ll get word to you on the situation hopefully by the end of the show. But right now, we’ve got the final draft preview video to show-

King: Hold on.

The crowd begin booing furiously which stops the commentators, we cut to the stage where Kane is dragging CM Punk out from the back by his hair. We close in on Punk’s face, and we see Punk is bleeding heavily from whatever Kane did to him. Kane snarls as he drags Punk over to the end of the stage, he throws him head first into the tron structure.

The fans chant Punk’s name but he’s done, nothing he can do to stop this. A number of referees and road agents rush out and try to calm Kane down, but he runs them off before turning his attention back to Punk. The Big Red Machine picks him up and wraps his hand around his throat, and lifts him up, he walks over to the end of the stage with Punk in the air.

Kane is obviously looking for the chokeslam off the stage, but something is stopping him, a wide eyed look on his face...

But Kane shakes it off, and chokeslams Punk off the side of the stage, into a pile of huge production cables, boxes and tables. The cables would have broken the fall somewhat but it’s still a huge impact. Kane smiles down at Punk, looking pleased with himself, he looks down at his feet and almost like he’s talking to himself he says ‘are you happy now?’.

Kane backs away which allows the referees and road agents to check on Punk. Kane disappears backstage while the crowd are in shock at what has just happened.

Michael Cole: I’m shocked, truly shocked.

King: Are you? I’m not. Kane’s a ticking time bomb and it just went off.

Michael Cole: Did you see when Kane hesitated, King? It was almost like he was trying to fight something inside of him, but it was too strong and he continued. And then he said, are you happy now?

King: Things are getting really strange here on RAW.

Michael Cole: Luckily, Punk’s fall was broken somewhat by the production cables and equipment but he’ll still be feeling the effects for his match at Backlash.

While the staff attend to Punk, who still hasn’t moved we cut to the final draft video of the evening.

WWE Draft Preview
Video #4

The video opens up and we’re at SmackDown where John Bradshaw Layfield and The Undertaker are going at it.

Undertaker sets JBL up for the Tombstone but Randy Orton slides into the ring, interferes and plants ‘Taker with an RKO!

Orton quickly vacates the ring and backs up the ramp.

Tazz: Wait a minute... is he... is he SmackDown’s draft pick?

After JBL crawls to the cover, we’re at the stage where Randy Orton has a microphone.

Randy Orton: Undertaker! You’ve just been RKO’d. You best get used to it... because The Legend Killer... is officially... on SmackDown.

Huge boos rain down on Orton as he stares at Undertaker lying in the ring.

Orton puts up his old pose, with his old theme playing in the background while Taker stares up at him.

WWE Draft 2009

We head back into the main arena and we’re at the announce desk.

Michael Cole: That was the final video that we have to show you tonight ladies and gentleman, some of the biggest moves ever in the WWE Draft. And King, I’ve got a feeling we’ll see some more huge moves next Monday night.

King: No doubt about it, Cole. I just hope RAW doesn’t lose anybody huge, and I hope we get a big time player from SmackDown.

Michael Cole: Don’t we all. A three hour Supershow, featuring Superstars from both brands, more information on the night, including matches will be announced on wwe.com in due time ladies and gentleman. We’ll be joined by SmackDown commentator, Jim Ross in a three man announce table, you’ve got to be looking forward to that, King?

King: Of course, only downside is you’ll be here with us.

King and Cole share a laugh as the fans begin to cheer, we see what is making them do this as CM Punk is now on his feet, being helped backstage by the medics and road agents. He’s able to walk which is a good sign, and once he’s backstage, a level of silence falls on the arena. Until...



It’s main event time and the boos rain down from the crowd as The Viper, Randy Orton walks slowly onto the stage. It’s the loudest reaction of the night, by far, but The Apex Predator ignores the jeers and continues down the ramp, taking his sweet time.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall... introducing first from St. Louis, Missouri... weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds... The Viper... RANDY ORTON!

Michael Cole: Right there, ladies and gentleman, is the man that decimated Triple H earlier tonight, he lured him into a trap.

King: Where Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase ambushed him and Triple H was no match for them combined. Triple H was thrown against walls, his head smashed against concrete, a boot to the back of skull.

Michael Cole: Probably the most decimating move that was performed was the RKO on the concrete. It even hurt Orton in the process, but that was nothing compared to what it done to Triple H.

Orton walks up the steel steps before stepping into the ring. The Viper makes his way over to the turnbuckle, and steps onto the second rope. He stands up tall, surveying the audience as the camera sweeps around him. Orton drops down to the mat and waits for his opponent.


The crowd respond with a fantastic pop as The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels hops out from the back. Wearing his usual attire with a HBK t-shirt on, after making his way half way down the ramp, he kneels on the stage and reaches to the sky and sets off his pyro. After which, he continues down the rest of the ramp, slapping a few hands on the way.

Lilian Garcia: And his opponent... from San Antonio, Texas... weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds... The Heartbreak Kid... SHAWN MICHAELS!

Michael Cole: Earlier on tonight, Shawn Michaels saved his tag team partner for this Sunday from a beat down at the hands of The Miz and Chris Jericho.

King: And not a moment too soon, Miz and Jericho could have inflicted so much pain.

Michael Cole: Yeah, these two teams go against each other this coming Sunday. But right now, Shawn Michaels has to focus on Randy Orton, the man who attacked his long time friend Triple H earlier on tonight.

Main Event – Singles Match
Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels

We join this match seven minutes in and Randy Orton has Shawn Michaels on the defensive. Orton’s got his opponent positioned in the corner in a seated position. Orton snarls at Michaels as he rains down with punch after punch onto Michaels skull. Orton yanks him to his feet but Michaels reverses by knocking Orton’s arms away before switching positions, now having Orton positioned in the corner. The Heartbreak Kid hits his opponent with a couple of rights before connecting with a knife edge chop, and the fans respond with a huge cheer. Orton holds onto his chest while he staggers out, Michaels meanwhile walks away from Orton, walking over to the opposite ropes. Orton continues staggering out from the corner, using the ropes for support but doesn’t anticipate an on rushing HBK and he’s hit with a ferocious clotheline – which takes both men over the top rope... and they land on the mat at the same time.

The referee starts a count and manages to get to seven before Michaels is up first, he darts in the ring and instead of waiting for the count out victory he slides back out. HBK walks over to Orton but he sees him coming and reaches up... grabs the front of HBK’s tights and pulls them towards him... sending HBK head first into the barricade. Michaels falls to the mat, holding his head while Orton props himself up against the barricade again. Enough of sitting around, Orton crawls to the apron and uses it to pick himself up before picking HBK up and walking him around the ring. Orton clinches his teeth and sends Michaels careening into the ring post! He falls down to the mat, and lies with his legs and arms spread apart as Orton leans on the apron.

The Viper bends down, lifting his opponent to his feet and attempts to smash his skull off the announce table, but HBK sticks his hands out onto the table, blocking the impact before elbowing Orton in the mid section and smashing him headfirst onto the table! HBK doesn’t waste any time, he slides Orton into the ring and climbs onto the apron. Instead of climbing into the ring, he walks along the ring and ascends the turnbuckle. Orton’s motionless as HBK flies through the air, looking for an elbow drop... but Orton rolls out of the way and HBK hits the mat! Orton quickly hooks the leg... 1... 2... Michaels kicks out! The Apex Predator uses the ropes to get up and walks back over to his opponent. Orton stomps on each limb, one by one, making his way around HBK’s body. He reaches his head but instead of a stomp, he jumps up and lands a knee drop to his skull before going for another cover... 1... 2... HBK’s arm shoots up!

Randy stands up and leans on the ropes, looking out into the fans before turning back to Michaels, who’s just got to his feet. Orton grabs him and punches him with his free hand, and pushes him back to the ropes before trying to Irish-whip him but HBK reverses. Orton rebounds and ducks an attempted clothesline, he stops right behind HBK and plants him with his signature back breaker! Looking for the cover... 1...2... another kick out! Orton pounds the mat in frustration and then kicks the ropes. The crowd boo him as he dives to the mat and begins punching the mat, measuring Michaels for the RKO. HBK gets to his feet, staggers round but manages to counter the RKO, pushing Orton forward and over the top rope, but Orton lands on the apron! HBK runs at Orton but he ducks down, pulling the top rope as he does and Shawn tumbles to the floor below.

Orton peers down at a sprawled out Michaels, while he leans on the top rope, resting for a few seconds. Michaels begins to get up, but Orton climbs down and helps him to his feet. HBK knocks Orton’s arms away and connects with a knife edge chop which gains a few woo’s from the crowd. He hits another and Orton staggers away towards the apron, HBK grabs him from behind and slides him into the ring. HBK joins him shortly and goes to bring him to his feet, but Orton knocks Michaels arms away this time before kicking him in the gut and running him over to the ropes – throwing him over the top. However, Michaels holds on, but Orton doesn’t realize that, he’s already got his back to him, kneeling down for a few seconds. Michaels then skins the cat, but instead of attacking Orton from behind, he hurries over to the turnbuckle and climbs it before hitting a moonsault onto Orton once he turns round. The fans appreciate this and give a round of applause, as both men lie on the mat, exhausted. Michaels reaches over and places a hand on Orton’s chest... 1... 2... kick out!

The two men get up at around the same time, HBK whips Orton into the corner, and follows it up by running at him but Orton ducks down and hoists Michaels over his shoulder but HBK lands on the apron beside the turnbuckle. Orton goes to grab him but gets a fist in his face and staggers away. Michaels bends down to climb into the ring, but Orton pops back and grabs him, pulling him into the ring but leaving his legs hanging on the second rope before planting him with a DDT from the second rope! The ring shakes with the impact and Orton quickly hooks the leg... 1... 2... Michaels kicks out! Orton uses the ropes to stand up and paces around the ring, gaining huge boos as he is getting more frustrated. Randy dives to the mat and pounds it, setting up Michaels again, he goes for an RKO... but again Michaels counters and pushes Orton away. Randy hits the ropes but luckily he grabs onto them, stopping himself from running into a Superkick! Michaels composes himself, and the two stare at each other for a few seconds before both running at each other hitting a clothesline on each other at the same time.

The two competitors get up at roughly the same time, Michaels punches Orton but then Orton reciprocates in the classic ‘boo’, ‘yay’ exchange. This continues until HBK gets a couple of unanswered shots in before teeing off on Orton with a number of knife edge chops. HBK backs Orton into the ropes but is reversed when he tries to whip Orton, HBK rebounds but hits a flying forearm to a huge cheer! Both men lie on the mat but then HBK nips up and gets the crowd fired up. Shawn begins to tune up the band, and goes for Sweet Chin Music but Orton grabs his foot on the way up, before twisting Michaels and he does a full 360, right into the RKO! Cover... 1... 2... 3!

Winner – Randy Orton @ 13:19

Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner... RANDY ORTON!

The Viper rolls off his opponent and props himself up on the bottom rope, leaning backwards – catching his breath. The crowd boo the hell out of him but he’s in a world of his own, staring into the ceiling before climbing to his feet and having his arm raised by the referee.

Michael Cole: What a main event, and what a night for Randy Orton. The beginning of the evening, we witnessed The Viper attack and decimate Triple H and now at the end of the evening, we are watching Orton standing tall over Triple H’s best friend, Shawn Michaels.

King: It makes me sick, but you have to give it to him, he came out here and showed why he is challenging for the WWE Championship this Sunday.

Michael Cole: What a main event that will be, Randy Orton and Triple H, one on one for the WWE Championship – in a No Holds Barred match!

The challenger for the WWE Championship makes his way to the corner and ascends the turnbuckle, surveying the crowd as the camera pans around him. Meanwhile, the referee rolls Michaels out of the ring, and Shawn begins his journey up the ramp.


The Viper turns to the stage, and witnesses Chris Jericho and The Miz walk out onto the stage, but they aren’t here for him, there here for Michaels. HBK stops in his tracks, and looks up at the two men, and tells them to bring it.

Michael Cole: What is this? Shawn Michaels just went through hell and now he has to deal with these two.

King: I don’t like this, one bit.

Jericho and Miz sprint down the ring and clobber Michaels, knocking him to the ground and the two of them start stomping on him while The Viper watches on. The Miz holds him up for Jericho to get a couple of free shots but then...


The crowd roar into life with a huge pop while The Miz throws Michaels to the ground and the two of them prepare for John Morrison. Who sprints down the ramp and goes straight for The Miz, teeing off on him with rights and lefts, he covers up until Jericho comes back but John connects with a couple on him. But again, the numbers game catches up to Morrison, just like it did to HBK. But, just in time – Michaels gets up and helps Morrison, taking Jericho too one side and those two begin brawling. Meanwhile The Miz and Morrison are doing the same, the foursome end brawling over the barricade and then out of site through the crowd as the cameras focus on the ring, where Orton is standing shaking his head at what he just witnessed.

Michael Cole: A chaotic end to the show ladies and gentleman, John Morrison and Shawn Michaels will team up to face The Miz and Chris Jericho, this coming Sunday.

Orton paces the ring before deciding to leave, he makes it too the ropes but then...



The roof nearly blows of the arena while Michael Cole goes crazy at the announce table as Triple H walks out onto the stage, stitched up from earlier with a bit of blood on his t-shirt. The Game slowly walks out onto the stage, stares down at Orton with a ferocious expression but Orton is strangely calm, even a hint of a smile, an air of expectancy is coming from Orton, like he knew the WWE Champion would make an appearance.

Michael Cole: I can’t believe! Triple H just disobeyed doctors orders!

King: Here we go!

The WWE Champion makes a beeline for the ring, sprinting down the stage, while Orton froths at the mouth waiting for him. The Game slides underneath the bottom rope, Orton goes to meet him, trying to get a few shots in but Triple H simply grabs him by the legs and takes him down! He mounts him and lays into Orton with a few closed fists! The arena is going mental as The Game continue to beat down on his challenger at Backlash! Until...

Triple H is attacked from behind by Randy’s cohort, Cody Rhodes, no Ted DiBiase just yet. Rhodes climbs on top of The Game and lays into him with few rights of his own, but Triple H reverses and turns Rhodes onto his back and now he’s the one dishing out the punishment. Triple H gets up, grabs Rhodes and launches him over the top rope before turning back to Orton. But walks right into a stiff European Uppercut!

Orton with a smile on his face climbs on top of him, knocking his head with a few rights and pulls the plaster off his head, revealing the stitches that The Game had put in. The Viper punches the wound, opening the wound back up and we see blood trickling down Triple H’s forehead. Rhodes gets back into the ring and helps Orton continue the beat down. The two take a second, while Orton asks Cody ‘is it ready?’ Rhodes simply replies with a nod.

Orton slithers backwards, away from Triple H and out of the ring, while Rhodes climbs on The Game and continues the assault. The Viper bends down and looks under the apron, but he can’t find what he was looking for, instead he jogs round the side of the ring and looks under another side, and this time he finds it. The camera closes in as Orton reveals a pair of handcuffs. The crowd boo immensely but this turns to cheers as Triple H has flipped Rhodes over in the ring and got a few shots in. Orton realises this and quickly slides in, Triple H stands up and turns around but right into a clothesline from The Viper.

Michael Cole: What is Orton doing?

King: Whatever is it, it can’t be good.

Orton locks the handcuffs round Triple H’s wrist, whacks him a few times in the head before dragging him over to the ropes nearest the announce table, he hooks the other side to the ropes and backs away from Triple H. The Game kicks at Orton but he can’t reach him, Rhodes and the challenger stare at Triple H, Orton with a sick grin and simply says ‘watch this’ as he points to the titantron.

On the tron, Ted DiBiase is in the production booth, he’s screaming at one of the guys to play a disc that he has in his hand. The man protests but eventually after a slap by DiBiase, he takes the disc and puts it in a drive, he presses a few buttons and the last thing we see is Ted smiling at the camera as we head to static, white noise.

The fans in the arena are confused as hell, Triple H continues to kick out at Orton but he can’t reach. The tron comes back on again, and we can see it is a pre recorded video.


The video is obviously taken by someone who doesn’t have much experience with a camera as it is very shaky. But we see that we are in a living room, a destroyed living room, with a TV that has been smashed, some glass ornaments smashed and flower pots fallen from their resting place.

We hear a women’s scream, and hear Cody Rhodes from the other room shouting to whoever has the camera.

Cody Rhodes: Through here! Come through here! We got him! Ted, we got him!

We now know that Ted is holding the video camera, and he hurries through the destroyed living room and into the kitchen, it’s quite a big kitchen with a white floor and white counters, but we’re not focused on that – the first thing we see is Cody Rhodes holding onto a women, who is trying desperately to get free of his grip but he isn’t letting go.

Ted continues and turns the camera to the right to see Randy Orton on top of Shane McMahon, Triple H’s brother-in-law. We now understand that the women must be his wife or girlfriend or something, and we understand she’s trying to help Shane, but Rhodes has to good a grip. Orton continues his assault, pounding into Shane with punch after punch. Orton tells Ted to get closer, he brings the camera to Shane’s face and we see that he is busted open.

‘Triple H made me do this’

‘He should never have invaded my home’

‘An eye for an eye’

Orton picks McMahon up and launches him head first into the side of a counter! The women screams in fear, but Rhodes keeps her in place. Orton walks over to Shane and picks him up, pulls him through to the living room, and throws him onto the couch which flips the couch over and Shane hits the floor! Orton continues his assault by picking him up and throwing him into the wall, before planting him through the small wooden table in the middle of the room.

Satisfied, Orton instructs Rhodes to let go of the women. She hurries too Shane and kneels beside him, cupping his face in her hands, she looks up at Legacy and screams ‘why’. The three men simply don’t answer instead, walk out of the room as DiBiase shuts the camera off.


Once the video ends we teleport back into the arena to hear the crowd going insane with huge heat as Triple H tries furiously to break out of the cuffs and attack Orton. He can’t but he keeps trying as Orton smiles at The Game.

‘See you Sunday’

Orton, with that last parting words, backs away from The Game, who is still trying to break the cuffs. Orton and Rhodes leave the ring, backing up the ramp, keeping their eyes on The Game. Michael Cole and King don’t say a word, as Triple H stops trying and simply stares at Orton, frothing at the mouth, wanting a piece of him.

No words from the announce team, all we hear is the crowd booing with two shots of Triple H staring at Orton with anger in his expression, while Orton has a sick grin... as... we... fade... to... black.



Singles Match | Kofi Kingston bts. Dolph Ziggler
Singles Match | Nigel McGuiness bts. Rey Mysterio
Singles Match | John Morrison bts. Chris Jericho
Tag Team Match | Beth Phoenix & Rosa Mendes bts. Melina & Mickie James
Singles Match | Jack Swagger bts. Charlie Haas
Main Event | Randy Orton bts. Shawn Michaels

WWE Backlash

03.05.09 | TD Banknorth Arena | Boston, Massachuetts

WWE Championship – No Holds Barred
Triple H © vs. Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena © vs. Edge

Tables, Ladders & Chairs
Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy


WWE Intercontinental Championship
Rey Mysterio © vs. William Regal

WWE Tag Team Championship
The Colons © vs. The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson

Grudge Match
CM Punk vs. Kane

Grudge Tag Team Match
John Morrison & Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho & The Miz

WWE Divas Championship
Maryse © vs. Gail Kim
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