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re: NFL Thread: Week 2 - Peyton is gonna Manning

Originally Posted by SIMBA View Post
looks like I'm not the only one that needs to resort to flaming.
If calling you a "Hussy' is flaming, I don't EVEN know what to tell you, brah. See, this is what you look for in a conversation: context. Braggart? Really? You taking that seriously? What is this, the 19th century? You going to slap me with a glove & challenge me to a duel?

You need to calm down a wee bit.

Originally Posted by SIMBA View Post
It's not hard to keep up with you in an argument, trust me, you're not very well in tune with football as a whole. pretty sure you agreed with CP when he said Flacco was a top 10 QB, that right there shows how much knowledge you have.
So now YOU are going to measure my football acumen? This is just too much. So by saying something, which has been said repeatedly across the sports media, means I'm not knowledgeable or that you are somehow more knowledgeable for disagreeing? :mcgee3

Guy's getting better & before the season is out, I think he'll have cemented that. It's an opinion & there's actually a decent amount of stats & footage to back a projection but if you feel so strongly, I encourage you to apply with ESPN. God knows it couldn't get any worse.

Originally Posted by SIMBA View Post
actually, you just implied that you think the Ravens have more than an average passing game solely based off their last game. yeah, you're just far too intelligent for me.
They have a more than average passing game based on their last game in the AFC Title game, their acquisitions, improvements in the WR Core, & then the only viable proof from THIS season: Tonight's game.

On a whole, it's kind of sad how sensitive you are. Everyone else could see it was a joke, except you.

Again, I extend the Froot-ian offer: Hug it out?

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