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re: NFL Thread: Week 2 - Peyton is gonna Manning

Originally Posted by WWF View Post
They have an average passing game and good run game. Its not a spectacular offense, bro.
Average passing game? Nevermind, you already said you don't watch the games, so that explains it all.

Originally Posted by MrMister View Post
Holy shit Berman is worse than I thought he would be.

I mean Dilfer is awesome compared to him and I can't stand Dilfer either.
This shit is, help me out Charles:

:barkley2 : TURRABLE.

Originally Posted by SIMBA View Post
this is why we should be allowed to flame in this section because some people seem to be completely illiterate. where have I cheered/supported the Broncos at all? All I said is that Manning always happens to beat the Ravens, which is true, which would make the Broncos the top team in the AFC. Maybe if you got your head out of Flacco's ass you would be able to come to that conclusion as well, but I understand it takes time for you to comprehend football related things.

notorious you shouldn't be making any comments about bandwagoning either Mr.Boston.
You Mad?

If you need permission to flame because you can't keep up verbally, you probably should hold off on accusing someone else of being slow on the uptake.

Look, you were caught red handed, literally, hanging from Peyton's sack. It's alright, we still love you.

Wanna hug it out?

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