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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

WWE Summerslam
Date: 21st August 2005
Location: MCI Center, Washington; DC

The World Heavyweight Championship has been in the grasp of the Animal ever since Wrestlemania as Batista has conquered all who’ve challenged him. This Sunday night at Summerslam however, a whole new challenge awaits the champion and one man lays at the centre of it all, the Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff.

Following Wrestlemania Eric Bischoff had to deal with Shawn Michaels continually asking him for a rematch with Kurt Angle, only for the GM to ignore his pleas, stating that he would not allow Michaels to Smackdown for business reasons. This only infuriated the Showstopper who went on to attack Bischoff, dishing out a dose of Sweet Chin Music on more than one occasion. Michaels finally gave up hope, instead turning his attentions to the World title, only for Bischoff to again deny his pleas which led to a huge match at Vengeance where Michaels would face a representative of Eric Bischoff where if Michaels won he would receive a World Heavyweight Title shot. However if Michaels lost? He would become the property of Eric Bischoff. Bischoff’s representative? None other than the Big Red Machine, Kane.

Kane would go on to defeat Michaels in a gruelling match, leaving the Heartbreak Kid in turmoil as he became contracted to Raw’s egomaniac General Manager. The night after Vengeance Bischoff stated that with Michaels now on board he needed to rid Raw of its next problem and that problem was Batista. This led to a shocking conclusion to Raw which saw Kane demolish the Animal before being rewarded for his won over Shawn Michaels with a World title match at Summerslam only…with a twist. Shawn Michaels was named Special Guest Referee.

With Michaels stuck in no man’s land, not wanting to do Eric Bischoff’s dirty work it has been a rollercoaster ride for all three men involved come Sunday with Bischoff demanding that Michaels do ‘the right thing’ come August 21st and count Batista down. If he doesn’t? If he doesn’t then Michaels career may indeed be over. Batista knows his fate may not even be in his control come Sunday and the Animal has warned Michaels to stay out of his business. Will Michaels do the honourable thing and call it how he sees it? Or will Eric Bischoff brainwash Michaels to do the unthinkable? We know that Batista and Kane are going to tear one another apart this Sunday night but will they be the ones in the spotlight come Summerslam’s close or will it be the man in the middle who takes centre stage?

At Wrestlemania John Cena achieved his ultimate goal, achieved his boyhood dream when he became the new WWE Champion. But Cena wasn’t the only one to have a night to remember at Wrestlemania as Kurt Angle managed to defeat the ‘Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels in a Wrestlemania classic. Since then both men have been seemingly unstoppable with Cena fending off challenger after challenger whilst Angle has continued on his same ruthless, intense path with only one thing in mind, the WWE Championship.

For months Angle has claimed that John Cena is running scared of him, that Cena is afraid of facing him and that he knows if the two of them meet for the WWE Championship, Angle would take the gold. Well here we are, August 21st and we will find out exactly whether or not Angle’s claims ring true. The champion has claimed that he will never back down from a challenge and will take on any and all comers to his title, with some wondering if Angle’s claims are simply mind games? Cena has been relentless in telling Angle that if ‘he wants some, he can come get some’ but Angle has refused with the Olympic Gold Medalist continuing to frustrate the leader of the ‘Chain Gang’, even attacking Cena from behind on more than one occasion.

Cena has claimed that Angle is a ‘coward’ and his sneak attacks go to prove it. Well this past Friday on Smackdown it was another cheap ambush from Angle that laid Cena out in the centre of the ring. At Summerslam will Angle’s mind games have worked to a tee? Or will John Cena gain revenge and once again prove that the champ is very much here?

Sixteen times a World Champion, the ‘Dirtiest Player in the Game’, the ‘Nature Boy’, the one and only Ric Flair is in for quite possibly the biggest match of his entire life come Sunday night as he takes on Captain Charisma, Christian knowing that defeat will mean the end of his long, illustrious career.

Back at Vengeance Christian defeated Flair, shocking everybody to get one over on Naitch, proclaiming that Flair was taking his spotlight, that it was time for a new generation to shine and that generation’s leader was himself. The following night on Raw, Flair demanded a rematch with the cocky Canadian, stating that although retirement was something he’d been considering, there was no way he was gonna go out like that. Christian however refused, claiming that there was nothing in it for him, that he’d done all he needed to do. Well, Flair didn’t see it that way.

The Nature Boy went on one of his infamous rambles, demanding Christian face him one more time at Summerslam, the stipulation being if he loses? He would retire for good. Christian’s eyes lit up there and then and the challenge was accepted with Captain Charisma intent on ending Flair’s career. Since that night this rivalry has become heated like no other with so much riding on when we head to Washington.

Christian has continued to try and make Flair as riled, as confrontational, as volatile as possible, attacking Flair’s long time friend Arn Anderson in despicable fashion as well as invading Flair’s home town of Charlotte before disgustingly berating children for looking up to Ric Flair. The arrogant loudmouth then went one further this past Monday on Raw as he even brought Flair’s children into this whole saga, verbally assaulting Flair for not being there for his kids. Flair has lost his cool on more than one occasion, desperate to teach Christian a lesson, desperate to teach him some respect. Well this Sunday, all the anger, all the hurt, all the pain Christian has inflicted on Flair will look to be avenged as the Nature Boy heads to Washington with Captain Charisma in his sights on what will no doubt be a turbulent, emotional night in our nation’s capital for all involved.

Will Flair get his fairytale moment come Sunday? Will the Nature Boy finally get payback, finally put a stop to Christian’s deplorable actions? Or will it all come crashing down for the Sixteen time World Champion? Will we see Christian score the biggest win of his career? Will the new generation truly begin at Summerslam?

Going into Wrestlemania Randy Orton was hell bent on one thing, being the man to end ‘The Streak. Orton went into the event hoping to end The Undertaker’s undefeated Wrestlemania streak, desperate to keep up his ‘Legend Killer’ moniker. Orton however was unsuccessful as the Deadman yet again came out on top, cementing his ‘Mania legacy.

Since then Orton hasn’t stopped however, he has remained relentless in being the man to end the career of The Undertaker and this Sunday at Summerslam he believes the time has come. At Judgment Day Orton finally did get one over on the Phenom, defeating him thanks to the use of a Steel Chair but that simply wasn’t enough for the former World Champion who simply will not settle until he has once and for all finished off the Demon of Death Valley.

Orton claims he is not afraid, that he is not at all fearful of The Undertaker’s mind games, of his presence and that this Sunday he will prove it when he finishes the job he started. But this past Friday on Smackdown the Deadman made a valid point, you cannot kill…what’s already dead. Will that statement echo round Orton’s mind as he heads to Washington? Or will the Legend Killer accomplish what so many have tried and failed, will he kill off The Undertaker?

The first ever Money in the Bank match took place at Wrestlemania and the man who left with the briefcase was none other than the Rated R Superstar, Edge. Guaranteeing himself a World Title opportunity any time twelve months from that point, Edge has been cocky as ever in stating that fact but one man who has not taken too kindly to Edge’s actions are Y2J, Chris Jericho.

Jericho himself had a title opportunity at Backlash, coming up short due to the interference of Edge, the Money in the Bank holder trying there and then to cash in his opportunity. Jericho was of course seething and set about getting his hands on his fellow Canadian, which lead to a big grudge match at Vengeance in which Jericho scored the victory, rolling up Edge for the three count. Edge didn’t take to the defeat well, claiming Jericho was simply stuck in the past, that he’s never accomplished anything except a ‘fluke’ reign as Undisputed Champion. Jericho of course took exception, claiming that he’d at least won a World title, stating that Edge had never amounted to anything, that all he was is a Chris Jericho wannabe who was relying on that briefcase.

The key element come Sunday is the fact that these two will indeed do battle for Edge’s Money in the Bank contract. Jericho has claimed without that contract, Edge’s career will never amount to anything, that he will never become a World Champion without it. One thing’s for sure, the outcome of Sunday’s match could have enormous consequences for both Edge and Jericho. If Edge loses, will it indeed spell the end of his title aspirations? If Jericho loses, does it spell the end of him ever sniffing a World Title again? There is so much at stake come Sunday night, who will leave Washington as Mr.Money in the Bank?

Matt Hardy finally proved he could win the big one on his own at The Great American Bash as he defeated Orlando Jordan to become United States Champion. Since then one man has had him in his sights and that man is the Apple Spitter, Carlito.

Despite this feud only really beginning in the last month or so, it has got very heated, very quickly. Carlito has been quick to refer back to Matt Hardy’s past, stating that his brother Jeff was always the star and that Matt was never cut out to make it to the top. Hardy however hit back, claiming that Carlito WAS cut out to be a star, that the pressure’s been on him ever since he set foot in the WWE but Lito has failed to live up to the hype and that Lito has failed to live up to his father’s name.

Of course with both men’s families getting involved things have turned incredibly sour between the two men with them both trying to one up each other and this past Friday night Carlito sickeningly ambushed Hardy before spitting apple in the champion’s face. Lito claimed that when Hardy spoke about his father, he spat in his face. This past Friday he claimed he returned the favour. This Sunday these two will no doubt be desperate to prove they are far from a failure and that they are indeed on the road to superstardom. The question on everybody’s lips though is, who will be that man?

At Backlash Muhammad Hassan became the Intercontiental Champion, defeating Shelton Benjamin thanks to the formation of his Arabian Entity. Since then Hassan and the Entity have continued to use the number’s game to their advantage, dominating Shelton who despite the arrival of his partner Charlie Haas, has been unable to get the better of the wily quartet.

This Sunday however, Benjamin will get one more shot, one more attempt at taking back the title he believes he deserves. However there are several people, Muhammad Hassan included who believe he doesn’t deserve it, instead his partner should be the one getting the title opportunity after Charlie Haas defeated Hassan to earn Benjamin this opportunity. When questioned Haas simply said that he was only concentrating on being a team again with Shelton, claming that getting Shelton a final shot at the Intercontinental Title back would mean getting the World’s Greatest Tag Team back.

Hassan has had Benjamin’s number time and again but Haas is the man he has yet to conquer. Will the story be the same this Sunday? Will Charlie Haas again come to his partner’s aid in fending off the champion and his army? Or will disaster strike and Shelton Benjamin once again fail to overcome the Entity’s leader? Will Hassan reign supreme again at Summerslam?

Since losing the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania, JBL’s fortunes have gone from bad to worse with the ‘Wrestling God’ suffering defeat after defeat in his quest return to the top of the mountain. Deciding enough is enough, JBL decided to take matters into his own hands and shocked everybody by assaulting a man who has had quite the opposite direction to the ‘Wall Street Warrior’, the undefeated, unstoppable, Bobby Lashley.

Lashley has made a tremendous impact since his debut back in May, steamrolling everybody in his path but this Sunday he takes on quite possibly his toughest test to date when he faces the former WWE Champion on one of the biggest stages yet in his young career. JBL believes that a victory over this powerhouse will propel him back up the ladder and back into contention for the WWE Championship. Victory though won’t be an easy task and if Lashley comes out on top, could the relative rookie be on his way towards the biggest prize on Friday nights? All that’s certain is that when these two collide it will be nothing more than a straight up fight on Sunday night.

The Dudley Boyz returned at Backlash and returned in some style, capturing the World Tag Team Championships. But since then it’s backs against the wall stuff from the masters of the 3D as they’ve had to fight off the challenges of not one, not two but three teams and this Sunday all four will meet in a high stakes battle.

Two of their recent rivals will shockingly be on the Dudleyz same team as the Bashams team with the tag team champions to take on the Arabian Entity duo of Sonjay Dutt and Daivari who in turn join forces with the Platform to Perfection, Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth. The stipulation for this huge showdown is that whoever scores the winning pinfall will earn themselves a title shot against the Dudleyz. However, if the Dudleyz are victorious they will choose their next opponents. With the stakes so high, you have to wonder just how these men are going to all get along with their team mates on Sunday night. Can the Dudleyz come out on top despite all the odds stacked against them? Will their challengers be able to co exist in such a high pressure environment? Who will it be that heads into Unforgiven in pole position for striking down the veteran champions?

The final match on the Summerslam card is certainly not for the feint hearted as it will be a brutal No Holds Barred contest between ‘The Protégé’ Mark Jindrak and the World’s Largest Athlete, Big Show. Ever since aligning himself with William Regal, Jindrak has been unstoppable, taking on any and all comers, targeting Big Show in particularly as somebody to really make a statement with and it’s a statement he has certainly made with Jindrak defeating the giant on more than one occasion. This Sunday however, it’s an environment Jindrak won’t have faced before, an angry giant with weapons at his disposal.

Big Show was seriously considering walking away from the WWE, citing a lack of motivation, a lack of new challenges, that was until Jindrak stepped on the scene and since then Show’s motivation seems to have returned with the cocky youngster continuing to get under the giant’s skin along with his mentor William Regal. This Sunday is Show’s final chance to finally get his hands on Jindrak and give him the beating many feel he deserves. Will Jindrak once again stand tall and conquer the former WWE Champion? Or will Show finally take revenge and put the wily Englishman along with his monster Protégé in their place?

Prediction Template:

World Heavyweight Championship:
Special Guest Referee
: Shawn Michaels
Batista(c) vs Kane

WWE Championship:
John Cena(c) vs Kurt Angle

If Ric Flair loses, he must retire:
Christian w/Tomko vs Ric Flair

Randy Orton vs The Undertaker

Money in the Bank Contract:
Edge vs Chris Jericho

WWE United States Championship:
Matt Hardy(c) vs Carlito

WWE Intercontinental Championship:
Muhammad Hassan(c) vs Shelton Benjamin

John Bradshaw Layfield vs Bobby Lashley

8 Man Tag Team Match:
The Dudley Boyz and The Basham Brothers vs Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth; The Platform to Perfection and Sonjay Dutt and Daivari; The Arabian Entity

No Holds Barred Match:
Mark Jindrak w/William Regal vs Big Show

Bonus Questions:

1) What will be the match order?
2) How many championships will change hands?
3) Who will take the fall in the 8 Man Tag Team Match?
4) What will be the longest match?
5) What will be the shortest match
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