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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

JAM's Review

Hmm, I wasn't too sure about the opening we had with Cena and Edge. Having these two open the show was definitely the right choice but the dialogue between the two just seemed off. There were times when I could imagine them saying what they said but overall, I didn't think it was a strong exchange. Even the commentators were off here but I guess that's to be expected sometime. I did like that you had a run-through of their rivalry to remind the people why they are feuding in the first place. Also, the ending just seemed sort of sudden with Edge's final words and just walking out.

Again, not too sure having Kozlov get on the mic, don't think he knows proper english right? But anyway, I had a feeling Jeff wasn't going to win this since it seems that you're building Kozlov to be a monster again. Having Matt interrupt here was the right choice since it seems to probably be the second most important feud after the World Heavyweight Title feud. Truth seemed pretty okay here too but again, not really someone who gets on the mic a lot.

Richards and Dreamer as a team huh? I guess I could live with that. They're not doing much and the tag team division does need more teams so I like this move. Pretty random to have Jackson face off with Cena here. I think I would've chosen Kendrick instead and see how Cena does with a much smaller, quicker guy and have Jackson interfere in the match, but that's just me. The tag match was pretty good here with Dreamer and Richards getting weapons to fight off Hawkins and Ryder. I think you're building yourself a pretty good tag team division, keep that up.

I'm actually likin' Truth as your US Champion. I think that you could elevate MVP to the World Title scene, but please turn him heel since he wasn't really over as a face. Your midcard, I'm not really sure who is in it right now, so I'm looking forward to see who faces Truth for his title. Divas getting' feisty, a Gail/Maryse feud should be good. Both are pretty decent in the ring, that's for sure. Oh man, poor Funaki here.

Nice pick with Christian here, lovin' it actually. Was hoping that the main event would've been written in more detail as the other matches but I get that matches can burn you out so I don't mind this. The ending was kind of awkward again and kind of ended abruptly. Instead, maybe you could've just had the cliché ending with Cena and Edge facing off with Cena holding the title in the air.

Overall, the promos were off for me here and so was the commentary. The matches were okay but maybe more detail for the main event. Was certainly thinking that I'd enjoy Smackdown more in this thread but I'm actually likin' RAW more at the moment. But anyway, you could do much better than this man. The show started a little awkward with the abrupt end to the opening promo and kind of ended awkwardly with Edge just walking out. But it's all good, onto the next show!

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