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Re: TEW2013 Announced

New Worker Generation is updated

#17: New Worker Generation Upgrade

New worker generation - that is, the code that creates both completely new characters and regenerations of existing characters - has been upgraded significantly for TEW2013 in order to make the output as realistic as possible.

The primary area that has been upgraded is the worker's generated stats; this has been completely rewritten to emphasize more realistic results. This includes: more variety; more emphasis on taking into account style, size and location; better development (i.e. how a worker improves over time); and a better tying together of all the different areas (i.e. a large worker will not only have in-ring skills that are suited specifically to his size, but more work has been done to make sure that the gimmicks he can play are appropriate).

There are also two other areas that have had significant work that will be instantly visible to the user.

The first is that the game now has a powerful "finishing move name generator" which can create tens of thousands of unique moves. Each wrestler will get a custom finisher that is automatically put into a move set unique to them. The moves are divided into categories of finisher so that giant workers aren't going to end up using top rope moves, technicians will be more likely to break out submission holds, etc, etc. The move generator is even time period sensitive, so the moves that it will generate in the 1980s are far different to what it will create in the 2000s.

The second area is that workers now have more interesting, unique and complete auto-generated biographies. Not only do these specifically reference the new custom finisher, they'll also talk about where the worker is from (down to state level in the US), their height and weight, what characters they are best at playing, as well as occasional unique personal insights. This helps with immersion, as the biographies help give characters more colour and personality.
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