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Re: Definition of crybaby: NoyK

Great that I am not the only one who reaalized how Noyks thread backfired. I already posted something similar 3 days ago in that thread

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
The reason you made this thread, and you know it very well, is that you thought you could use the momentum and the hype from the Bad Blood thread. And because that thread got 1300+ replies with almost everybody making fun of Bad Blood you thought the same thing would happen here and at least 50% of the people from the Bad Blood thread would back you up.
This backfired and you now lost confidence and started to complain how everybody picks on you.
Yes, I have read your response to Evolution. This response was on page 4 where you was still full of yourself. Later you became soft when you saw that your thread didnt go the direction you had in mind. This was still your "I did it. This is da internet and I can be mean" gimmick, later you became soft and changed your gimmick to "I did it but I was not the only one. Why is da internet so mean and picks only on me"

Funny how you mentioned your response to Evolution because he told everyone who made fun of Waz to mess with him and you did nothing.
And before you answer "why should I mess with Evolution, he did nothing to me".
Waz did nothing to you either and you messed with him.
You disappointed me in your conversation with Evolution. I thought this is the rants section, a place to insult, rage, complain, flame, and all that fuckery. The best you came up with is telling Evolution that he acts like Bad Bloods boyfriend. For someone who was so full of himself in the OP this is a very weak insult, if you can even call it insulting
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