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Re: MMA Discussion Thread

for fucks sake, want a bit of cheese with your whine?

I've never seen anyone so pedantic about anything in my life. Relax son, get out of the house and breathe.

Originally Posted by ogorodnikov View Post
and by the way, i didn't report you because i "couldn't handle the argument." i reported you to get you banned, and it worked flawlessly. how would "not handling the argument" even work? you could come back a week later and still respond, couldn't you? what the fuck?
so you bitched out. thats embarrassing.

hello? you said that Wand/Liddell/Fedor losing doesn't stop anyone from questioning their legacy, and i tell you it did. then you say "that's what i said."
and i quote from your rambling diabtribe

people debate whether Fedor/Liddell/Wandy are the best of all time in their division ALL the fucking time.
which is what i said. People do debate about these guys, thats what i said, and then you said the exact same thing there. Oh wait, am i being pedantic about the meaning behind those words. Jeez, i wonder how that feels

not that i care either way about Fedor, but him losing 3 times in a row when he was deemed almost unbeatable before that for sure damaged his legacy. it's going to mentioned a fucking LOT in any discussion of Fedor. it's not going to be "Generally accepted" as a way of going out just because you say so. luckily your words aren't the end all be all MMA Elitist.
3 losses damaged his legacy? The criticisms of Fedor that get thrown up now, are the same that got thrown up beforehand.

i don't discredit anyone, unlike yourself Mr "Struve/Miocic is a useless fight."
It doesn't deserve to be main eventing. This goes back to the amount of shows argument, even for a free show it is not a quality main event. Its nothing but a grab for money from people coming through the gate.

i'm discussing BJ Penn being the best of all time. you brought in Shinya Aoki and said he's arguably the LW Goat, which is clearly fucking retarded beyond comprehension. why? because he was one dimensional and clearly didn't fight talent up to the level that BJ Penn did. then you bring in.... Royce Gracie. Royce Gracie is a pioneer of the sport, and introduced a style and showed you have to be well rounded. he's fucking magnificent, but as far as best of all time, no, he's not in that discussion. not that i'm discrediting what he did, i'm saying he wasn't the most skilled, with the most belts and more impressive title run and overall career. you are comparing two completely fucking different entities for reasons unknown.
are you calling my opinion fucking retarded. might have to cry to a mod about that. Hurts my massive internet ego, you're out of line

Talent that BJ Penn did? Aoki fought the best of the guys who weren't in the UFC (and some that were). Penn fought the better fighters, but its not like Aoki was ducking and taking easy fights.

You don't consider Royce Gracie to have had an impressive career? wow.

I bring up Gracie as an example of a great fighter, who is one dimensional. You do not consider anyone who isn't a completely well rounded fighter in you discussion so that counts out Cro Cop, Liddell, pretty much anyone who built the sport, etc. I'm not arguing that he is the GOAT, or that he should be compared with Penn or Aoki. Its a seperate point in the discussion, you don't ever seem to grasp that with anything. To be clear, b/c you're going to harp on it again, its a point against a point in your argument on what makes a fighter a GOAT. It isn't on a tangent, its related to your shaky argument.

first post made on the subject. by you. make up your mind. stop scrambling. all you had to say was "by far" at the end if you meant to say that, but you clearly didn't say that. you didn't think BJ Penn was the best at LW and now you're running around in a panic. it's actually kinda fucking hilarious, so wait, don't stop scrambling.
which anyone with a brain could see is what i meant

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