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Re: Punk ass scrilla AKA Mr. I Wish I Was A Mod

Originally Posted by El Chapo View Post
I'm sick & tired of this ass face. He spends what seems like an eternity complaining about users join date and quite frankly, adds nothing worthy to any discussion I've seen him in, aside from the overused "gotten to" and "geek", which he'll likely reply with here.

I wonder about this guy. I mean, he seems very dedicated to this forum, he's been here forever. So long, he feels he has control over what is said and what goes on in each section. He spends most of his time sucking up to Headliner, EVO and LC. He's even responsible for that douche GOON, his pet project.

I know I'm not going to win a popularity contest and honestly, I don't give a shit. I agree with him on 1 thing: most 11ers & 12ers not named El Chapo are shit. But, it's gotten to be too much. He seems to ignore that many of those 11ers & 12ers are rejoiners, possibly from his class, that are responsible for the shitty decline rants has been in. I'm tired of seeing his dorkish replies with that same Kobe smiley, I'm tired of him undercover whining in chatbox when he see's a post he doesn't like. Something has got to shake.

What I'm saying is, while most 11ers & 12ers are shitty, we have something in common: our undeserved classification as shitty posters by this dick bag. It's time to stand up and I'm the head of this shit. I'm defending all of the 11ers & 12ers on this site. WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Scrilla, you wanted a war well by God, you have a war now, with the almighty El Chapo. The man who is on a crusade to ruin your life on wrestling forum. For I am the past, present and future of wrestling forum. And all you playa hating sons of bitches wanna be me, and your girls wanna see me. And when your kids meet me, I greet thee with a smile. Cuz El Chapo goes the extra mile.


11ers & 12ers, let's stand up to this nut hugging, booty popping psycho. Because if you do not choose to back me on this mission, you will suffer defeat. We're in this together. And anybody who else who has a problem with me, come get some. I'm jacked up on Red Bull & cocaine. I got my ammunition ready.


El Chapo
So you say 11ers and 12ers are shit, then you ask for them to stand up to Scrilla?
Oh, and you know who is the worst 11er? Trouble trouble. I hate that douche.

Oh and BTW, I'm with Scrilla on this one. He's the lesser douche.
He's actually funny sometimes. Unlike you.

And what happened to Goon BTW? Did his yacht sink or something?
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