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Re: Matches that should have happened but never did

HBK vs Rock - Sometime between 2002/2003
HHH vs Rock - that should have been the main event of WM2000
HHH vs Rock vs Austin - If it wasn't for Austins neck we would have seen this match at Survivor Series 99
Flair vs Hogan - WM8 was the time and the place
Savage vs Bret - I think this should have either happened at WM9 or WM10, with Savage passing the torch
Hogan vs Bret - If Hogan wasn't such a bitch we would have gotten this at Summerslam 93
HBK vs Owen - Suprised they never faced during HBK's first title reign and especially after the Montreal Screwjob, when Owen returned and attacked HBK at DX IYH, I thought they would go that route, but they quickly dropped it
HBK vs CM Punk - A one on one match between these two would have been cool to see especially during Punk's 2009 heel run
Randy Orton vs John Cena - I'm talking about Wrestlemania, should have been the main event of WM25
HHH vs Edge - they wasted this big match at GAB 08, should have held out for WM25
Brock Lesnar vs Batista - they faced in OVW, but never in the WWE
Jericho vs Undertaker - They had one match against eachother on Smackdown, what a waste, that was a PPV, hell even WM quality match
Trish vs Lita - At a Wrestlemania, I think we were going to get it at WM21 before Lita's injury
Eddie vs HBK - I can't believe they were going to do this at WM22. The feud was supposed to begin at SS 05 where they were both captains of their respective teams
Undertaker vs Sting - This should have happened at WM27, instead Sting re-signed with TNA and went on to face Jeff Hardy at Victory Road

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