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Re: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by LadyCroft View Post
haha I would have saved it the second time up that mountain ... I hate trying to get up some of those mountains because I always try to do it the hard way. ...

What is the name of that ruin? I wanna find that!
Place is called Arcwind Point. In my hundreds of hours playing I never been there until last night. There is a path to there but I didnt know so I was at Alchemists Shack and saw the a Ruin logo I didnt discover so climbed the mountain which sucks and u know the rest.

Striker there isnt a Dremora Thrall which sucks but what I have done before was go to Mehrune Dagons Shrine kill the Dremora there and use Dead Thrall on them which worked. So I had 2 permanent Dremora. They werent as powerful as the ones you could summon though but there is a Mage one which is good. Once you get Dead Thrall theres certain ppl that are perfect for Thralls. My first one was thr guy you kill when you finish the Breaking Dawn quest. If you have him as a Thrall he is amazing as a mage and when he gets killed he comes back to life as some ghost thing even more powerful but hostile to everyone.

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