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re: Election Discussion Thread

Democrats suck because of their fiscal irresponsibility and their stupid programs that never accomplish anything beyond spending more money that we don't have.

Republicans suck because they are the Jesus Freak party. I am a Catholic and I am very proud of my faith, and I am all for preserving the rights and liberties of religious institutions (IE, no Catholic Hospital should be forced to provide Abortions) but I feel religion and politics should be separate and when they start saying things like "Gay Marriage & Abortions have to be illegal because God said so" then fuck off.

If you twisted my arm and forced me to pick one candidate to vote for, it would probably be Romney because all that Hope & Change bullcrap from four years ago amounted to nothing by more debt, higher unemployment, and just a shitty job all around. I don't know if Romney is any better (I doubt it), but I don't like what we have, that's for sure.

Also, I lol at both parties for their joke conventions. RNC has a crazy old man talking to a chair (Clint, I love you, but that was weird) and DNC has the Democrats actually stealing votes from themselves. So yeah, fuck you both and I mock your stupidity.

All I can say about the election is that I can not wait to see what South Park does with it this time around. I mean the Cartman voter recount election episode, Douche & Turd, and the jewel heist from 2008 were all fantastic political parodies. I hope we get another.


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