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A Man trapped among others was passed along a cigarette which he gladly smoked on the spot. Not realizing it at the time, but he was poisoned. Luckily it won’t last for more than a day.
Unfortunately another captive among them was not so lucky. King Kenny had not voiced his opinion so the other 4 people took it upon themselves to do so. They cast her dead body aside to reveal…
Spoiler for King Kenny:
Congratulations King Kenny. You are Laura Hunter (from #2). You are self aligned. 412

Can any of you honestly say that you remember that last time you looked forward to the next day? No. That’s why you have been given a second chance. A new lease on life, if you will. Each of you has a number carved into the back of your neck. Combine all 5 of these numbers and you’ll be given a cure to combat the poison already flowing in your body. The number of cures is a mystery. Choose to give your number up and someone else might get the possible only cure. Keep your number a mystery, then wait out the poison until the end.

You will choose one person to sacrifice each day, and then there number will be revealed. If you choose to give your number up freely and get the cure, the amount is unknown, there may not be enough for everyone. The cure will be given to either the last remaining person or randomly distributed among you if you boldly risk giving up your number.

Communicate with your captured team mates with this QT: :heis

sXe_Maverick woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. He had a dream he was eating his own pillow when it actually turned out to be his own foot. While in the moment, a Man playing his own game came into the room and listened to a tape recording. The recording gave him a choice to kill sXe_Maverick or not. He did…
Spoiler for sXe_Maverick:
Congratulations sXe_Maverick. You are Adam Faulkner-stanheigt. You are Town.

You abuse yourself through your own addiction. You take pictures for a living. You’re also a horrible actor. You were locked in a room with Dr. Gordon and dead man; pretty much you don’t trust anyone.

You are the day silencer. You may PM the mod with one person’s name per night. That person will not be allowed to post during the following day phase. And at night, they must type everything backwards. Not the same person twice.

During the night, SIMBA was taken captive by Saw…


“Hello Everyone. Today the game continues for those fortunate enough to still be alive. As you have just seen SIMBA was taken captive by me. The reason may or may not be of importance. What is of importance is your choice in whether he lives or dies.

You must lynch someone, anyone, by the end of the day or suffer the consequences. Either lynch someone, or SIMBA will be taken in his place.

Which person deserves to live? Make your decision and learn to value life."

With 23 alive, It takes 12 to lynch


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