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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Sorry this is so late...

Night of Champions Feedback

Opening video did its job, nothing too much to say here.

Having a Divas match kick off a PPV isn’t exactly a tone setter and not something I would personally go for BUT I understood it considering it was Beth’s home town and with that in mind, you were always going to give her the win. Was very surprised at how aggressive Kelly was in the early goings and she looked pretty strong too, that cross body over the top woulda been nasty. After that though it was pretty much one way traffic and Beth looked her usual dominant self. Right call in having her take the title and I’m sure this will eventually build to Beth/Natalya, well I hope so anyway. Feel good opening but probably not the greatest in terms of a spectacle.

Fast start from Cara here but Rhodes turned up the aggression following that and I liked to see that side of him as well as the use of the mask. Pretty good momentum turner with Cara rolling through Rhodes’ Alabama Slam attempt and I liked the offense that followed from the Mexican, some of his usual flashy spots. Was really expecting things to pick up from this point and Cara to really push for the win but it kind of flipped quite suddenly into Rhodes’ favour and I thought it was a little too quick for Rhodes to end it, although the mask shot followed by Cross Rhodes was a nice way to do it. Big win for Rhodes and a fun little match but felt a tiny bit short.

I’d be all for a Rhodes/Regal feud, by all means run with it.

This was probably the match I was least looking forward to and you did your best but I just couldn’t get into it. Not your fault at all, it’s just hard for you to get anyone interested in these guys with just one PPV under your belt, it’ll take a lot of time to build them and the tag ranks up. As far as the result goes, disappointing. I think Otunga and McGilicutty, although both of them were awful at this point, they are at least a serious, competitive side who will hopefully improve. Santino and Kozlov were just pure comedy. I hope you go a more serious route with them, comedy still involved obviously but they need to get serious or else it won’t be an enjoyable reign.

Pretty standard stuff from Mysterio here, not a lot you can do with him on the stick but I’m certainly looking forward to the match.

Very short and sweet from Punk here, I liked it, served its purpose.

Really strong stuff in the opening from these two, as expected and that Powerbomb from Ziggler was beautiful. You did well in this with allowing both men to have spells in control and then switch it up. Ziggler had his moments, Rey came back into it and vice versa, some really enjoyable action, Rey’s Tornado DDT being one of those sweet spots. Wow, the super kick and Zig Zag had me thinking it was over with but Rey with a foot on the ropes!! Couldn’t believe it and at that point I thought ‘Fuck’, Mysterio’s gonna take it. Thank god I was wrong. Rey is not the man to be holding the U.S title right now, Ziggler could do with a good reign and the rub McIntyre will get from joining with Vickie will do him the world of good. MOTN so far and a good, simple ending.

Was very much looking forward to this next one and it started off strong with all the major rivalries panning out as expected which was the right thing to do. Really liked the Henry passing Morrison over to Khali spot, would’ve loved to see that. Wow, Henry looking strong early on here, that WSS on Khali would’ve been epic. You really kept Sheamus/Henry running throughout this one which shows how heated their rivalry has become, every time one looked on top, the other showed up and it was good to read. The stage spot was well worked and truly would’ve been a HOLY SHIT moment if you were in the arena. Good way of taking the match away from them and giving others the spotlight.

Mahal getting the RKO haha. Things began to pick up here and it was a nice change to see two men who AREN’T big rivals going to battle in Barrett and Morrison. They produced some strong stuff with the diving elbow as well as the Wasteland before BAM, RKO! At that point you think, it’s over, Orton retains and then Henry returns!! Really portrays him as a badass dude to come back from that stage spot so quickly, perhaps even TOO quickly if I’m being nitpicky. Ending was well worked indeed and again, it’s all focusing on Sheamus/Henry, you’ve done very well with those two and their feud over the title should be a good one now. Would’ve liked a bit more focus on Orton/Barrett throughout and I wonder where they go now as Orton will want his title back surely? Looking forward to how you go with it. Good job though.

Very random, probably unnecessary segment here with Trips, didn’t understand the Otunga/McGilicutty addition at all but we’ll see what happens.

Enjoyed this match very much so between Bryan and Christian and I think it does a great job in giving Bryan some more credibility which at this poin the DESPERATELY needed. Being Mr.MITB means you’re gonna be a champion inevitably and to have no build/credibility kills you. This does wonders for D-Bry, making an established name like Christian tap out while it adds all the more to Christian’s ongoing feud with Teddy Long which I have no doubts will continue. Another very solid contest here, particularly liked Christian’s leg work on Bryan by the way and things are getting better throughout the show.

Cena was pretty on the money here even though I hated it. I hate it though because it’s typical Cena not because of your writing. Cena saying Del Rio’s the worst champ of all time was a bit much lol. End line was nice though and this one should be a gooden.

Very clever, surprising start to this one and classic R-Truth lol. Glad to see Del Rio and Cena interacting pretty much from the get go and to have such an early spot like the AA through the table surprised me but in a good way as it kinda set the tone for this one. Not surprised at all that Truth went first, I thought it’d be him or Kofi and it was the right call. However I was VERY surprised at what happened next with Awesome Truth taking it to Cena and Del Rio eliminates Cena!! Wow. Cena going this early was totally unexpected and a breath of fresh air in my eyes. Kofi really looked strong following that though, he took it big time to Miz and Del Rio in typical Kofi fashion. Punk up to this point hadn’t done an awful lot, pretty underwhelming and his interaction with Kofi was some good stuff I must say. I even thought Kofi had eliminated Punk with the SOS, I literally went ‘Oh my God’ he’s eliminating Punk haha.

Miz then eliminating Kofi was probably the right call, Miz needed an elimination and it couldn’t be Punk I don’t think. Kofi had a good showing though and no shame in bowing out at this point. Punk then eliminating Miz was expected as like the Kofi elimination, Punk needed an elimination under his belt and Miz was to be it, pretty standard stuff and now the final showdown I wanted to see. Very good action between these two, the Cross Armbreaker, the GTS, I thought at both those points the contest was over but NASH appears!! Nash screwing Punk again was a clever ending and gives Punk a major feud now heading into Hell in a Cell and beyond while giving Del Rio a big, much needed victory to solidify his reign.

There were mistakes and a lot of things you can work on and improve most definitely but on the whole, for a first PPV this was very good. The opening stages of the PPV were a little slow but it built and built to what was an enjoyable finale in the WWE title match. Ziggler/Mysterio and the two main events were my favourites, all delivering in my eyes and I’m excited by Henry being top dog on Smackdown as well as where Punk goes with Nash along with Del Rio’s reign expanding. Good job mate and looking forward to Raw.
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