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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Sending a thank you too the guys who reviewed my last show, much appreciated fellas.

This show has actually been written for a while, just didn't have any motivation to finish off the matches. So excuse the detail of the matches and I haven't had time to proof read this, so I imagine there will be a couple of mistakes. Enjoy...

WWE Friday Night SmackDown
24.04.09 | Amway Arena

Before the opening credits, a video package rolls, giving us a reminder of last weeks show. It begins with Teddy Long announcing a tag team match between the team of Edge & John Cena against the team of Big Show & Edge. Then we see the conversation about working together between Cena and Edge, before we segue into seeing Cena saving Edge from a beating by a Big Show. And then finally, the video ends with Edge spearing John Cena, costing his team the win and ending the short lived team of Edge and Cena. And then the package ends...

Then the customary SmackDown opening package plays, highlighting the Superstars of SmackDown before cutting into the arena where a huge pyrotechnic display goes off and we get a panning shot of the fans in the arena. The commentary team of SmackDown then chimes in.

Jim Ross: Hello everybody and welcome to Friday Night SmackDown. My name is good ol’ J.R, and I’m joined again by Todd Grisham and Matt Striker. We’ve got a great show lined up, as always, so ladies and gentleman we know you will enjoy it.

Todd Grisham: Thank you, J.R. And indeed we do, a great show for you ladies and gentleman, if you were paying attention to wwe.com then you would know that we have another United States Championship match for you. After last week when R-Truth won the championship, M-V-P activated his rematch clause which means we witness these two Superstars square off one on one tonight.

Matt Striker: And what a match that will be. But don’t forget we also have two other matches planned, involving the World Heavyweight Champion John Cena and ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge.

Jim Ross: That’s right, both of these men will be in singles action against an opponent of the others choosing. And speaking of these two, we will no doubt get reaction to last week where Edge cost himself and John Cena a big win over the team of Matt Hardy and Big Show.


The crowd erupts with a thunderous reaction for the current World Heavyweight Champion, the biggest Superstar in the WWE; John Cena jogs out from the back to the stage. Looking out into the fans, he soaks it all before saluting and running down the ramp before sliding into the ring.

Jim Ross: Speaking of John Cena, it looks like we’ll hear from him a bit earlier than expected. And I do have to wonder what he will say about Edge and what transpired last weekend.

Todd Grisham: Cena put his trust in Edge, for that one match, and even saved him from a beating by Big Show, but Edge still betrayed his tag team partner and not for the last time I reckon.

Matt Striker: Lemme’ ask you guys a question, if you were John Cena, would you have put your trust in Edge?

Todd Grisham: Well-

Matt Striker: No, you wouldn’t. Edge has a reputation for turning his back on people and using whatever to get what he wants. Cena was an idiot for trusting Edge, and he got what everybody knew he would get, besides he himself.

In the ring, the fans have started to die down a bit and Cena is handed a microphone by the timekeeper.

John Cena: Last week, okay, our-

Cena’s cut off as the fans begin to chant his name...

John Cena: Thank you. Last week, our SmackDown General Manager... Theodore Long... made a huge tag team main event.

Cena adjusts his cap...

John Cena: It was the team of Matt Hardy...

It’s a very loud batch of heat for the hated Hardy...

John Cena: Teaming with the Big Show...

More boos, albeit a little bit smaller...

John Cena: Against myself and my opponent at Backlash... the number one contender to my World Heavyweight Championship... Edge

The mixed reaction that Edge had last week has all gone now, as the whole arena boos the mention of ‘The Rated R Superstar’...

John Cena: I know what you all thought when he announced that match... you thought... oh my god! What a match! What a tag team main event we have! Right? But that’s fine... because I thought that too. And ever since that show, I’ve been running it through in my mind over and over. Going over what Edge done... and it wasn’t until I got to the arena t’night... that I released... why am I surprised?

The crowd don’t really know how to respond so Cena presses on...

John Cena: Edge has been doing stuff like that throughout his career... and I should know... it’s happened to me often enough. Edge’s back stabbings have became second nature to him... it’s became expected in this company. When Edge is around, your guard is always up.

Cena takes a pause...

John Cena: And last week... I let my guard down. I put my trust in Edge, my tag team partner for last week... and what does he do? Stabs me in the back, as many of you guys and many of the guys in the back expected. I was stupid... very stupid to let my guard down, and Edge took advantage just like he’s always done.

Again, the fans don’t know how to react so Cena continues...

John Cena: A word of advice for anybody listening right now... doe not trust Edge.



The fans erupt again, but this time it’s boos instead of cheers, directed at ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge who walks out in a leather jacket, sunglasses and jeans. While walking out onto the stage, Edge applauds for some reason, while wearing a smug smile on his face. And with a microphone in hand he stops atop of the ramp.

Edge: Bravo... really... bravo.

The fans boo as Edge begins to walk slowly down the ramp...

Edge: Well done... Cena... you finally realized not to trust me. But to be honest with you, Cena, everybody should know not to trust me... especially you. After all we’ve been through regarding matches and knifes in the back... you... you should have known.

By this time, Edge is climbing the steel steps, and finally enters the ring and stands a few feet away from his rival...

Edge: This...

Edge points to himself and then Cena...

Edge: It’s just another chapter... it’s just another chapter in what is probably the biggest rivalry in the history of the WWE. After all I’ve done to you... you should have known to expect me to hit you with a spear last week.

Boos from the crowd...

Edge: Like I said, that was just another talking point of our rivalry, but this rivalry between you and I... will end.

Edge takes his shades off and puts them on the collar of his shirt...

Edge: It will end at Backlash... when I defeat you for your World Heavyweight Championship. Just like I did at New Years Revolution... three years ago.

More boos from the fans as Cena brings the microphone to his mouth...

John Cena: Ah yes, that. I remember that Edge, it’s stuck in my mind for a long time. After a gruelling elimination chamber match... you come on out and cash in your money in the bank briefcase and pin me for the WWE Championship.

Again, boos at the fact that Edge beat Cena...

John Cena: That’s when this all started... this.

Cena points between themselves...

John Cena: What you did at New Years Revolution, it shocked the world. And the next night on RAW, the whole world tuned in to watch me kicking your ass. Or as you say, they just tuned in to watch what you would do every week as champion.

Edge mouths ‘that’s right’...

John Cena: That’s when it all started, after we’ve done been through it all... you’ve busted me open... I’ve thrown you in a lake, you’ve beat me... I’ve beat you. I went on to beat you at the Royal Rumble to win back my WWE Championship... but then you cost me that belt at ECW’s One Night Stand against Rob Van Dam.

Pop for the mention of ‘RVD’...

John Cena: And all of this... it’s goin’ to come to a head at Backlash... me and you one on one... the final encounter... for my World Heavyweight Championship.

Another cheer...

John Cena: Another championship match in our long history of matches.

Edge: And y’know what Cena, y’know what match sticks in my mind the most?

Cena mouths ‘what?’.

Edge: Unforgiven... two thousand and six. You defeated me to win the WWE Championship from me... in my home town. I have nightmares about that night... I still think about it during the day... and this is my chance to rectify it. At Backlash... I’m going to do that to you. I’m goin’ to defeat you at Backlash in your hometown and win the World Heavyweight Championship. Clean... one on one... no gimmicks just a singles match. Just you... and me... one on one... for the World Heavyweight Championship... in this ring.


‘The Rated Superstar’ puts his shades back on and exits the ring, he begins to walk backwards the ramp, keeping his eyes on the champion. Cena holds his World Championship up as Edge nods in his direction.


We return to Friday’s most entertaining show and we hear...


The arena reacts with a batch of heat as ‘The Moscow Mauler’, Vladimir Kozlov walks down the ramp, looking like he’s bit into a lemon. Big Vlad’ climbs into the ring and is given a microphone.

Vladimir Kozlov: The last few weeks... I come out here... and face opposition that are not on my level. I have told the SmackDown General Manager that I want better competition... so he told me to come out here and issue an open challenge.

Kozlov throws the microphone to the side and waits for an opponent to appear. The silence in the arena is then disrupted by...


Kozlov finally gets his wish, as Jeff Hardy appears on top of the stage. With the fans almost taking the roof off, Jeff sets off his pyro and walks down the ramp, keeping his eyes firmly on Vladimir Kozlov.

Jim Ross: It looks like Kozlov finally got his wish, Jeff Hardy is more than a match for Kozlov.

Todd Grisham: Jeff has been embroiled in a family feud with his brother but obviously he has gotten sick of Kozlov going on about how he has nobody on this brand to face that is on his level, which is quite frankly ridiculous.

Matt Striker: Y’know something guys? Jeff really shouldn’t be doing this, he has a huge match against his brother coming up in just over a week, he should be keeping himself healthy, not facing one of the most intimidating Superstars on SmackDown.

Match One
Jeff Hardy vs. Vladimir Kozlov

This match started off with Kozlov trying to use his power, but Jeff used his speed and agility to take Kozlov off his game and take it to him. Kozlov finally managed to take the initiative when Hardy went to the top rope but missed a cross body. Vladimir spent the next few minutes locking in various submissions and generally beating Hardy up. Once Kozlov was satisfied with the damage he dealt, he attempted the Iron Curtain but Jeff countered and hit a series of high flying moves, before going for the Swanton Bomb... but then he is distracted by Matt Hardy, who has just sprinted down the ramp. Kozlov takes complete advantage of this and connects with the Iron Curtain from the top rope for the win.

Winner – Vladimir Kozlov @ 8.01

Kozlov picks up a huge victory over Jeff Hardy, albeit with a helping hand from Jeff’s brother Matt. The referee raises his hand in the air, while Matt joins him in the ring. Kozlov leaves, while Matt stands over his brother, looking down and just staring.

Jim Ross: Matt Hardy has just cost his brother this match, and it’s something that Jeff will not be happy about. He had this match won, I think, but Matt just had to make an appearance.

Todd Grisham: This just adds more fuel to the fire and it’s all going to explode at Backlash in the T-L-C match.

With the lasting picture of Hardy standing over his brother...

We head backstage where Tiffany is standing by.

Tiffany: Ladies and gentleman... please welcome the new United States Champion... R-Truth.

The crowd respond with a pretty loud cheer as Truth joins Tiffany in the camera frame...

Tiffany: R-Truth... first of all congratulations on winning the championship last week. How do you feel about that?

Tiff’ hands the microphone to Truth...

R-Truth: Well... it’s hard to explain. I guess all the only way I can describe it is the best moment of my career so far.

Good cheer from the fans...

R-Truth: It’s a great feeling, I mean... I went into last week’s triple threat knowing I had a good chance of winning. I did... I did it by beating two other men... two great Superstars... but now I’m United States Champion and I’m not planning on lettin’ this championship go.

Another good cheer...

Tiffany: Well later on tonight, you’ll defend that championship against the former United States Champion, M-V-P.

R-Truth: He’s entitled to a rematch... after all... he’s got a rematch clause. And I welcome the challenge... and that goes for anybody in the locker room... I’ll fight anyone... I’ll defend against anyone. But M-V-P has to know... that t’night I’m leaving with the United States Championship. And that’s what’s up.

Another good cheer as the U.S Champ’ leaves the interview area, as Tiffany watches on.

Jim Ross: R-Truth seems ready for tonight where he’ll defend his championship against the former champion. That’s later on tonight but after this commercial break we’ll have the first of our two pick your poison matches as John Cena will take on an opponent of Edge’s choosing. Join us after this...

And with that...


We return to see Theodore Long in his office, looking through some papers, standing in front of his desk. The door knocks and he shouts for whomever to come in, he puts the papers down and shakes the two men’s hands and then the camera shows Tommy Dreamer and Steven Richards.

Theodore Long: Ah... just the playas’ I wanted to see. Welcome to Friday Night SmackDown.

Steven Richards: Yeah, uh, thanks for signing to the brand, Teddy.

Theodore Long: We’ve needed new tag teams on this brand for a while, and we've already got The Hart Dynasty coming in but you guys will bring somethin’ different, ya feel me?

Richards and Dreamer nod their approval...

Theodore Long: And seeing as how you two know each other so... I’d bet my house on you two playa’s being a success on SmackDown.

Tommy Dreamer: We appreciate that, and we appreciate the chance you’ve gave us.

Richards nods...

Theodore Long: Ain’t a problem playa’s. Now... you both have a match tonight against Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder. Good luck.

Dreamer and Richards swiftly turn and leave Teddy’s office, leaving him to get back to work.

Meanwhile, in another part of the arena, Vickie Guerrero is speaking to Chavo Guerrero, which we join during the conversation.

Vickie Guerrero: You do. I mean... you can do it. Look, Chavo, your Uncle Eddie left a huge legacy to live up to. You must continue the legacy of the Guerrero’s.

Chavo nods but stops when Big Show shows up...

Big Show: Vickie... I need to talk you.

Vickie Guerrero: I’ll talk to you later, Chavo.

Chavo and Vickie share a hug before he leaves...

Big Show: Look, Vickie, I want you to know that I’m just as mad at Edge as you are. After all that stuff he said to you... he deserves a beating and-

Vickie Guerrero: You’re damn right he does. How dare he speak to me like that, did you hear him? Nobody speaks to a Guerrero like that. Next time you’re in that ring with Edge, I want you to tear him from limb to limb.

Finally Vickie stops talking and Show can begin...

Big Show: Don’t worry, we’ll get payback on Edge, soon enough. But I just found out that I have a match tonight. So I have to focus on that, and we’ll get Edge at another time.

Vickie Guerrero: Uh yeah, okay. Listen, when you go down to that ring, whoever it is you’re facing, I want you to think of him as Edge. I want you to go and do to him what I just said you’ve to do to Edge. I want Edge to know that his time here is coming to an end, and once you are done with him, he’ll have no choice but to retire from the severe beating he’ll get from you.

Show nods, as he puts his arm around Vickie and the duo walk out of the camera shot.

Matt Striker: I’d hate to be the poor man who Big Show is facing tonight. After that, shall we say – pep talk from Vickie, he is in for a rough night.

Todd Grisham: And from Vickie’s intentions there, it seems as if Edge is in for a rough couple of months if Show gets his way with him.


For the second tonight, the World Heavyweight Champion’s music plays and is greeted with another thunderous reaction. The Champ’, John Cena walks out onto the stage, salutes to the crowd before jogging down to the ring.

Jim Ross: For the second time tonight, we see the champion, John Cena make his way down to the ring. And this is an interesting situation for Cena – he has had no preparation time for this.

Todd Grisham: As will Edge, both competitors don’t know who their opponents will be.

Matt Striker: That’s the beauty of it, we get to see what these Superstars are like against possibly people they’ve never faced off against.


Edge’s pick for John Cena tonight is the huge figure of Ezekiel Jackson! The Brian Kendrick’s tag team partner for Backlash, the big man walks down to the ring, eyes fixated on the World Heavyweight Champion. ‘Zeke pulls his massive frame into the ring and stands in the opposite corner from his opponent.

Jim Ross: Well, I did not expect this opponent for John Cena. But I gotta’ say, it’s a smart choice. Jackson is one of the biggest and most intimidating Superstars on SmackDown. And he has a ton of momentum after his victory over one of half of the WWE Tag Team Champions – Primo last week.

Todd Grisham: A smart choice, indeed. To my knowledge, Cena has never faced off against Jackson, so he’s an unknown quantity to the World Champion.

Match Two
World Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs. Ezekiel Jackson

This match kicked off with a flurry off offense from Cena, matching Jackson’s strength with his own each step of the way. But eventually, Jackson managed to take Cena off his game, and start to dominate proceedings. Surprisingly, Jackson got a lot of offense in on the World Champion, he even got a few near falls, and hit some of his signature moves. But Cena, after being dominated for most of the match, began his comeback, breaking out of sleeper hold and hitting a number of flying shoulder blocks and then his five knuckle shuffle before finishing the match off with the Attitude Adjustment.

Winner – John Cena @ 7:54

The fans rise to their feet to congratulate the winner, John Cena, who the referee is checking is already after that hellacious match. The referee helps Cena to his feet, exhausted from taking on big ‘Zeke, once on his feet – the ref holds his arm in the air and then collects the World Heavyweight Championship and hands it to him.

Jim Ross: I truly thought Ezekiel had that match won, when he reversed the Attitude Adjustment and connected with that spinebuster I thought it was all over but Cena kicked out, which shows the never day die attitude that he personifies.

Todd Grisham: But how much of this match has taken a toll on Cena.

Matt Striker: Edge was smart picking an opponent like Jackson for Cena, the perfect opponent to wear Cena down and tire him out before Backlash.

Jim Ross: But remember ladies and gentleman, Edge will also be in action tonight, against an opponent of John Cena’s choosing.

We catch a shot of Cena slapping hands with a few hands while on his way down the ramp and with that – we head to a commercial break.


We return to SmackDown, and the cameras are backstage where the WWE Tag Team Champions, Carlito and Primo are speaking with Brie and Nikki Bella.

Brie Bella: Oh my god! Guys, last week was so funny!

Nikki Bella: It was... it was hilarious to watch Kendrick and Jackson slip around the ring.

Brie Bella: Yeah, but guys, we are sorry that you couldn’t get the win over Jackson, Primo.

Primo shrugs his shoulders...

Primo: Well, ju see, that was just one match. The one that matters is at Backlash when Carlito and I defend our championships.


Carlito: Yeah, and t’night, Carlito is goin’ out to ‘dat ring and pinnin’ Kendrick, one-two-three and then at Backlash Carlito and Primo will retain our championships.

Brie & Nikki Bella: Can’t wait!

The Colon’s put their arms around their respective Bella, and the foursome proceed out of the shot and we cut to the main arena


The fans boo a little at the arrival of Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder, the duo walk out the ring, pointing at themselves and shouting out that they are the best tag team on SmackDown. After a bit of taunting, the tag team finally enter the ring and await their debuting opponents.

Jim Ross: This is a great chance for Hawkins and Ryder to get back on track, after they lost their championship opportunity two weeks ago. Especially this match, because they have the opportunity to ruin the nights of Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards.

Todd Grisham: As the SmackDown General Manager said – SmackDown needs new tag teams for Carlito and Primo to face off against, and while they are busy dealing with the challenge of The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson.

Matt Striker: And how must Hawkins and Ryder feel? Teddy Long is signing new tag teams for SmackDown, like Dreamer and Richards, like The Hart Dynasty – while we have teams such as Hawkins and Ryder and Jesse and Festus.


It’s a warm reception for the arrival of Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards. The ECW Originals walk down the ramp, playing to the crowd, before entering the ring and preparing for the bell.

Jim Ross: We found out earlier tonight, that Theodore Long signed these two to SmackDown to compete in the tag team division, they are both successful singles wrestlers, from their time in the original ECW, so it will be interesting to see if they can translate that to tag team action.

Todd Grisham: Well these two do go way back, to their time in Extreme Championship Wrestling together. So they’ll know each other very well, and that should make for a good team.

Matt Striker: Edge and John Cena know each other very well, but that doesn’t mean they would make a good tag team. Tag Team wrestling is an art form, only a select few can have success in it.

Match Three

Tommy Dreamer & Stevie Richards vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder

This was a formulaic tag team match which saw the face team take the better start. Richards showed he still has it by taking the fight to Hawkins, the opening minute consists of this until Ryder gets the blind tag and clotheslines Richards without him realizing he’s in the ring. Hawkins and Ryder exchanged quick tags, keeping themselves fresh while wearing down Richards. But with Hawkins the legal man with Richards, Stevie manages to break away from his opponents and get the hot tag to Dreamer. Tommy came in fast, knocking Ryder down and then knocking Hawkins off the apron. Dreamer connects with a number of clotheslines and forearm smashes, before calling for the finish, but then Hawkins gets back into the ring, and gets him from behind. But then, Richards gets involved and knocks Hawkins out of the ring, Stevie backs up and then dives out of the ring onto Hawkins. Ryder takes advantage, or tries to that is – he rolls Dreamer up but he kicks out and plants him with a huge DDT for the win!

Winners – Tommy Dreamer & Stevie Richards @ 6:27

The referee lifts Dreamer’s hand in the air, while Richards is still down on the outside. Dreamer smiles as he looks at Ryder, who he just pinned. But then...

Bang! Hawkins nails Dreamer from behind and begins to stomp on him. The fans are incensed as Hawkins picks him up and throws him shoulder first into the steel ring post. Ryder has now gotten to his feet and goes over to help Hawkins, the duo pull Dreamer away from the turnbuckle and continue to stomp on him.

Jim Ross: Someone needs to stop this!

The fans suddenly cheer very loudly and the cameras show us Stevie Richards... picking up a steel chair and sliding in to the ring! Ryder notices the boos and turns around... and sees Richards swinging at him! But Ryder manages to duck and dive to the mat and roll out of the ring, and luckily for Hawkins – he seen it, which allows him to drop to the mat and roll out of the ring.

The crowd show their displeasure as Ryder joins Hawkins on the ramp, successfully dodging the chair attack from Richards. Back in the ring – Richards helps Dreamer to his feet, and points to Curt and Zack who have a sly expression across their faces.

Jim Ross: I don’t think we’ve seen the last of this guys.

Todd Grisham: Dreamer looks hurt, J.R. That shoulder to the steel post must have caused a lot of damage.

Matt Striker: Of course it did, it’s a shoulder hitting metal. Richards nearly got revenge though; he was very close to taking Ryder out with that chair.

Dreamer clutches his arm as Richards asks how he is. He’s breathing heavily as he begins to climb out of the ring – commercial break incoming.


And we’re back on the most entertaining show on Friday nights, and we are backstage where Tiffany is once again, standing by.

Tiffany: Please welcome my guest, the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship... Edge!

The arena erupts with heat while the camera pans out to see Edge standing beside the blonde...

Tiffany: And Edge... what I want to know is – why did you pick Ezekiel Jackson to face John Cena in the pick your poison match?

Edge rolls his eyes...

Edge: Let me ask you a question, Tiffany. Are you stupid?

Heat from the crowd while Tiff’ seems a bit taken back by the comment...

Tiffany: Um...

Edge: Um... um... um... shut up!

More boo’s from the stands in the arena...

Edge: About your question... why did I pick Ezekiel Jackson... have you seen him? He’s one of the biggest and toughest guys in this locker room. And on his day... he could beat anyone of us... except me of course but that’s beside the point. The point is... I picked him because he is one of the most intimidating Superstars on SmackDown.

Tiff’ takes back the microphone...

Tiffany: Yes but... Ezekiel lost. Don’t you wish now... that you picked someone else?

Again, Edge rolls his eyes...

Edge: Even so... even if Jackson didn’t defeat Cena. Y’know what he did? He hurt him. He wore Cena down, which increases my chances for winning the championship at Backlash.

And the microphone comes back...

Tiffany: Are you at all worried over who John Cena will pick as your opponent tonight?

Edge runs his hands through his hair before responding...

Edge: No. No, and I’ll tell you why... nobody in this locker room is good enough to hold my bags... which is why t’night... I’ll beat whoever Cena throws at me... and then beat him... at Backlash for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Tiffany takes back the microphone while Edge swiftly turns on his heels and leaves the interview area. The camera focuses on Tiff’ staring into space before cutting back into the main arena... where we hear...


The crowd react to the music of The Brian Kendrick with heat, not loud heat but still a good amount. With Ezekiel Jackson by his side, still looking sweaty from his match with John Cena, Kendrick continues down the ramp... taunting the fans before walking around the ring and climbing up the steel steps, before swinging into the squared circle. Kendrick takes off his white leather jacket and hands it to the referee, who hands it to somebody at ringside. Kendrick rolls his fists, awaiting his opponent.

Jim Ross: The Brian Kendrick looks very focused on what will be a preview for Backlash. The Brian Kendrick will face Carlito, one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Todd Grisham: Ezekiel Jackson still looks a little worn out from his match with John Cena. Last week, Jackson faced off against the other half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Primo in which he managed to pick up the victory.

Matt Striker: Currently – it’s one nil to the challengers, and that will no doubt give Jackson and Kendrick a psychological advantage at Backlash.


It’s the opposite reaction for Carlito – as the fans rise to their feet and cheer the Tag Team Champions. ‘Lito – with the title around his waist – begins to walk down the ramp, juggling his apple with Primo by his side. Carlito keeps his gaze fixated on his opponent for the night, The Brian Kendrick, while Primo slaps a few of the fans hands. ‘Lito runs up the steel steps, tosses his apple to Primo before entering the ring before deciding to give his championship to his brother instead of the referee.

Match 4

WWE Tag Team Champion Carlito vs. The Brian Kendrick

Primo and Jackson watch from ringside as Kendrick and Carlito square off in the centre of the ring. They talk trash to each other before Kendrick slaps ‘Lito, and it’s on! Carlito it to Kendrick, using the slap as motivation to kick the crap out of his opponent. This aggression was working in the start, but it ended up being a hindrance as Kendrick used it to his advantage to dive and duck Carlito’s moves and tire him out. Kendrick then took the advantage after countering a running clothesline by dropkicking ‘Lito’s legs. From then, Kendrick dominated with a number of submissions, keeping his opponent on the ground. That all changed however as Carlito mounted a comeback, hitting some fast moves, taking Kendrick off his game, and hitting a number of his best moves. Carlito even hits a Superplex from the top rope and goes for the cover, but Jackson yanks the referee out of the ring. The ref shouts at Jackson, but is thrown out of the way as Primo comes round the ring and jumps at Jackson, grabbing onto him and hitting him with a number of punches and kicks. Back in the ring, Kendrick gets to his feet and tries to get the drop on Carlito, but Carlito sees him coming, ducks and connects with the Backcracker.

Winner – Carlito @ 7.54

Carlito rolls away from Kendrick, before using the ropes to pull himself to his feet. Primo joins him in the ring and hands him his WWE Tag Team Championship, the duo leave the ring to cheers, while Jackson is just now getting up and climbing into the ring. He briefly glances at Kendrick before gazing at the champions who are backing up the ramp with smirks plastered across their faces.

Jim Ross: Carlito just picked up a huge victory over one of his challengers at Backlash. Using the Backcracker, the champion managed to knock off The Brian Kendrick while Primo dealt with Ezekiel Jackson on the outside. Team work at its very best.

Todd Grisham: It’s just over a week until Backlash, where we will find out if Carlito and Primo will be able to defend their WWE Tag Team Championships. They’ve held them for a long time, but to beat Kendrick and Jackson – they’ll have to be on top of their game.

Matt Striker: And even if The Colons defeat manage to defeat them – they’ll have to new challengers such as The Hart Dynasty and Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards. And that goes for Kendrick and Jackson if they win the championships.


The video opens with Matt Hardy pinning his brother at WrestleMania

One night a year...

A shot of Triple H pedigreeing Randy Orton at WrestleMania

Superstars face off at the biggest stage...

Shot of CM Punk unhooking the MITB briefcase

For their moment...

We fade to black with the last image being John Cena holding the World Heayweight Championship up

But the pageantry is over...

We suddenly hear a women’s blood curdling scream

Then the video returns with Randy Orton kissing Stephanie McMahon with Triple H watching on...

All that remains...

Shot of Jeff Hardy hitting the Swantom Bomb...

Jeff Hardy:
The Backlash...

Shot of Edge hitting a spear...

The Backlash...

Shot of Kane hitting a chokeslam...

Before we see a silhouette of a man in a dark room, only seeing his shadows...

All that remains... is the Backlash.


After the promo ends, the cameras are backstage where the former United States Champion, MVP, is sitting on a steel chair, pulling on his wresting gloves, before standing up and patting down his attire. The Ballin’ Superstar takes a deep breath, exhaling and walking out of the shot as we cut to another commercial break.


SmackDown returns tonight and we are in the main arena where the silence is disrupted by...


The music signals the beginning of the United States Championship match, as the challenger – MVP slowly appears atop of the stage. Montel goes to each side of the stage, pretending to shoot a basketball before returning to the ramp, and continuing his journey to the ring. With his silver chains swaying, MVP swiftly climbs up the steps, and swings into the ring. MVP bounces off the ropes a few times before stopping and shooting another basket while shouting ‘Ballin!’.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentleman, this match is for the United States Championship and this came about after R-Truth defeated the man in the ring for said championship and he activated his rematch clause. But instead of waiting for Backlash, Theodore Long decided to sign the match for tonight.

Todd Grisham: MVP lost the triple threat match, but the odds were against him retaining and now he gets a chance to win back the United States Championship.


It’s another a cheer for the current United States Champion – R-Truth. The champ’ dance out onto the stage, belt on his shoulder and microphone in the opposite hand. MVP paces the ring waiting for Truth to finish his rap shtick and get into the ring. Finally he does, but not after getting the crowd involved and obtaining a cheap pop.

Jim Ross: While R-Truth seems to be a jovial character on his way to the ring, the man is all business inside it. He defeated two men last week to win the United States Championship, and he defends it against the former champion right now on SmackDown!

Todd Grisham: R-Truth said he had one of the best nights of his career when he won that championship, but this may be the worst if M-V-P manages to win back the United States Championship.

Matt Striker: Truth will be fired up for this match, he won’t want to lose his championship this soon.

Match 4
United States Championship

WWE United States Champion R-Truth vs. MVP

This championship match kicked off with some chain wrestling which MVP came out on top with, locking in a kneeing arm bar. R-Truth fought back and connected with a few quick fire clotheslines but MVP managed to counter R-Truth’s rally with a drop-toe-hold and he dived on top of Truth and locked in an arm bar again. MVP started to dominate the match, locking in various arm bars, leg locks to keep Truth down and off his game. MVP ditched the submissions and started hitting a few solid, hard hitting moves to inflict more pain on his opponent, getting a couple of near falls. Eventually, Truth managed to battle back, and go on a comeback run, but his comeback was cut short when MVP to the crowds disapproval poked Truth in the eyes in the corner. But then MVP went to the top rope, looking for a axe handle smash, R-Truth side stepped it... kicked him in the gut and then finished the match off with Corkscrew Scissors Kick!

Winner and still WWE United States Champion – R-Truth @ 9.17

It’s a great response for what was a great match, after a few seconds R-Truth pulls himself to his feet and is handed his WWE United States Championship. He hoists it in the air before climbing up the turnbuckle and raising it there as well. Truth hops down before seeing MVP is now on his feet, the duo stare at each other, MVP holding his midsection, the former champion extends his hand... and the current champion shakes his hand. The fans give a respectful ovation while MVP begins to exit the ring – leaving it to the WWE United States Champion.


We see a black and white picture of a house

Then we fade out and back to see quick fire shots of Brian Pillman and Davey Boy Smith

Narrator: Great men have trained there...

More shots of Bret Hart and Owen Hart

Narrator: Some of the most talented Superstars have trained there...

A shot of two people in a black, shadowy room...

Narrator: Now the dungeon is no more...

Quick shots of two men wrestling on the ground, in the same blackened room.

Narrator: And the last two people to graduate...

The camera goes back to focusing on just them in a darkened room.

Narrator: Are coming to Friday Night SmackDown.

The Hart Dynasty coming soon to Friday Night SmackDown



We are backstage where Gail Kim is speaking with Maria. The two finish speaking and Maria walks away. Maryse then shows up, she stares a hole through Gail who does the same.

Gail Kim: Are you gonna’ stare, or are you gonna talk?

Maryse: Cute. I just wanted to come here and tell z’you, that last week... z’you got lucky... it won’t happen at Backlash.

Gail Kim: Y’see Maryse, that’s where I think you’re wrong... at Backlash, you won’t be Divas Championship... I’m winning that match... and I’m taking the Divas Championship.

Maryse: Is that so?

Gail Kim: Ye-

Bang! Gail is floored from behind, she goes flying forward and Maryse side steps her – she then smashes off the wall and right back into a kick into the gut by Maryse. The fans are booing loudly as the cameras pan out to reveal Natalya standing beside Maryse, the two of them grinning from ear to ear. The two Divas walk out of the show as the camera closes in on Gail.

We then head back into the arena to see Kung Fu Naki hopping up and down in the ring.



The fans begin booing immediately as Big Show walks out onto the stage, Vickie Guerrero is by his side and the two walk down the ramp. Once they reach the ring, Vickie walks around the ring and stands, leaning on the apron as Show climbs up the steel steps and steps into the ring.

Matt Striker: I don’t like this, Kung Fu Naki is in for the beating of his life.

Jim Ross: And Vickie did tell Show to picture Edge while taking on Kung Fu Naki.

Todd Grisham: That makes it even worse for Kung Fu Naki. This could be ugly.

Match 5
Big Show vs. Kung Fu Naki

Poor guy. Kung Fu Naki tries his best to get the better of Big Show but do you really think he could? With Vickie shouting orders at ringside, Show spends his time toying with Kung Fu Naki and inflicting as much pain as possible. Vickie keeps telling him to think of Edge to motivate him to keep inflicting more and more pain. Finally the match come to an end, when Kung Fu Naki is lifted off his feat and then planted with a Chokeslam.

Wnner – Big Show @ 2:54

Show climbs off of Kung Fu Naki, he gets to his feet and Vickie joins him in the ring. The two stand above Kung Fu Naki.

Jim Ross: Well... a good win for Show.

Todd Grisham: Show and-

Jim Ross: Hold on Todd, I’m going to have to interrupt you but I’ve just received word that something is happening backstage.

We cut backstage where Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy are brawling in the parking lot, they are beating the crap out of each other, trading blow after blow. Some referees and road agents are trying to separate them but it isn’t working, the two just continue to brawl, until a few jobbers get involved and they manage to get separate them with the help of road agents and referees.




It’s an absolutely massive negative reaction as Edge walks out onto the stage. The Rated R Superstar walks down the ramp, before posing and setting of his pyrotechnic display. Roberts announces his arrival as he slides into the ring, he lies on the mat for a couple of seconds before proceeding to climb the turnbuckles.

Jim Ross: I can’t wait for this match to happen, I don’t know who John Cena picked for Edge to face, but if I know John Cena – and I do, it will be someone huge.

Matt Striker: I know what you mean, J.R. Edge picked Ezekiel Jackson to face Cena, who put on a good showing and caused Cena a lot of pain.


Another massive reaction, but this time it’s all positive as the World Heavyweight Champion John Cena jogs out from the back. He salutes the crowd and walks down the ramp, he walks around the ring and joins the trio on commentary.

Jim Ross: Well, it looks as if we are being joined by the current World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena. It’s a pleasure, John.

John Cena: Thanks, J.R.

Matt Striker: John, any clue as to who you picked?

John Cena: None. You’ll find out in a few seconds.

Back in the ring, Edge paces from side to side waiting for his opponent.



Edge’s eyes nearly pop out of their sockets as his former tag team partner and former best friend, Christian walks onto the stage, smiling from ear to ear. The cameras catch a glance of Cena smiling, then Christian walks down to the ring, he slides into it – keeping an eye on Edge as he climbs the turnbuckle.

Matt Striker: Wow! If I may so, this was a great choice, John.

John Cena: Thanks, Matt. I wanted to give these folks a huge main event, and who would have a better chance of beating Edge than the man who used to be his best friend.

Jim Ross: Well, it was a great choice. Edge looked like he seen a ghost when Christian walked through that curtain.

Main Event

Christian vs. Edge

Edge was shocked with Cena’s choice of opponent and that allowed Christian to gain the advantage in the beginning. Christian dominated the early proceedings, hitting some quick fire moves, and getting a few near falls in the process. But when he went to the top, he tried a flying head butt but all he got was mat as Edge rolled out of the way. From there, Edge was the one who was dominating; he was even taking time out from beating on his former tag team partner to taunt Cena from the ring. Eventually, the end of the match was near as Christian fought back and rallied, hitting a couple of his signature moves but when he went for the Killswitch Edge countered and hit the Edge-a-cution. It’s academic as Edge measured Christian and hit him with the Spear!

Winner – Edge @ 7:36

The crowd boo fiercely as the referee holds Edge’s hand in the air. Afterwards, he checks on Christian while Edge slides out of the ring.

Jim Ross: A great match, two men-

Matt Striker: Hold on, J.R – I think things are about to kick off.

Edge is now walking around the ring, he gets to the announce table, and the World Heavyweight Champion stands up to meet him. Cena places his belt down on the table while the two men go face to face. They talk some trash to each other, before Edge reaches up to Cena’s face and pushes his hand against it, pushing him back. Edge backtracks into the ring, and Cena pursues him, but The Rated R Superstar leaves via the other side and backs up the ramp. Leaving Cena standing in the ring, furious.


Singles Match | Vladimir Kozlov bts. Jeff Hardy
Singles Match | John Cena bts. Ezekiel Jackson
Tag Team Match | Tommy Dreamer & Stevie Richards bts. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder
Singles Match | Carlito bts. The Brian Kendrick
Singles Match | Big Show bts. Kung Fu Naki
Singles Match | Edge bts. Christian

WWE Backlash
04.05.09 | TD Banknorth Arena | Boston, Massachusetts

WWE Championship – No Holds Barred
Triple H © vs. Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena © vs. Edge

Tables, Ladders & Chairs
Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy


WWE Tag Team Championship
The Colons © vs. The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson

WWE Divas Championship
Maryse © vs. Gail Kim
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