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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

Saw him last night at a house show. Didn't get a great pop but whatever. Just some notes from the match.

-Faced Ted Dibiase Jr
-New theme is a remix of his "I don't care what you think of me" just in case you didn't know
-New titantron is him in a dark lit room or alley (looks like a room with spectators), punching out people
-He doesn't grapple much anymore
-For a good portion of the match, he was throwing punches
-Still uses the side slam move (Forgot it's name) as a signature
-Wasteland was not used
-New finisher looks very weak in person and didn't provoke much of a reaction. Will need to wait and see how it plays out.
-A small "lets go Barrett" chant broke out, nothing big though
-People cheered him for the most part while he was on the mic until he did the usual heel thing where he insults the city. Though, he still got some cheers when he said that because it's not a well liked city and many people came from other cities (many of which have "rivalries" with the city"
-His match was kinda boring but the end of the match was good. The start was extremely slow and the middle was slow for the most part but picked up later

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