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Re: G.George,Thez,Hogan,Austin-4 men with most impact on pro-wrestling?

Originally Posted by 4everEyebrowRaisin View Post
You're fucking annoying. Rock didn't change the business. He somewhat took over from Austin, but he didn't usher in a whole new era.
There was no reason for him to usher a new era, the business already changed drastically from 96 when Bischoff started to push the envelope with the nWo and create a different atmosphere to the TV programs with big matches. By saying that it's annoying to read is saying that you don't like reality, everything I said happened, there's one thing nobody can change and that's history, and the fact is, stood back then and still stands today that The Rock at his peak was the biggest star, in the wrestling product and for the mainstream media this industry has ever seen. To add to what I already said, he created words, "SmackDown" is in the dictionary because of him, and Vince chose to create a show with his catchphrase on it. I know Vince succeeded on some people with the brainwashing he did while Rock was becoming bigger than the industry in Hollywood because Rock lives everything Vince wanted to be, plenty of former writers already said that Vince is bitter about Rock's success and even let his contract expire in 2004 in hope that he will fail in Hollywood and will crawl back to him for less money, it's all documented. But for who lived the period, saw the week to week, month to month happening with Rock extending and transcending the world of wrestling more that anyone else, knows Rock's once in a lifetime impact in this industry. From hosting SNL with record number for the season, to cut a promo at the Republican National Convention, to get a RECORD BREAKING offer in the movie industry for his first role that year, a record that still stand today. Unlike most people, I don't need to hear Vince lying in an interview when what he says there and who he praises, depends on which side he wakes up in the morning that day and who is on good terms with him in that period. For example in 2005, he promoted Hogan as the biggest star ever and in an episode of "Hogan Knows Best" they showed a meeting with Hogan and Vince in the WWE HQ, with Vince saying to Hogan that he want him to sign a big contract and they will promote him as the Babe Ruth of wrestling. And BTW, by saying all that, I'm not taking anything away from Hogan/Austin/Andre/Bruno etc etc, their impact and influence on the wrestling business. My point is that Rock is in that list the OP started.

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