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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

CM Punk: “It’s been a frustrating year. Not just for me but a lot of other Superstars. The Rock waltzes in and he wrestles two days a year. Rock says this place is family, well, I hang out with my family as often as I can.”

The Rock:“I strip away all the BS that can be fostered in the locker room with some of the guys. Strip away all that, because I don’t hear all that, it’s all noise, and it’s all bull**** to me.”
It should be frustrating for them watching a guy comes back after almost a decade and kicks them 3 calibers to the ground while he raises the standards just by his presence. As for all the BS he said, it wasn't a work in any way as he talked about it, then changed his tone, then did it again while crying that Rock didn't say "Hi" to him(and LYING that Rock just walked to the ring without talking to anybody when it's on camera that Rock is hugging and talking to HHH/Show/Pat/JR etc even when he had an insane schedule that day and didn't sleep for 3 days)until Rock threw him a bone and they talked before WM. There was nothing to "work" here, he was a babyface and was NEVER going to work WM with Rock. I can't remember the Observer report about it but he basically confirmed the locker room BS, Meltzer then ranted for 15 minutes on the roster. It's on YouTube somewhere. I can see the interviews with Del Rio and things like that in March before the match as a work, but with everything I heard from Punk, it wasn't. Punk is just not a very bright guy, he's one of the uneducated kids in the locker room who thinks wrestling is a school trip, he proved in the past that he has no clue what drives the industry. On the other hand, you see smart people like Rhodes and Sheamus(Which also kills the argument that it was a "work" because Sheamus praised Rock a lot)who gets it so it's not completely hopeless. But whatever, I'm not going into this shit again.

As for Rock/Punk match, if it happens, it's going to be for two weeks anyway, Royal Rumble is in 1/27, Rock is probably coming back on the 20 years RAW special, you got only two Rock promos promoting the match and the fact that he's wrestling for the WWE Championship after more than a decade. The repetitive WWE material shouldn't be a problem here. I hope we get one Rock/Heyman interaction:



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