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Re: Warren Zevon: Wife Beater

When we argued about this a couple weeks ago I remember Warren also said he thought it was alright for a wife to hit her husband if he was "out of line" but I don't think too many people saw that. Thing is what's that gonna solve? Nothing. If you can't talk shit out and feel like you gotta hit each other to get your point across then maybe you shouldn't have got married.

Originally Posted by Warren Zevon View Post
This mostly comes down to tradition. I believe that a wedding vow is the strongest commitment that you can make to a person, and you shouldn't make that vow unless you intend to spend the rest of your life with your significant other.
Now see, what I don't like is you saying a woman should never get divorced even if she's being abused. Why should any have to deal with that type of shit from someone that claims to love them? What if they have kids and they think it's ok to go around hitting women because that's what they saw growing up? What if the kids are abused and they wind up emotionally screwed up because of it? What if the husband goes too far one time and kills her or she finally gets tired of being abused and kills him?

You really need to think before you talk.
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