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Default Re: The Video Game Music Quiz!

Here are the clues, enjoy.

4. PS1, PSN - Platform, Action Adventure
- Don't annoy him or he'll go "insert game title here" on your ass.
- A skeletal warrior with an awesome name.
6. Live, PSN, PC - Beat 'Em Up, RPG
- 4 colourful soldiers on a random rampage with some crazy enemies.
- Tiny animals are your friends.
8. PC, 360, PS3 - Acion Adventure
- Like an evil Pikmin.
- You build a castle, get a queen, and kill some hobbits. Good times.
9. DOS, PC, Amiga - Point and Click
- How did a dog get a driving licence?
- Pyschotic bunny rabbits are my favourite kind.
14. PC, Live, PS3 - Platformer
- Time bending fun.
- Despite it's name, hair is not involved.
16. PS3 - RPG
- Farming for items and then chucking 'em in a pot.
- The first word of this games title translates as Workshop.
17. DS, PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, PSP - Sport
- They got the skillz to pay the billz.
- Urban football (soccer)
20. PS3 - Driving
- Came out to huge fanfare, let a fair few people down.
- This game looks freaking fantastic, and takes about 3 days to install.
22. SNES - Action
- Looking back it could be seen as a terrorist training game, all those explosives.
- They look like robots, and they throw black balls with bits of string sticking out of them that then explode in all four directions.
23. 360, Ps3, PC - Action Adventure
- It's called 2, but it's actually part 1 of it's own trilogy.
- What's a matter you?
24. PS1, N64, Dreamcast, GBA - Maze
- A gaming legend's ex-wife is as hungry as he ever was.
- She also travels through time, as well as mazes.
25. PS3, 360 - Fighter
- This game sold over 9 thousand!!!!!!!!!!! copies
- In this series a normal energy attack would be called a Chi... something. That's the second word in the title.

You know I really thought Sephiroth would be all over this thread, come on Seph how's your VGM knowledge?
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