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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Talked about the two title matches from Threemendous 3 in the MOTYC Thread. Everyone reads both threads right? Now to rant on the rest of the show which for the first time in literally years and years almost made it the first PWG show I didn't like.

Ryan/B was a pretty nothing opener. Talked about Knox becoming a parody of himself in this. Don't overdo this shtick with Knox please. Tazmission finish was the only good part of this.

TJP/Strong was actually very good I thought. Usual good TJP match but it doesn't mean anything at the end of they day.

RockNES/FTB sucked I thought. Ryan Taylor is still bad. Chuck's shtick does just nothing for me and he's a guy who's all about relying on his goofy shtick so take that away and he sucks. RockNES going heel is worrying. They're genetically moulded as babyfaces. Goodtime could make it work based on this but Yuma may as well retire based off this if that's the direction. Somebody with his look shouldn't be working as a heel. Would be cool if Goodtime turned on him, LTP returned and they reteamed feuding with Yuma and a new babyface partner. NOT AN INVITATION TO BOLA SPOILERS. Finish was good at least.

Edwards blew the match with Cage which sucked because this should have been a big match for Cage. People seemed to like it though at least so that's good. Cage was really good in this but he's not a carry guy yet. Isn't a guy who needs to be carried either but he needs the other guy to be on his level. I'm not an Eddie hater but this was one of his weaker showings. Botchy and when you only really offer moves in a match that's one thing you absolutely can't be. Cage's promo after ruled. Cage needs his own shirt with a picture of Willie Mack on saying "I'M COMING FOR YOU .....". Marked out at Cage's shockingly great spinaroonie. I read all the Threemendous 3 posts in one go so I can't remember who said it but someone said something about PWG making Cage a star in 2 shows whereas ROH hasn't made someone look like a star for years. Same point in my own words anyway. He's got the moveset and the charisma to be a superstar and he doesn't seem like enough of a numpty to turn into another Davey Richards. NOT AN INVITATION TO BOLA SPOILERS.

Sorry Lane, but B-Boy/Younger fucking sucked. Typical modern Indy style match with every possible typical Indy style flaw. Head drops a million and one, head drops a million not being sold. Stupid number of "get dropped on your head and pop up not even selling when you pop up to get another spot in" spots. No emotion or character portrayal. B-Boy is totally emotionless to the point of smacking you in the face that he's emotionless. Only emotion Younger shows is when he pops up and screams. They take some nutty bumps which in the right environment can be great but when they take too many and don't sell them or give them any significance then you're just hurting yourself for the sake of hurting yourself. I get why the live crowd dug it at least. Drunken, hyped out fans will always mark for guys killing themselves. Doesn't equal good match.

Sami/Elgin I didn't think was very good either. Elgin continues to look clueless when he has no direction. They hit each other hard but don't work much of a match or even work much of a powerhouse match.

The 2 title matches ruled though.
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